Increasing productivity when you work from home

I’mMorning routine going to share one of the precious methods I use to help me increase my productivity and results in my home business…

Simply – Start your day with you first.

This consists of three activities that set my mindset for the whole day ahead and make sure that I get something accomplished when working from home for myself.  I know it’s a little morbid but my favourite quote on this is “Only dead fish go with the flow”  I don’t know who said it but I think it explains how things go when I don’t have a mission to accomplish.

The first thing I do each morning is focus on gratitude for 5 minutes.  This can be saying ‘thank’ when the first foot touches the floor, and ‘you’ when the second one touches the floor.  (I got this particular idea from Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’) While I make my way to the fridge to take my aloe and supplements, I simply think of everything I’m grateful for including my health, the health of my family, the loved ones in my life, having the ability to run my own business from home that can take me anywhere in the world, living in the country and thank God for the privileges I have in my life… Yours may well be different, and while I get more from it if I actually write these things down in a notepad at the side of my bed, sometimes I like to double up on activities to make the most of the time I have so simply using that time in the shower or while getting dressed to think of all the things in my life that are good still gets me the desired outcome, which is a positive state of mind for the second part.

The second thing I do is to sit on the edge of the bed, breathe for 5 minutes and listen to or watch something that inspires me.  For me, it’s a morning meditation to focus my mind on doing things that create a good outcome for the day to pro-actively set my intention.  For you it could be something on youtube, part of an audio book etc, or even a great music track that makes you feel inspired.

The third thing I do is to go for a 10 min walk to get my blood pumping and energy flowing.  While I’m walking, I think of 3 things I could do that day to move my business forward.  Being outside whether it’s cold, rainy or sunny always helps me to think outside the box and the creativity is always greater in nature than when I’m sitting in the office staring at my laptop.  When I get back, I turn on my laptop, flick on the kettle and write those three things down at the top of my diary page for the day and that’s where I start!

That’s it!  It takes me half an hour at the most, if you don’t have time in the mornings, get up half an hour earlier and start with a positive morning audio that makes you feel like getting up by putting your ear phones in when your alarm goes off and letting it wake you up, then do your gratitude, then quick exercise to get your blood pumping and get going.

I started this routine after reading ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod, then adapted it to what I needed from my day.  I find if I don’t fill myself up first, and instead start the day by scrolling through Facebook I just take on the junk of everyone else’s day.  Then I stumble through my morning routine without any sense of urgency and seldom accomplish something that could drive my business forward.

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