Most people have to work full time while they build a home business until it overtakes the full-time salary, so you’ve got to be smart with your time and these are my top five tips on how to do that.

  1. Spend your time on income producing activities to bring money in, don’t spend time scrolling through Facebook, become a ‘do-er’!
  2. Schedule your social media updates for the week ahead, then post when something happens that you’d like to post about or share when you work from home.
  3. Audio books: self-development is really important when you are in business for yourself.  You need to be focused, positive and keep moving even when things don’t always go to plan, so having the right mindset is really important.
  4. Schedule your time, i.e. if you know you have an hour after dinner when you sit around the house and don’t do anything productive, then schedule that time to work on your business.
  5. Make a list every night before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning, of at least one big thing you could do the following day to move your business forward. e. making that call to someone who you know could give you business, or creating a Facebook event to promote something.  This makes you think in terms of high leverage activities, so your time is spent doing the important things to move you forward and not the mundane activities that just tread water.

I also made a short 2 min video on this topic which you can see below:

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