Why November is a great month to start your home business

I’ve outlined my 5 favourite reasons why November is a brilliant month to get your home business up and running.  If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please feel free to contact me about it.

  1. It gives you spending money in time for Christmas!  Starting in November gives you a few weeks to learn how everything works, talk to people and with my help get set up before people are shopping for Christmas presents.  This then means that when people are buying your products for Christmas, you are making the commissions, not the high street shops.  This in turn, gives you more money to spend on your own Christmas presents. (Score!)
  2. You get to buy at cost price!  Aside from the consumable high quality health and nutrition product ranges, there are also sports products, an amazing aloe based skincare range, makeup and cosmetics range and products for animal care.  This means that instead of paying full retail for your Christmas presents, because you have an account directly with the manufacturer, you’re buying them at cost price!  Your family and friends get the same high quality products, but they cost you a lot less than full retail value.
  3. January holiday shopping is more fun!  With the first 2 months of business under your belt, you now have an extra income.  Because it’s so flexible it could be on top of your current full time salary, however when you start browsing expedia, Jet2 and Thomas Cook, you may not have to dip into the savings you’ve been holding onto.
  4. No January Blues.  Without having to buy on credit card, you won’t have the same craving for payday that you may have had the year before!  Using your new income to pay for presents at the time instead of relying on credit means it doesn’t have to be paid back, and with ‘Forever’ there are no limits so you can make as much as you like without your boss saying ‘ that’s enough overtime’ or ‘we’re capping your bonus this year’.
  5. This last point is my favourite!  For everyone starting this month (November 2016) I have an extra special offer, so email me for details or send me a message through my facebook page.  We can have a chat to see if it’s a good fit for you and go from there.