Increasing productivity when you work from home

Increasing productivity when you work from home

I’mMorning routine going to share one of the precious methods I use to help me increase my productivity and results in my home business…

Simply – Start your day with you first.

This consists of three activities that set my mindset for the whole day ahead and make sure that I get something accomplished when working from home for myself.  I know it’s a little morbid but my favourite quote on this is “Only dead fish go with the flow”  I don’t know who said it but I think it explains how things go when I don’t have a mission to accomplish.

The first thing I do each morning is focus on gratitude for 5 minutes.  This can be saying ‘thank’ when the first foot touches the floor, and ‘you’ when the second one touches the floor.  (I got this particular idea from Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’) While I make my way to the fridge to take my aloe and supplements, I simply think of everything I’m grateful for including my health, the health of my family, the loved ones in my life, having the ability to run my own business from home that can take me anywhere in the world, living in the country and thank God for the privileges I have in my life… Yours may well be different, and while I get more from it if I actually write these things down in a notepad at the side of my bed, sometimes I like to double up on activities to make the most of the time I have so simply using that time in the shower or while getting dressed to think of all the things in my life that are good still gets me the desired outcome, which is a positive state of mind for the second part.

The second thing I do is to sit on the edge of the bed, breathe for 5 minutes and listen to or watch something that inspires me.  For me, it’s a morning meditation to focus my mind on doing things that create a good outcome for the day to pro-actively set my intention.  For you it could be something on youtube, part of an audio book etc, or even a great music track that makes you feel inspired.

The third thing I do is to go for a 10 min walk to get my blood pumping and energy flowing.  While I’m walking, I think of 3 things I could do that day to move my business forward.  Being outside whether it’s cold, rainy or sunny always helps me to think outside the box and the creativity is always greater in nature than when I’m sitting in the office staring at my laptop.  When I get back, I turn on my laptop, flick on the kettle and write those three things down at the top of my diary page for the day and that’s where I start!

That’s it!  It takes me half an hour at the most, if you don’t have time in the mornings, get up half an hour earlier and start with a positive morning audio that makes you feel like getting up by putting your ear phones in when your alarm goes off and letting it wake you up, then do your gratitude, then quick exercise to get your blood pumping and get going.

I started this routine after reading ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod, then adapted it to what I needed from my day.  I find if I don’t fill myself up first, and instead start the day by scrolling through Facebook I just take on the junk of everyone else’s day.  Then I stumble through my morning routine without any sense of urgency and seldom accomplish something that could drive my business forward.

If you have any comments or questions on today’s blog, please feel free to email me on gracecarlisle@ outlook.com


Making money for Christmas

Making money for Christmas
What do you want for Christmas?
What do you want for Christmas?

As Halloween displays are replaced by Christmas scenes in shops, thoughts turn to how to afford presents for family, friends and loved ones. While some savvy savers have been setting aside money each month to ensure this expenditure is covered, others turn to credit cards and put the impending January blues to the back of their mind in a ‘deal with it later’ mindset.
There is however another way that I would love to share with you. It doesn’t involve not being able to do things throughout the year, or a credit card bill to pay after. It involves a few hours a week creating an extra income to top up your current salary so you don’t have to cut corners – the best of both worlds really! The company I work with is called Forever Living and they have a home business opportunity in 158 countries that involves three simple steps. You use the products yourself, you share news of these products with others, then show other people how to do the same. It’s something that I fitted around a very busy lifestyle when I started and the longer I do it, the more I wonder why I was happy working in a traditional office job for so long, where my income never grew and my
So what would you really love to buy them this Christmas? Close your eyes for a moment and dream again, this home business is something that fits flexibly around your current commitments, but that doesn’t mean it only provides a small income. Where would you like to be this time next year? Would Christmas for the kids be paid for, or would you like to buy something big for yourself next year too. Take just a few moments more and think – if you were whispering in Santa’s ear, what would you ask for? A new car, new house, family holiday, or maybe time? Time to spend however you wish? This business is about creating a system that builds, you spend the same time each month doing things that grow your income. If your part-time home business was bringing in more money than your day job, that dream about time could become a reality!
There are over 200 products in this range and they cover everything from animal care, to fitness and supplements, to personal care so if you know anyone who uses tooth paste or deodorant you have a business. The quality of the products makes it easy because not only are they fantastic at making us look better and feel better, they are also consumable! Therefore when they run out, people order them again!
To anyone wanting to create a home business like this – I provide a lot of support to give them the best start possible, and I understand that everyone’s strengths are different, so if you like using Facebook, I can work with that. If you prefer speaking face to face, I can help you build a business that way too and many other methods.
If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me. My email is gracecarlisle @ outlook.com (without the spaces) and let me know what area you are in so I can provide the right information. We have both online and offline local training, so you are sure to get the support that is best suited to you.

Why you don’t need to be tech savvy to make this home business work

Why you don’t need to be tech savvy to make this home business work

Aerial View of Bologna, ItalyYesterday I decided to log off, tune out and try something different to promote my business and I had a lot of fun. It was rewarding too which is always good! I called a friend who also works in the same business I do, we put on some trainers and walked through the local housing developments putting leaflets on our products and business through letter boxes.

This was my first time doing this activity and I’ll be the first to admit, I have a habit of sitting behind my laptop and leveraging social media, (which isn’t a bad thing as I’m inspired by how easy it is to run a global business), but this is a business you can do regardless of how tech savvy you are! I just love that whatever your skill – we can work with that to help you work from home and either earn an extra income in flexible hours around your current working hours or replace a day job.

When I meet with a new team member via skype or locally over a coffee, they have the potential to run their business however they would like, so I always start with looking at the skills they have, so they can play to their strengths. Some people love talking to new people, some love being online, others love face to face conversations, and some are more introverted like myself and like to build relationships with people over Facebook to build their business.

So, just in case you are wondering how I got on yesterday, I received an order for one of our nutritional health drinks and a Bee Pollen supplement dubbed ‘Natures speed!’ The lady had been advised by her hairdresser just the day before that she should start drinking our gel to help with the condition of her hair and the cheaper product she had bought in a well known high street shop (that I won’t name) wasn’t the same quality so she should find our brand. I also got a referral of someone to contact about the business, I received messages last night from one of the people who got my leaflet through their door and I left some samples with 2 other lovely ladies who I’m meeting with again on Thursday morning.

My little trip through the neighbourhood was really worthwhile and something I’m going to do a lot more often now! While some of the people I spoke to had heard of the products and asked for them by name, most weren’t even aware of them or the opportunity to work from home.

It got me thinking though, there are thousands of housing developments in my country, this is a task I could do anywhere! If I lived in Italy for instance and walked around my neighbourhood, I would find other houses with people just like me who want to earn more, live more and work less, this simple activity can work anywhere in the world! It even sparked a daydream of a working holiday where I could promote my business and increase my earnings as I walk through each town. How many other people do you know who also like to travel, but can’t get enough time off work to do more than one destination each year? Would they be interested in earning while they travelled and seeing the world without the constraints of returning within the week to get back to their office job? I certainly know of a few!

If anyone would like information on this home business, you can do it from over 158 countries worldwide as the company I work alongside have offices across the globe to hold your stock, do your paperwork and deliver your orders. I would be delighted to help you receive the training, help and support you would need to get your business off to the best start so please feel free to contact me via email with a little bit of info about you. Click here to email me on Gracecarlisle @ outlook.com

My 5 top tips to build your work from home business in 1 hour a day

My 5 top tips to build your work from home business in 1 hour a day

Most people have to work full time while they build a home business until it overtakes the full-time salary, so you’ve got to be smart with your time and these are my top five tips on how to do that.

  1. Spend your time on income producing activities to bring money in, don’t spend time scrolling through Facebook, become a ‘do-er’!
  2. Schedule your social media updates for the week ahead, then post when something happens that you’d like to post about or share when you work from home.
  3. Audio books: self-development is really important when you are in business for yourself.  You need to be focused, positive and keep moving even when things don’t always go to plan, so having the right mindset is really important.
  4. Schedule your time, i.e. if you know you have an hour after dinner when you sit around the house and don’t do anything productive, then schedule that time to work on your business.
  5. Make a list every night before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning, of at least one big thing you could do the following day to move your business forward. e. making that call to someone who you know could give you business, or creating a Facebook event to promote something.  This makes you think in terms of high leverage activities, so your time is spent doing the important things to move you forward and not the mundane activities that just tread water.

I also made a short 2 min video on this topic which you can see below:

That’s it!  If you’d like to receive info on the work from home business I use, please just click this link http://www.gracecarlisle.co.uk/go/information/

How a home business can save you money before you start

How a home business can save you money before you start

rich-dad-poor-dadAs an employee, you work, your tax and national insurance is deducted, you get paid, you pay your bills and what you have left at the end of the month is your own to save, spend (or wish you had.)  As a business owner, money comes in, you get paid, you pay your bills, then you pay your national insurance and are taxed on the profits.

So, you’ve just decided to start your own home based business but want to begin part-time (as most people do with us) and keep your full-time job until you are able to earn more part-time than you do in your day job. In this scenario, you receive your pay as usual, but also submit a self-assessment tax return at the end of your financial year giving you an option to claim back those business expenses like diesel receipts as you are surely going to deliver some orders, cafe and restaurant receipts from meetings with potential team members and customers.  A portion of your home heating and electric costs, because your home also serves as your office. Some clothing costs, as you need clothes for meetings.  As we are a health and nutritional company, supplements, skincare and other products you may need to use yourself so you can review and recommend them would also be a cost of business and therefore a cost to be deducted from your turnover figure.

Please seek professional advice from your accountant and conduct your own research before making any decisions, however it is well documented how employees get the short straw when it comes to actually getting paid. No need to take my word for it, google Robert Kiyosaki to listen to his opinion.  “Financial struggle is often the direct result of people working all their lives for someone else. ” Robert Kiyosaki, A keen advocate of creating a system to gain financial freedom, (also a fan of network marketing) he wrote an inspirational book called ‘Rich dad poor dad’ which I’d really recommend for anyone who wants to review their financial situation.

If anyone would like more information on my work from home business, or to simply be added to my subscribers list and get notified when I upload new blogs on working from home, please click here to email me and get in touch!

How to work AND avoid childcare bills

How to work AND avoid childcare bills

Toddler girl in her car seatI know a lot of friends and colleagues who have started a work from home business just like mine because their childcare bills were too expensive for them to go to work. I met with another young mum yesterday who with three small children, faced a £30 per hour bill to look after them and therefore was actually worse off if she earned any less.  If you are able to afford childcare, it doesn’t always mean you are happy about the large sum exiting from your bank account every month, and if a few extra hundred pounds a month might help towards that then please read on…

Many jobs with healthier salaries are also very full time, meaning you get even less time with your kids!  Family members, friends and favours can always help short term, or on those emergencies sick days when you just can’t be there to look after them, but what do you do when going to work is making you financially worse off?!

Hopefully the following is music to your ears, as I think I might just have the answer!
The home business I operate can be done from home, your sofa, kitchen table, or anywhere you can be with a phone in your hand! Some of the girls on my team meet up in soft play areas where their kids play together as they plan and promote their businesses. Home businesses don’t have to be small either! The beauty about the blueprint we use is that you simply do the same kind of activities each month, but you’re paid more for them as your team grows.  The company is in over 155 countries around the world, and you can trade in any of those countries once registered.

Feel like you wouldn’t know where to start?  That’s where I come in!  I have an extensive marketing experience and I help each person on my team individually to find activities they are comfortable with so they can grow their businesses without feeling like a fish out of water.  This business is a way to turn the tables on the way we have had to work traditionally.  Why not operate a business around your family commitments and needs, it doesn’t have to be the other way around.  When you are the boss, you decide if you take the day off, or do an activity with your kids that also helps grow your business!

Wondering how you can have more time without having less money?
You make a percentage on anything you do, but you also make a percentage on anything that anyone in your team does.   We have grown up with the understanding that you get paid for each hour you work, then work 50 weeks to get 2 off each year. However it doesn’t have to be like that! Don’t get me wrong, hard work is required if you want to grow your business and get paid more, however it can be done on your terms, with the needs of your family at the heart of it and therefore work to live, rather than living to work.

So what’s stopping you?
The days of having to sit in an office while someone else gets to enjoy the important moments, are over. There is no need to revive them, let them fade like a distant memory!!  Now is our time to take centre stage, grow thriving businesses that not only look after our families now, but well into the future.  This business is about creating a system that grows and supports you, even providing paperwork to make your income will-able giving you further peace of mind!
If anyone would like information on the home business I use, click here to email me and get in touch!

Five things that any work from home business must have before you should get involved

Five things that any work from home business must have before you should get involved

In this video, I explain the five main criteria that any work from home business or network marketing company needs to have before you should get involved with them.
they are:

1) You have residual bills, you need a residual income, therefore make sure they have consumable products
2) Recession resistant – research their growth chart and make sure they’ve got a recorded track record showing their product sales during times of recession
3) Increasing or expanding market, I operate in the health and nutrition market which is dubbed the next ‘trillion dollar industry’
4) Reputable company – make sure it’s not a pyramid scheme, ensure they are audited and above board. The DSA is the direct selling association which is a governing body who independently audit and ensure that companies are who they say they are and do what they say they’ll do. Forever Living products have an excellence award with the DSA so that gives me peace of mind.
5) Easily replicated – make sure if you need to build a team, that what you need to teach them to do is easy for them to show other people. The easier this is, the bigger your team can grow, and therefore your income increases.
This is what I spend my time doing now, teaching other people to do what I do, so if you’d like to know more about the company I work with, Forever Living, please click here to email me

or click here to check out my facebook page  or visit my youtube channel by clicking here!


How to build a work from home network marketing business without talking to family and friends

How to build a work from home network marketing business without talking to family and friends

Many people have started a business in network marketing, ran out of friends to ask then given up in a short space of time.  I have a few methods I teach my team to make sure they never run out of people to help with their opportunity by using a few simple methods.

Talking to people you know can be a great way to share information on your business, and get new team members from it.  However, whether your friends and family are going to be interested or not can be down to luck to a certain degree and those first few people you share it with can make or break the future of a business for a newbie whose confidence hasn’t been established in their new career yet.

I use attraction marketing, which to anyone who hasn’t heard of it is a way to get people who are interested in what you have to offer, to come to you!  I use Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and my website to draw people who want to work from home and create a system and a better lifestyle to contact me and join my expanding team.

Don’t get me wrong, I speak to people and use messaging facilities on social media too, but if you’re not ready for that stage yet and want to build your business first before approaching close family and friends, then feel free to get in touch and find out about the training I offer everyone on my team to sidestep this familiar problem lots of people in the business face.

The Forever Compensation Plan Explained

The Forever Living marketing plan is another term for their compensation plan explaining how much you get paid from your activity.

The easiest way to understand it is by watching this video, however if you prefer to read it, then I’ve written an explanation below:



As a new person within the plan, you can begin at ‘novus’ level on 15% discount, then acquire two CC’s (points) worth of orders to achieve the next commission level of assistant supervisor, or you can purchase a discounted box of products also called the ‘business in a box’ to arrive at the same place.  This gives you a selection of heavily discounted products to try yourself and use to launch in your own home, or share with family and friends so they are aware of the benefits and quality encouraging more sales through your business.

The next level in the forever living marketing plan is called supervisor and at this level, your commission increases to 38%.  To reach this level, you and anyone you introduced to the opportunity will have accumulated a total 25CC’s (in your whole team) over 2 consecutive months.  Once at this level, you make the difference on your commission, and the commission of anyone you introduce to the opportunity, so you are already earning 3% of your team members overall retail business.  Now, you will be encouraging the people you introduced to the business to find 2-5 key people for their teams, and your collective total will once again propel you to another pay rise.

The next commission rate of 43% is referred to as assistant manager.  You simply continue to do the same activities of using facebook / phone / internet or face to face if that is your preferred method to introduce the company to more people who may wish to sell the products until you achieve 120CC’s over 2 consecutive months meaning you have reached manager level and 48% commission on anything you sell personally.  You also earn 18% commission on products sold by new people to the opportunity at assistant supervisor level, 13% commission on products sold by people at Supervisor level on your team and 8% on products sold by people at assistant manager within your team.

Once at manager stage, you show others how to do what you have done and when they achieve it too, you receive 6% of their overall business.  (This is known as being a first generation manager to your business).  When they do the same and help their team members through to manager level, you also receive 4% of their overall business.  They are known as second generation managers.  As they show their team members how to reach manager level and they achieve it aswell, you receive 3% of their overall business and they are known as third generation managers.

There are further pay rises when people achieve certain numbers of managers in their business.


I hope this explains a little more about the company but if you’d like to hear more and are interested in joining our team, please get in touch and email me.  My email is gracecarlisle @ outlook.com (without the spaces) alternatively click here to get in touch and include your location and best details to contact you on.

How to work from home

How to work from home

work-from-homeTo work from home you need a few things.

  1. A laptop / computer with internet connection
  2. A mobile phone
  3. Motivation to be consistent, reliable and dependable
  4. A system to follow

If you have the items above you have two main choices:

  1. Become an internet marketer and develop your own system, based on affiliate marketing (ie recommending products in return for a percentage of the sale) or selling courses that can be sold over and over but produced once.  This is great if you know how to build websites, and enjoy blogging and video editing for endless hours of the day tweaking squeeze pages and email campaigns, and then want to produce a course to sell in the first place, however for the majority of the population in just about every country, it’s not something that’s easy to learn or make money from.

2) Second option is to choose an mlm company to do all of that for you and you learn the skills of network marketing.  This is where I come in!  I am looking for people who want to work from home, I’m a coach and consultant and I help my team stay motivated, keep on track and develop their own teams to do the same.  I show you the techniques and methods that work, and make the difference between concentrating on income producing activities, and floundering on Facebook by spamming profiles and losing friends!  We work alongside a company called Forever Living who distribute products into 158 countries across the globe.  We receive orders via social media, locally via our phone / text from friends, family etc, or online, then the company sends those products to the person who ordered them and takes care of all the postage costs, stock, exchange rates etc and in return sends us a cheque each month from each country the goods were ordered from.  We also have a team website with tutorials and videos on many different methods to make sure you are fully supported in your business within our team.

Sounds interesting right? It is!

There are 2 income producing methods with this company

1) You earn a percentage on the products you sell

2) you can also earn a percentage on the products your team (anyone you introduce to the company) sells, receiving a cheque at the end of the month for as long as you are active with the company.  So, do you know anyone else who might like an additional cheque coming into their household for anything typically from £200-£600 per month from part-time hours, working from home, at flexible times to suit them?  Great! Then get in touch!

So, how does that work? Let me explain…

Because they are in so many countries, the company works on a points system, referred to as case credits (CC’s) within the company.  This centralises everything in a much easier to understand method for purposes of incentives and commissions rather than constantly working out exchange rates etc.  So each CC has it’s own monetary value associated with it.  In the UK 1CC=£159 wholesale / £229 retail so for the purposes of the explanation below I’m going to use UK figures.

Where do you start?

There are two places you can begin, 1) You can start on 15% commission and selling goods only at this point.  After you have accumulated 2CC’s or sales of £458 you have received your first promotion and unlocked another 20% commission.  You are now on a total of 35% commission and can introduce other people to the business too.  This is easier than it sounds if you’ve heard of the revolutionary ‘Clean9’ 9 day cleansing system.  You and 3 friends decide to give it a go and you will have achieved that target.  The 35% commission level is referred to as Assistant Supervisor level.  There is however a way to begin on this level and that is if you wish to buy the ‘starter kit’.

2) You can start on this level by accumulating 2CC’s just by buying the business ‘starter kit’ and begin your journey on 35% from the first sale.

The starter kit is a box sold at £199.95 which contains a discounted £260’s of the companies most popular products for you to use and experience so you have a better understanding of the products you are selling.  It also includes guides and step by step tutorials showing you the easiest way to launch your new business.

To get started, you open the box and start using the products yourself and create pamper boxes by putting a few of these products together into a small box and lending them for just a couple of days to friends so they can ‘sample’ and feel the high quality for themselves, hopefully receiving an order in return.  This way you’ve experienced the products, the people you know have also heard about their benefits and you’ve made it work for you by using the pamper boxes to your advantage.  This gives you momentum from the start as you’re making 35% on every order and the aim is to cover the cost of the box quickly, then build your business onwards and upwards!

The products are all consumable, so they run out and people need to order them again to keep experiencing the benefits.  You can also provide a link for them to order directly from the website, this means that the goods are sent directly from head office and you receive your commission in your monthly cheque.  Once your commission level has increased to 35% or any other level on the commission plan, it can never go back down again, you are there for life unless you wish to move up and increase your commission level again.

If you would like to join my team at either level, please fill out the form below and I’ll explain how the team building incomes work and how you get started…

How to travel the world while you earn

How to travel the world while you earn

round-the-world-travelI’ve toyed with this idea for a while now, but it wasn’t until last year when I found the right system that could really make it happen.

We all know someone who took a gap year and waited on tables or worked in a few bars while travelling up the gold coast or through the States right?  I always liked the thought of travelling world to experience new cultures and earn while I travelled to fund my trip, however the thought of trying to find work in every town I stopped in, or working when I wanted to be sightseeing, having to commit to one workplace for a few weeks just didn’t cut it for me.  I love my home life and the people in it, so time was too valuable to disappear for long periods at a time, but it’s too expensive to do it any other way for a lot of people.

I’m sure you can tell that I like my home comforts, and I’m not fond of relying on other people to give me work, so the thoughts of a laptop lifestyle putting me in control far outweighed the traditional backpack lifestyle, especially when I could afford to do and see the things I wanted while spending that valuable time away from home.

Facebook_logo-7Therefore…working from my laptop on Facebook, social networking sites and using skype to remotely run a profitable business – now that sounds more me!

I’m not an internet marketer by trade, but I think I saw the potential in this opportunity because of my marketing and business background.  I’m going to introduce a company to you which you may or may not have heard of, however I’m also going to explain something that doesn’t occur to a lot of people, therefore they miss out on this opportunity by not knowing just how well it could support them!

The company uses a network marketing system, if that word scares you – let me ask 2 questions, 1. are you on Facebook and 2. do you know how to use iphone apps like skype?  If you answered yes to those questions, then I can assure you that you’re going to want to read this!  If you answered no to the second one, you should probably download it as you’ll need it when you’re away anyway! Forever Living is a company who sell health and nutritional products into over 150 countries worldwide.  What that means is that if you know anyone in any of those countries who wants to buy any of their products, or work from home, then you can make money from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

As a business owner with the company, you can sell their products and introduce people to the business in any of these countries from your laptop.  By doing these two activities, you earn commission on the products you sell, and when you have an active business, you also receive a commission on the products sold by the people you introduced to the company.

Did you read the word selling? Is that a bad word?  Let me show you how simple this is.  I’m hoping that because you’re reading this paragraph, you agreed above that you are on Facebook right?  So, that means you know how to post a status update, well, there’s not much more to posting on a page or a group and that’s one of the areas where I come in.  My business is to coach you and show you how to do these things and build your business.  There are so many ways to promote your business and I enjoy coaching and mentoring my team every step of the way.  Now I should mention here that all the products are consumable, therefore when they run out and people order them again, the company delivers them and you receive your commission once again.  You can now hopefully see how you could create a residual income without having to do the same ‘shift’ you did in the bar / waitressing scenario?  So, can you see how it could give you more freedom AND more money to spend while you’re there?

When you introduce new people to the company you can do this through a variety of ways too, by talking to people e.g. telling like minded people what you’ve done so they can do the same,  by posting on Facebook about how you’re funding your trip – that should get a lot of interest, by sending Facebook messages to friends and people you know etc.  This is another area that I help with, showing you the right way to do these activities in a way that’s good for you, i.e. ‘not salesy’ and compliant i.e. not making claims etc.  If you work at this business, you can have something that you genuinely want to share with other people so they can enjoy life more and spend less time working – who wouldn’t want to hear how to do that!ranch-pic

If this idea sounds like something you might be interested in, please click here and drop me an email.  I’d be delighted to share more information with you.  Let me know where you’re planning on travelling to as my favourite subject is people making tehir dreams a reality.If you’re planning it for later this year, getting started at home and building up a momentum means you can spend more time having fun while you’re out of the country!

As for me, my trips will continue to be done in stages, we got married last year and travelled through a few states in America staying on a ranch, enjoying rodeos, some sightseeing then experiencing vegas, this year we plan to head in a different direction so I’ll blog about that when we get our flights booked!

How to get more time in your day

How to get more time in your day
juggling life
juggling life

Busy? Too much to do and not enough time to do it?  Simple answer is that you need a system.

If you have a fixed salary, your days will likely be spent working a 40 hour week, so for around 5 months of the year you leave home in the dark to go to work, and arrive home in the dark after work, weekends are spent getting everything washed, re-stocked and ready to start the next week.

It’s not a lifestyle that agreed with me but for the first 10 years of my working life, I thought it was all there was.  We were brought up to study hard, work hard and try to get a good job so we’d have job security and a nice lifestyle, however life didn’t work out like that.  Recessions and tough economic conditions meant that many of my friends found it hard to get jobs even with great qualifications.  Once we got jobs and were working our way up the corporate ladders, recession hit, forcing me and many others to look around for a more reliable way to earn a living.

You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time, you can only make better use of your time which is a skill in itself.  I’ve found that time is your most valuable asset in life, therefore if you want to enjoy more of it, you need to work less.  To work less, you need a system that keeps working while you’re sleeping and leverages greater value for the amount of time you put into it.

In the corporate world, climbing the promotion ladder allows you to earn more while you spend the same time, however take on greater responsibility, some additional stress, a 40+ hour working week and hopefully your boss sees your potential and wants to reward it with pay increases and promotions.

If this isn’t your current situation, or it is but you aren’t sure you want to work a 40 hour week, for 40 years in a race to retirement to get some time off, then please read on…

The system you are looking for needs to have a few characteristics

  1. If it is associated with a company;
  • it needs to have a stable, solid and positive reputation
  • it also needs to have a recorded history that demonstrates market share and responsible management and or owners

If you choose to work alongside a company, your reputation is only as good as the company you work with.  If it has a history of poor customer care, poor products, or is associated with bad business practice, that can have a reflection on you, therefore you need to do your research.  For your own peace of mind, you also need to know that if you are putting time, effort and money into a business with a company, that the rug isn’t going to be pulled out from under your feet when you’ve done all that hard work, so one with a good history is essential.  This is especially true in the mlm market or multi level marketing companies where most only last a few years.

2. The products or services sold by you or the company need to have a history of low price sensitivity and / or be consumable

You don’t want to replace 9-5 work with the constant need to create new material, courses, products etc because if you slow down or stop for a while, what you’ve created runs out and people stop buying.  I have found greatest success in working with a company that sells tangible products and creating a system that keeps them selling when they run out and re-order those same products.

3. The market you are selling to needs to be growing

You want to avoid a saturated market and a stagnant market so that the audience and demand for your products is always increasing.

4. It needs to be able to run on autopilot or be replicable

If you have to keep on doing the same tasks over and over, you aren’t leveraging your time.  The Forever Living multi level marketing system works well because it focuses on simple tasks that anyone can do, therefore they are easily replicated.  Each new person has their business launched by the person who introduced them showing the products to a new audience and instant customer base, they then introduce people they feel would be well suited to the work from home lifestyle, and go to trainings to learn how to do these two things.  This process is replicated, and a percentage is paid on products sold directly, with another percentage paid on the products sold by the new person who after ‘learning their trade’ continue to benefit in the same way.

The Forever Living Opportunity

The Forever Living Opportunity

There are many ways to explain the opportunity, however this video is my favourite. It’s only about 5 minutes long and gives a basic overview of what it has done for Emma and her family. If you would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch by email or phone, my details are on the contact page.

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The Coffee Shop Lifestyle

The Coffee Shop Lifestyle

cafe lifestyleEver been curious as to how some people seem to work from coffee shops while you only get to pass through quickly on your lunch break?

Well as a self-employed business person, coffee shops are a great place to meet someone for the first time, or to meet in a convenient location between two locations and I seem to be spending quite a lot of time in the comfy chairs of these wonderful places!

As a Forever Living business owner, I usually meet or skype people who are interested in joining my team.  At our first meeting, I’m trying to decide if they would be a good fit for my team and if the opportunity I’m showing them aligns with their goals and aspirations in short and long term.  Some of my team prefer to use Facebook as a means to communicate with potential members and customers, and that works for them, however I prefer a mix of both.

I’ve found that the most efficient way to interview for new team members is in coffee shops as we’re both relaxed, there aren’t any distractions like kids and tv, and for mothers especially, it gives them half an hour to concentrate on them for a change and take a break from being a mum, a wife, the cleaner, chauffeur etc.

I’ve also found that coffee tastes completely differently in some cafes to others!  Even the same brand can differ greatly from one franchise to the next!  I used to be delighted just to order a latte and enjoy peace and quiet so I could concentrate for an hour, however now I have my favourites and good staff make amazing coffee wherever they are working.

If you would like to swap flourescent office lights for cafe sofas, please get in touch with me as I am expanding my team throughout 2016.

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Forever Living Review

Forever Living Review

Clean9 weight lossI first heard about the company over a year ago when I stumbled across the clean9 programme where people seemed to be losing a lot of weight in just 9 days.  It was January and I was feeling the sluggish after effects of Christmas so I enquired about the cost of this programme from a friend who I knew sold them.  It was dearer than I thought, then the cogs started turning and I began to wonder what the commission was on these products… I had sold Avon products many years before and while the commission of 30% on a £10 mascara didn’t interest me, 30% on a £100 sale was worth further research as I had contacted her for a price, she hadn’t contact me to sell it so I knew people were talking about them and looking for them.

I asked that friend if she thought I could sell them on a website I ran at the time, but she didn’t reply, so I did a bit more research that night on youtube.   I was at a wedding fair a few days later and noticed a forever living stand so I contacted one of the ladies on the stand and agreed to meet her for coffee later that week.

Forever Living background research
Forever Living background research

I began youtube searching every video I could find on the subject.  I found out that there were no minimum monthly targets, although there had been years before and some people seemed to have left for that reason.  I watched all the company produced videos and while a lot were American videos, that had been produced years earlier, there also seemed to be one for most countries I could think of with local accents that I thought were well done.  I found presentations people had uploaded online from their living rooms etc using slides created by the company and while the voice overs were different, I liked the slides.  In work I had actively taken part in producing slides and presentations, and I could appreciate what they’d done in this presentation.  It started with the owners face, which I thought was clever as if there was anything going on that wasn’t above board, if I was the owner, I wouldn’t want my face on the presentations! A few slides in and there was a revenue growth chart, and it didn’t have any peaks and troughs?!  It tracked 30 years of growth without decline or a sign of recession!  How could this be!  It also showed that they were in 150+ countries and had the same leadership from its inception to today.  I decided that either their goods weren’t considered a luxury and people had to buy them whether they had disposable income or not, or they were always planning ahead to bring out new product lines and enter new markets to make sure the company continued to grow and expand each year.  Either way, I’m sure a few governments could do with that foresight and leadership.

Forever Living's business in a box
Forever Living’s business in a box

Some people insisted that you bought a business in a box, and others didn’t!  This puzzled me as I couldn’t understand why if the company was the same and the products were the same?!  However I soon learned it was down to personal preference.  The box was also different prices in different videos, it turned out that this was due to the countries regulatory bodies and the prices were just different for each country.

I read a few times that some people thought it was a pyramid selling scheme and did further research on that too, however as products were at the centre of everything in the company, I couldn’t understand how they had this view if people got paid on their products from entry level to management levels.   I could see that there were different levels, and you got paid different amounts depending on the level you were at, assistant supervisor, supervisor, assistant manager, manager etc.  So the assistant supervisor level gets 30% commission + 5% on everything he/she does and everything her new team does, while the manager position gets 30% on everything she does, and 18% on everything she does and everything her team does, so effectively 48% commission on sales and 18% commission on her team.  The products are the same at every level, the business model is the same at every level, the people are the same, but you get paid more by building a team.

Local Headquarters for Northern Ireland
Local Headquarters for Northern Ireland

I was looking for a system that would let me quit trading time for money as I couldn’t product any more time, so this system way of working where I spend time creating a team member and get paid for them over and over, every time they sell something or introduce someone new to the business was starting to tick all the right boxes.

I met the lady from the trade show that week and she had a new presentation I hadn’t seen before.  It had been produced for customers in Ireland.  I also learned that the company bought a historical building in most of the countries they traded in and the one for N.I where I lived was called Magheramourne House in Larne, it had previously been a hotel and was in a beautiful location.  She explained that they carry the stock there, they pay for the staff who work there and do my paperwork there too.  Surely this was too good to be true!  She told me about the business in a box and told me what was in it.  The box was £199.95 and it had the most popular products, the products were valued at over £260 if I was to buy them at my discount rate, so they were the cheapest way for me to try things out so I could know what each one did, how it felt and understand it better.  She went through the literature I’d also receive in it, books on aloe, leaflets on each range of products, a workbook to help me get to that 48% the most efficient way etc.  I could see now way some people insisted you bought the box to get started, however I knew aswell that I could just start on 15% commission and sell £460 of products to achieve the same commission.  I decided to purchase the box, and completed the paperwork on the night.  She had answered all my questions – which I’d even written down to make sure I didn’t miss anything out as I didn’t know her and wanted to make sure everything was above board.

That's me at the front with the mic in my hand!
That’s me at the front with the mic in my hand!

I’m a year on now and still think it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I had researched a lot of systems to make money online so I could create a residual income and work from anywhere, most of which turned out to be pyramids or empty memberships that didn’t provide the value they promised before I signed up.  This company however do not fall in to that category.  I did continue wondering what the catch was and almost expected the catch to appear, however I still haven’t found it, and that search has been replaced by a search for new people to show them this opportunity and allow them the freedom to make choices and have the work life balance they want and the chance to do it.

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