Exciting Life Changes and My Baby Realisations

Exciting Life Changes and My Baby Realisations

I’ve just hung out a wash of baby clothes bought to pack in my hospital bag in a few weeks and our little back yard area has taken on a new look I’ve never seen before!  Being a first timer at all of this, I’ve not been sure what to buy, when to stop work, how to prepare, or how much of anything is normal when you’re pregnant but I’m getting used to the idea of just doing my best and enjoying the ride.  I’ve written a list of my most recent realisations sparked by the imminent arrival of this little person into our lives:

#1: You need to be there to make memories.  Shopping days and coffee time with my mum has been one of the things I’ve enjoyed most this past few months.  With past marketing work and multiple jobs I’ve spent most of my life running from pillar to post never having time to slow down and focus on just being where I am; so having these months to really enjoy the experience with family has been amazing!

#2: Nesting is an actual thing!  I’ve heard people talk about and hoped that one day I’d turn into a cleaning demon too!  It seems to have started this morning as I found myself cleaning out the cutlery drawers with disinfectant before breakfast?!  I’m hoping it stretches to every other room shortly, but I’m trying to pace myself inbetween bursts of fatigue!

#3: I don’t need as many clothes!  Who would have thought, but apparently I can get by on one box of clothes as all my normal clothes are now vacu-packed out of the way for the day when I can figure out how to fit into them again.  I have to admit I’ve already bought my Clean9 ready for the day I can start working towards fitting into all my favourites again!

#4: I love my business!! I have never been more appreciative of my work from home than now, as I have been able to arrange meetings and coffees around appointment times etc and enjoy the benefits of an income and more time off.  One of the earliest reasons I started my work from home business as a self-employed person was so that I could be at home enjoying time with our family and I pinch myself to think that that day is almost here!

#5: I’m really grateful that we’ve been spurred on to make time to spend with our dog establishing a better routine and a little more discipline.  She now eats breakfast and dinner at the same time as us without leaving nuts in the bowl for a toddler to munch on (and a few other better traits and handy treat motivated commands to make life less complicated in a few months time).  Not knowing how any animal will take to the addition of a new ‘pack member’ however well I know our little dog inside out, she now knows where the boundaries are,i.e. no climbing on the sofa anymore and it’s not ok to jump up on anyone unless outside playing.

#6: I can’t believe how much ‘stuff’ you need for a baby!! I know we haven’t scratched the surface and we even ‘think’ we have the bare essentials covered but I can’t believe how many things they need and trying to figure out how much is marketing and how much we really need has been quite a time consuming task over the last few months!

#7: We’re never going to be prepared.  No matter how much thinking, planning and preparing – I don’t think we’ll ever be prepared for what lies in store for us.  So, I’m just hoping and praying that everyone will be healthy and everything will be OK.

#8:  Life is never going to be the same again!  I know this is obvious but it does take a while to really settle in that everything from just nipping to the shop for 2 mins to get something for dinner, to planning each days activities around a little person won’t be as simple as just ‘doing’.

9#: I am in the right business to create the life I want for my family, from the trips and experiences to having the time in everyday moments.  While any new business takes time to build momentum and pace, if I had it all to do over again, I’d know it would be worth it and I’d choose the same business, the same company to work with and the same people to support me and my team.

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Why working from home isn’t for everyone

Why working from home isn’t for everyone

I’m sure you’ve read the rosy pictures and inspirational quotes about creating a life you’ve always dreamt of having, however they don’t show you the reasons why it might NOT be for you.  I’ve written my top five characteristics to avoid work from home businesses, so you can either be better equipped for the journey to financial freedom, or take a different route.

  1. No self-discipline or lazy outlook.  If you are someone who isn’t easily motivated and relies on a boss with a temper to hassle you into producing good results, then it probably isn’t for you.  Watching an hour less of TV every night and working on a home business instead produces compounded results which could equate to a luxury holiday or new car in a years time.  However, you need to turn off the tv tonight and you don’t get the new car for a year, which is why you need discipline to keep going and achieve the things you’re making a short-term sacrifice for.  Most businesses in general need more work at the start to create momentum, this is something we accept in traditional business, however when it comes to home businesses, I see people all the time with different companies who give up because they didn’t see instant results even when their activity on social media and online platforms were flawless.  It’s such a shame because I know the things they would have achieved if they’d just had the discipline and passion to keep going a little while longer.  I know of a number of work from home millionaires who almost gave up in the early days of their business and looking at the choices (homes, cars and holidays) they have now reminds me that the only way to fail is to quit.  I would like to mention that discipline can however be instilled if you have a desire or dream big enough to overcome it.  I also know women who turned small scale part-time businesses that regularly took a back seat in the priority list, into large scale global incomes by realising what it could do for their families and discipline was introduced to their businesses overnight.
  2. Warning *Work is still involved*  Flicking through Facebook and picking pretty images for your vision board aren’t activities that will produce an income for you.  So if you already work from home and realise you spend a considerable length of time doing this – it may be why you aren’t making money.  If you’re considering working from home, you need to choose the right company and the right person to help you plan your activities so you’re creating and building an income producing business from the beginning.  When I introduce a new person to my business, I have a ‘get started’ meeting, where I show them what they can do to earn money from the start and how they can create momentum so they aren’t wasting time on the wrong activities.  I want them to be more successful than me because inevitably I get paid more, so it makes sense that I pass on the things I’ve learnt so each new person doesn’t have to waste time and effort making the mistakes I did in the beginning.
  3. People who search for get rich quick schemes that sound too good to be true, (they usually are).  If you are looking for a viable business, you need to look at companies that have been going for 10, 20 years, that are accredited with the DSA (direct selling association) that have quality CONSUMABLE products, and a responsibility to the people who work with and for them.  The most expensive part of any sale is finding a new customer, whether you’re selling downloadable info products or health and beauty products, so one with a quality consumable product is going to keep coming back and give you a residual recurring income.  So, do your homework before deciding on which business to go with, I’ve written a blog about this here
  4. People who do not want to sell or trade anything – To make money, you have to trade something.  If your time and skills are involved, they often create an intangible product and in my experience while this might seem easier to provide, it doesn’t create the same level of revenue and while work is consistent, getting paid isn’t.  Otherwise, sale of products may be involved and this seems to put some people off.  You’ve recommended a film to a friend before though, and maybe a moisturiser, restaurant or washing powder.  Why not get paid while you do it?  This is why you would simply look for a company that manufactures products you’d like to recommend to people.  If you look for something you’re interested in or believe in, this doesn’t feel like work!
  5. People who don’t want to do anything.  Most people want more money, to look and feel better, but to get the things most people want, you have to do what most people wont.  So if you want to lose weight, you need to look at your health and fitness and change something, either your eating habits or your exercise patterns.  If you want to lose weight, but only want to think about it and not do anything differently, then nothing will change.  Starting a home business requires the same thought process, you are swapping time spent doing something else i.e. watching TV for time working to build your income for the future.  However if you consistently put off doing anything and instead sit around and don’t change anything then you have to expect that nothing will change.  Your business only fails if you quit!  Sometimes, circumstances in life change and create that motivation to change something resulting in

Now you’ve now read the characteristics less suited to home business success, if you are interested in earning more, starting a small scale home business or a global organisation, you would need the following:  A desire to achieve things you want, a friendly personality to work with other like minded people and a willingness to learn from other people, so I can help you avoid pitfalls I made in the beginning to save you time.  If you would like more information on the work from home business I use, please Email me to get in touch, or feel free to follow me on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

Rush hour traffic dread

Rush hour traffic dread

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I need to drive in rush hour traffic tomorrow morning.  I’m taking a family member into the city for an appointment, then going to a meeting with my final marketing client, but as the appointment is first thing it means getting up when I’d usually be sleeping to sit in traffic for an hour and I’m dreading it!

I forgot what it was like to dread rush hour and now I realise I’ve been taking my new work from home benefits for granted!  It reminded me what it was like to groan at the thought of the following morning, having to get as many things organised as possible the night before.  I love an early morning at home, when all is quiet and the sun comes up over the hills where we live, I enjoy the feeling of getting a head start and planning my day ahead, however early mornings to leave the house should be saved for holidays and days out competing horses in the sunshine!

So, I’m looking for other people like me who don’t want to spend hours each day sitting in traffic, who crave flexibility and want more out of life.  I firmly believe that creating a system is the key to being smart with your time, rather than getting caught in the trap of trading your time for an hourly wage Monday to Friday and the joys of rush hour traffic.  If you’re reading this and want to know more about what I do to see if it might be something you’d be interested in, please get in touch.  Click here to email me an include your location and contact details so I can share some information with you.

Five things that any work from home business must have before you should get involved

Five things that any work from home business must have before you should get involved

In this video, I explain the five main criteria that any work from home business or network marketing company needs to have before you should get involved with them.
they are:

1) You have residual bills, you need a residual income, therefore make sure they have consumable products
2) Recession resistant – research their growth chart and make sure they’ve got a recorded track record showing their product sales during times of recession
3) Increasing or expanding market, I operate in the health and nutrition market which is dubbed the next ‘trillion dollar industry’
4) Reputable company – make sure it’s not a pyramid scheme, ensure they are audited and above board. The DSA is the direct selling association which is a governing body who independently audit and ensure that companies are who they say they are and do what they say they’ll do. Forever Living products have an excellence award with the DSA so that gives me peace of mind.
5) Easily replicated – make sure if you need to build a team, that what you need to teach them to do is easy for them to show other people. The easier this is, the bigger your team can grow, and therefore your income increases.
This is what I spend my time doing now, teaching other people to do what I do, so if you’d like to know more about the company I work with, Forever Living, please click here to email me

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