What do you want to achieve?

What do you want to achieve?

For many people, thinking about goals, aims and things they want to achieve this year, or in 10 years time is an activity reserved for New Years resolutions and then possibly forgotten about by 4th or even 5th January. When I work with new people, I show them that the importance of knowing their goals is similar to knowing the postcode or destination to put into your sat nav before leaving for a long trip. If it doesn’t know where to take you, you won’t get there! Or worse still – you won’t know if you got there!
Also, when you do head off, you might have ‘via’ routes, on the journey.  In the free coaching I provide for my team members, these are short term goals. You need to reward yourself when you’ve reached each milestone to keep building your confidence, competence and motivation too.
My aim for today’s post is simply to ask you to think what your short term and long term goals are.  If you weren’t confined to the hours of your current work, and you were able to have a work from home business bringing in an extra income to achieve something you’ve always wanted for yourself, what would that ‘something’ be?
If it’s not too personal, please feel free to comment below or email me, I love to hear what peoples goals are.  The diversity is always inspiring however I’m going to bet there are a few similar themes in everyone’s responses.

  1. Rainy day fund.  Who doesn’t want to feel secure that their bills are covered should something happen and their usual source of income stop for a while.
  2. Christmas Presents.  Not wanting to save all year for Christmas presents is something I’m hearing a lot lately and I completely understand why!  Having a savings account set aside to spend at this time of year without having to think about it or put anything on credit is definitely an advantage.
  3. Big holiday.  This is the third most common goal I hear each week.  Whether it’s a first family holiday, or that holiday on your bucket list that you’ve always wanted to go on except bills got in the way, holidays are pretty high on my list too.

If you are a visual person, ‘Pinterest‘ is a brilliant app to let you search for and save images that represent your big goals in one place to remind you what you’re working towards.

Personally, I’m a big fan of creating vision or goal boards, but I go one step further, I put dates on the things I’m working towards.  I love having one in my work space that I see every day, it keeps me motivated and reminds me what I’m going to receive if I keep working towards it.

At the minute I have images of New York everywhere as I work towards an incentive for a free holiday there next year.  I also have a photo of a cruise ship as there’s a trip for a five star, all inclusive, holiday for two people when I do an agreed level of activity.  The reason I love these two so much is that my goal doesn’t involve paying for them.  They’ll be provided as a bonus on work I’ve done which is already well paid so that makes it even sweeter when I get there!  My short term goals include things I’ll achieve on the way and I have them all pinned on a lovely board given to me years ago by my mum.

I hope everyone enjoys this exercise, it’s one of my favourite essential activities for business success!