How to work from home in Northern Ireland

How to work from home in Northern Ireland

working from home in northern irelandSo, you’ve decided enough is enough and you’re tired of being told when you can holiday, when you have to work, how much you can earn and how many hours you have to work to get it.  Hopefully with my help, you’ve also just realised that there actually IS another way of earning a stable, reliable income, with a reputable company from anywhere in the world but for now – you live in Northern Ireland.

Let me tell you about it… You can work when you want, earn as much or as little as you want, create a work schedule that fits around your family and not the other way around, work with a company who have high quality tangible goods that they will stock, deliver and offer a 60 day money back guarantee for, and work with products that are good for your health and help you to look better and feel better!! When I first stumbled across it, I thought it was too good to be true, but a lot of hours spent researching proved to me that it really is true!  Then lots of hours spent working the blueprint you follow in this business has also proven I can help other people do it too!

The company I work with is called Forever Living, I provide a number of tools to people who start their businesses with the company through me.  Those tools include; access to Facebook groups for product and business support, access to regular training events in Belfast and a number of other locations in Northern Ireland to provide face to face support, one to one coaching with me each month to help plan activities based on goals identified by you and access to websites to help you monitor your business from a back office, receive all the help and resources you need to know everything about the products and best tools for your business.

Each Monday night, we host a work from home webinar, it starts at 9pm and lasts for about 45 minutes.  It provides an overview on the business and a great background so you know what questions you might want to ask me afterwards.  Every second Wednesday we also have a presentation in the Crowne Plaza, located on Shaws Bridge in Belfast, where you can reserve your seat by simply getting in contact with me. The information on how to get started and everything involved is once again relayed for you and any friends you might want to bring with you.  There is no obligation to choose to get involved or start a business using our business model at any of our presentations, we simply ask that you attend or tune in with an open mind to hear something out of the ordinary.

If you’d like to register for either of these free presentations, please email me on gracecarlisle@outlook.com or send me a message on my facebook page if you’d prefer.

How a home business can save you money before you start

How a home business can save you money before you start

rich-dad-poor-dadAs an employee, you work, your tax and national insurance is deducted, you get paid, you pay your bills and what you have left at the end of the month is your own to save, spend (or wish you had.)  As a business owner, money comes in, you get paid, you pay your bills, then you pay your national insurance and are taxed on the profits.

So, you’ve just decided to start your own home based business but want to begin part-time (as most people do with us) and keep your full-time job until you are able to earn more part-time than you do in your day job. In this scenario, you receive your pay as usual, but also submit a self-assessment tax return at the end of your financial year giving you an option to claim back those business expenses like diesel receipts as you are surely going to deliver some orders, cafe and restaurant receipts from meetings with potential team members and customers.  A portion of your home heating and electric costs, because your home also serves as your office. Some clothing costs, as you need clothes for meetings.  As we are a health and nutritional company, supplements, skincare and other products you may need to use yourself so you can review and recommend them would also be a cost of business and therefore a cost to be deducted from your turnover figure.

Please seek professional advice from your accountant and conduct your own research before making any decisions, however it is well documented how employees get the short straw when it comes to actually getting paid. No need to take my word for it, google Robert Kiyosaki to listen to his opinion.  “Financial struggle is often the direct result of people working all their lives for someone else. ” Robert Kiyosaki, A keen advocate of creating a system to gain financial freedom, (also a fan of network marketing) he wrote an inspirational book called ‘Rich dad poor dad’ which I’d really recommend for anyone who wants to review their financial situation.

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