How to work from home this summer

How to work from home this summer

If you are anything like me, sitting in an office on a sunny day watching the clock tick by isn’t your idea of fun, I’d much rather have the flexibility to be outside when the sun is shining, and likewise be there for my family when they need me then do the work when it suits me.

I also like that my income increases every month, meanwhile my workload stays the same! Is that something that would appeal to you too?  If so, then here are a few reasons why you should take a look at working with me:

  1. You can work online, offline or both!  Whether you are afraid of technology or love it, there are activities I can show you to boost your income and create a sustainable business.
  2. You set your own timetable – whether you want to work when the kids are sleeping or grab 15 mins here and 15 there, between a hectic lifestyle to save for a holiday or pay off some credit cards, this business allows for that.
  3. The company I work with has a recorded trading history spanning 39 years so you can be assured they are not here today gone tomorrow.  If you put time and effort into a business, you want to know you’re building a residual income.
  4. They are privately owned, cash rich and debt free so they don’t rely on banks or lenders to operate and therefore are extremely stable.
  5. You can receive cheques from different countries!  With a local headquarters in most of the 158 countries they operate in, you can not only trade and create an income stream, your business will be supported by local staff paid for by this company.
  6. They are an extremely reputable company, working with the governments in each of these 158 countries so you have no barriers to entry wherever you want to set up your business.
  7. You don’t have overheads like rent, rates or staff either – they pay for the staff in each country to support the business owners there, you simply follow a blueprint which I provide.
  8. You have peace of mind that this isn’t a pyramid scheme or unlawful activity because they have won excellence awards from the direct selling association in UK & Ireland, (and others worldwide), they work with governments in each of those countries they operate in and they win an annual Investors in People award because of the level of training and rewards they give back to the people involved in their business.
  9. You don’t have to carry stock or invest thousands in products to sell – the company distribute orders in just a few days either direct to you or your customer.  You get all the benefits of a franchise without the headaches or costs!
  10. You would be operating in the trillion dollar health and wellness industry – this marketplace is continuing to expand globally, (google it for more info.)
  11. Like the idea of an uncapped income? – that’s what’s on offer here!  You can create a business that will pay you your worth as decided by you, not by someone else.
  12. You can create a willable income so your family can receive monthly payments long after you’ve gone.  I love how responsible that is!
  13. You receive online training and support wherever you are based in the world, backed up with local company organised events and training to ensure you receive the best support available.
  14. You don’t need experience of the market or need to have worked in a business environment before because training is provided.
  15. Lastly, you can get started today by simply opening an account.

Want more information?  

Get in touch by sending me an email, I can register you on an online webinar with information on how to get started in your country, or share a presentation online at a time that suits you.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s a viable business that offers you the ability to choose more money, more time, more freedom… and to choose what you want out of life.

If now isn’t the right time, why not follow me on Facebook and get in touch when you’re ready to take action…

Why you don’t need to be tech savvy to make this home business work

Why you don’t need to be tech savvy to make this home business work

Aerial View of Bologna, ItalyYesterday I decided to log off, tune out and try something different to promote my business and I had a lot of fun. It was rewarding too which is always good! I called a friend who also works in the same business I do, we put on some trainers and walked through the local housing developments putting leaflets on our products and business through letter boxes.

This was my first time doing this activity and I’ll be the first to admit, I have a habit of sitting behind my laptop and leveraging social media, (which isn’t a bad thing as I’m inspired by how easy it is to run a global business), but this is a business you can do regardless of how tech savvy you are! I just love that whatever your skill – we can work with that to help you work from home and either earn an extra income in flexible hours around your current working hours or replace a day job.

When I meet with a new team member via skype or locally over a coffee, they have the potential to run their business however they would like, so I always start with looking at the skills they have, so they can play to their strengths. Some people love talking to new people, some love being online, others love face to face conversations, and some are more introverted like myself and like to build relationships with people over Facebook to build their business.

So, just in case you are wondering how I got on yesterday, I received an order for one of our nutritional health drinks and a Bee Pollen supplement dubbed ‘Natures speed!’ The lady had been advised by her hairdresser just the day before that she should start drinking our gel to help with the condition of her hair and the cheaper product she had bought in a well known high street shop (that I won’t name) wasn’t the same quality so she should find our brand. I also got a referral of someone to contact about the business, I received messages last night from one of the people who got my leaflet through their door and I left some samples with 2 other lovely ladies who I’m meeting with again on Thursday morning.

My little trip through the neighbourhood was really worthwhile and something I’m going to do a lot more often now! While some of the people I spoke to had heard of the products and asked for them by name, most weren’t even aware of them or the opportunity to work from home.

It got me thinking though, there are thousands of housing developments in my country, this is a task I could do anywhere! If I lived in Italy for instance and walked around my neighbourhood, I would find other houses with people just like me who want to earn more, live more and work less, this simple activity can work anywhere in the world! It even sparked a daydream of a working holiday where I could promote my business and increase my earnings as I walk through each town. How many other people do you know who also like to travel, but can’t get enough time off work to do more than one destination each year? Would they be interested in earning while they travelled and seeing the world without the constraints of returning within the week to get back to their office job? I certainly know of a few!

If anyone would like information on this home business, you can do it from over 158 countries worldwide as the company I work alongside have offices across the globe to hold your stock, do your paperwork and deliver your orders. I would be delighted to help you receive the training, help and support you would need to get your business off to the best start so please feel free to contact me via email with a little bit of info about you. Click here to email me on Gracecarlisle @ outlook.com