Why I love working from home especially in January

Why I love working from home especially in January

rainy januaryIt’s a cold, rainy Friday in January here and I’m enjoying a cosy afternoon working on my laptop with our dogs basking in the heat from the lit fire in front of me.  It wasn’t that long ago when I would have been counting the minutes to 5 O’clock so I could then drive for an hour and half in heavy traffic just to get home to a cold house and wish that one day, I could work from wherever I wanted!

I see people all the time offering work from home opportunities that wrongly promise big pay days with little to no work.  Videos from beach hammocks, tours of garages filled with super cars and claims of overnight successes (with large buy-in fees).  I have to burst the bubble and speak out to say that whether you work from home, from your favourite cafe, or from the laptop in your backpack while you travel the world, the work still has to be done!  However having the flexibility to choose when and where, puts you in control of your income and your diary, while having a system allows you to leverage your time.

If you want big pay days, you have to put in some elbow grease, but please make sure you’ve got the right company or product behind you to give you the reliability and support you deserve for taking that step out of your comfort zone to creating a system for you and your family to enjoy the life or lifestyle you want.  Although this is slightly off-topic, being able to build your business in an hour a day or few hours a week will also be important if you’re fitting it around full-time work at the start.

I heard the phrase that ‘summer bodies are made in the winter’, and thought how similar network marketing can be where summer businesses can be made in the winter too.  Which leads me onto the point that if you have to put in the work somewhere, why not do it on a cold wintry January, with your dogs at your feet and the fire lit in front of you!

I hope that whatever home business you choose to invest your time and effort in, that you get to enjoy the sun while it shines, building your business around the important things in life, whether that’s your family, your passion, hobbies or holidays!

Happy January everyone – thanks for reading!


Why you need a system to create work life balance

Why you need a system to create work life balance

time vs moneyYou work, you sleep, you get paid at the end of the month, you get taxed, you pay your bills and hopefully there’s something left at the end to spend or save.  You rinse and repeat for 40 years working for someone else and hopefully you will have paid off the roof over your head in time to retire.  You hope that pensions exist when that time comes so you can finally get some free time and not have to work anymore.

I am no stranger to hard work, but surely I’m not the only one who thinks there are a few things wrong with the scenario above.  You work a 40 hour week, get paid 37.5 hours (or thereabouts because eating lunch is done on your time,) and trade your skills and time for money.  But what if you want to trade less time in return for more money?  We are taught from a young age that there’s only one option here to which is to work even harder in a higher paying job.  However, I’m suggesting that there is another way to do this – you could alternatively create a system in your spare time alongside your full time job until that system is paying more than your day job.

There are many internet gurus out there promising schemes that you invest large sums of money in return for a loose promise of a greater return.  There is even the suggestion of info products that you can charge for by the download.  However you need substantial skills which take a lot of learning to execute this well (those same guys will charge you thousands to teach them to you).

One of the methods I use is network marketing, which is a people to people business with a minimal startup cost, skills you can learn while you earn and company training to teach you what you need to know for free.  However you need to choose the company you associated yourself with very carefully.  You want a few things, firstly the company needs to have a trustworthy reputation so look for one with a headquarter building in bricks and mortar in your country.  Others can leave as quickly as they arrived as they have no financial committment to your area.  You also want a consumable product, as the most expensive part of any transaction is finding a new customer.  Therefore if the customers are largely repeat buyers, the business is a lot more profitable and easier to be successful at.  Next you want high quality products that do what they say they will.  Having a consumable product is no good if your customers don’t want to buy again when it runs out!  Next it needs to be in an industry that is growing.  The health, nutrition and wellness market for instance has been dubbed the next trillion dollar industry because as people we all have a few things in common, we are all born, we all die and looking after our health helps prolong the inevitable.  Governments worldwide are educating people on how to exercise more, eat healthier and look after themselves.  This in turn is also helping to expand this market.

I personally, work with a company called Forever Living, they are an American company who operate in 158 countries around the world.  This means I can operate in any of those countries too so I never need to worry about running out of customers.  They have over 200 products, spanning a number of product ranges including the health, nutrition and wellness markets.  They have been operating for almost 40 years now and have consistent recorded growth for the past 35 years.  They have won awards from the DSA Direct Selling Associations in the UK and Ire where I’m based, which means they are independently audited by a government body to ensure they are who they say they are, they do what they say they will and they adhere to stringent guidelines on how the conduct their business.  They distribute these high quality products on my behalf so I don’t have to spend time waiting in post office queues or doing the leg work necessary with other network marketing companies.  They have a 60 day money back guarantee on all of their products which gives me, and my customers peace of mind.  Lastly, you don’t need a lot of customers to make money with this business.  It is designed to help you leverage your time, and get paid more for your efforts.  You look after a few customers and show others how to do the same.  Everyone deals directly with the manufacturer in a vertically integrated business model and it’s in everyones interests to help the people they introduce as they will in turn also earn more.

I have a full presentation I can share with anyone who would like information on this opportunity via skype or in person if you’re based in Northern Ireland.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more information by emailing gracecarlisle @ outlook.com