Why you need to know your avatar to build an online business

Why you need to know your avatar to build an online business

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to posting on social media to promote your services or products, then you might need to take a closer look at your avatar/ your ideal customer.

So let’s start from the beginning, what is an avatar and why do you need one?

An avatar is simply a way of describing your target audience, or ideal consumer who is in need of your service or product.  They are currently online looking for a way to fix a pain, problem or struggle that your product or service helps with.  Knowing exactly who they are helps you speak directly to them so you can grab their attention!

Here’s the clincher… If you know exactly who they are, and what they need help with, then by posting content that helps them in that area, they will be interested in hearing what you have to say. Which means they are drawn to you, this is the heart of ‘attraction marketing’ and it’s relevant if you’re doing anything from network marketing to selling technology!  It doesn’t have to be as detailed as ’45 year old females who live in kentucky and have an above average income… your goal through creating the avatar is to know what your avatar has trouble with ideally that links to your product; then help them with it.

Here’s an example:  Let’s say you have a product that helps people with joint pain for instance.  Perhaps there’s an average age that your product is best suited for, you’d use platforms that reach that typical age bracket, using language they would relate to (i.e. if it’s over 40’s, don’t use words like ‘hey man, check this out’!) Then post content that people with joint pain would be interested in, they will want to hear what you have to say!

do you know your avatar?So what content would you post – Well, what other things help people with joint pain?  You might have research articles that show how walking over 6,000 steps a day also helps increase mobility for those with knee and joint pain.  That would be of interest to your market, or perhaps you know that increasing the amount of water you drink also helps joint pain because our joints rely on fluid to work smoothly or other hints and tips… These are the sort of things that your market may benefit from knowing so this is the sort of content you should be sharing to attract your ideal audience.  Will people who don’t have joint pain be drawn to you?  probably not, but that’s ok?!  You’re providing relevant information 90% of the time which creates trust, interest and conversation with people who also need your product.  This gives you the best starting point to also introduce your product.

Just to clarify why you don’t want everyone to be drawn to you.  Here’s another example… Teenagers typically don’t have joint pain, therefore they aren’t likely to be interested in your joint pain product.  Why would you want to target your marketing towards them?  It would mean your content wasn’t as relevant to your ‘real’ customers.  So, by making your posts and information super relevant to your ideal customer, you get to be relevant and interesting to them most of the time.  This increases how engaged they are and therefore how likely they are to enter the conversation and conversion stages with you.  The flip side of that is if your content is only interesting 5% of the time, how engaged do you think your audience will be?  Engagement leads to conversation and then conversion, whether you are converting over the phone, via messenger, email or through content marketing and webinars!

Stepping away from the ‘joint pain product’ example, let’s look at everyday posts and content.  If you establish that your avatar (ideal client) needs a higher disposable income to purchase your luxury brand, then that might dictate the typical age, demographic, and things they are interested in.  It’s a little like a jigsaw; 1) you have the pieces that include your product and what it can do.  2) The price can dictate the typical demographic. 3) the geographic locations it can be distributed to can establish where your ideal clients are.   4) The branding can help you work out the typical age of your avatar.  5) The problems that your product solves can help you work out your audiences pains and struggles so you know what else to talk to them about!

I’ve prepared a free download to help you work out how to narrow down your avatar so you can get really specific with your marketing and attract more clients and customers with a more laser focus!

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Marketing, me, and free ways I can help

Marketing, me, and free ways I can help

When times are good, marketing is necessary for most businesses, when times are difficult, (in my humble opinion) it’s imperative for their survival!

I put a video together on my facebook page if you’d rather watch than read this blog, but put simply these are free and really simple ways businesses could promote their products and services while they’re in temporary lockdown (due to Covid restrictions if you’re reading this in 2021 or beyond!)  I did it because my background is in marketing and I think that’s something that many businesses are in need of right now

Just to set the scene – 14 years ago, I took up my first marketing management position as the marketing manager for Ireland in a global cash management company. I learned so much about offline and corporate marketing but arguably the most important lesson was the progression of online marketing at that time, and its ability to perform better for less expenditure. My following position was with a County Down based brewery where we marketed a range of range Ale’s into 14 states across America. I will always be thankful for that forward-thinking employer who encouraged us to continue a quest for knowledge in online marketing at a time when it was unheard off in most companies. I later went freelance again and got to develop it with many other businesses and industries over the years. Most of my working life now is spent helping other people work from home, (and should someone want info on that, drop me a message.) However the purpose of this blog is to share a brief insight into my background to better explain why I’m offering marketing tips and advice for businesses trying to navigate through Covid enforced regulations; meanwhile finding and connecting with their customers again to resume business ‘as usual’!

Just over four weeks ago, all close contact and hospitality businesses in Northern Ireland had to close their doors for a month, then on Friday they were told to remain close for another week. I can’t imagine the anguish business owners are going through at the minute while for some, the busiest season of the entire year slips past. So, I know that most people on my blog have an online business or at least an interest in one, however the following tips are geared towards businesses with a local premises, serving a local community (wherever that is). I know that some (many hair dressers and beauticians etc) will have a list of customers to get through as quickly as possible, while others face the challenge of building their clientele back into monthly or regular clients as opposed to infrequent ones which they have been forced to be this year.

Let’s dive in: Free ways to market your local business and get more customers, or build your clientele backup after reopening.

  1. This goes without saying but… Ensure your business is on social media. For some businesses, certain platforms can be more beneficial, for instance Instagram is more visual and for businesses like nail technicians or make-up artists, it can allow them to display their portfolio and connect with potential customers leading with service first.  However, both Facebook and Instagram work wonders for finding, connecting and engaging with customers. If Facebook works for you, make sure your address is listed on your Facebook Page so you come up in local searches when someone is actively looking for the service you provide. I can go into more detail on. LinkedIn benefits in another video if that’s of interest but most of the businesses affected are largely business to consumer focused.
  2. For exactly the same reason as number 1, ensure you are registered and showing on google. You can add your website, phone number, location and an image for free. It’s so simple, lots of businesses can overlook its importance. Just go to ‘google my business’, click on ‘get on google’ and follow the prompts from there.
  3. Using Instagram hashtags is a powerful tool to display your portfolio or products straight to the very people who are searching for them, but this is often under-utilised. Don’t just go for the generic ‘broad’ hash tags, choose ‘narrow’ hashtags that include your location, the style of your work, and the terms your customers would be searching for to find that service or product. For instance, say you are in the hospitality industry and promoting Santa and Christmas experiences over the Christmas period. Put yourself in your customers shoes, who are they and what terms are they going to be using to find the service you are offering. Include your town, (tag your location too) Santa visits in x town, sleigh rides x town, sleigh rides x county, your venue name and as many other ways you can think off to describe your service as you can imagine. If you’re a beautician and you know people are going to be looking for Christmas nails so go back through your pics to last years favourites, repost them using your town and Christmas nails in the hashtags! There are different recommendations on the number of hash tags you can use but 28 is the recommended amount so as I mentioned above, make a list of everything your think your potential customers would search for if they were looking for the services you provide.
  4. Only 10% of Facebook users use stories, this means you can remind your customers of your existence, and your brand at ZERO cost just by using them. Instagram has a 60% adoption rate for stories in comparison however both are very worthwhile to help connect with your potential and current customers. If you’re wondering what to put in your stories, it’s popular to use your news feed as your shop window and formal branding and your stories as the ‘backstage pass’ it’s also a fabulous sales funnel when you use things like polls and calls to action. So many businesses have put in massive effort to create safe spaces for their clients to safely visit their premises, photos of these installations taking place to let customers know for instance that you’re working away behind the scenes to keep them safe on their return.
  5. Facebook Groups are being used by many home business owners as a way of keeping in touch with their customers and building community without contacting them directly and individually.  If you don’t have a group for your business, think about whether it’s a good fit for you.  It will need daily posts (you can post less frequently, but it will need monitored daily,) however you can educate your customers on other services you provide, increasing their customer value and inform them of special offers and benefits much easier aswell.  You can also incentivise the customers in your group to invite friends and grow your audience in an easy and fun way!
  6. Benefits not features. On social media, you’re connecting with cold market prospects, remember they aren’t looking for features if you sell a service. They’re looking for the benefits they’ll receive through purchasing it. So when you’re talking about your service, using this jargon helps customers connect with how you can help them.
  7. Testimonials are today’s word of mouth marketing, ask your happy customers to leave you a review on your Facebook page, screenshot it and post it in your news feed and stories to share how good your services are to other people.
  8. Facebook events are great for getting the word out about offline or online events. You can set them to have an offline location including your address, you can run them online and set the destination as a zoom event, or maybe you have a Black Friday deal, you can set the destination to a landing page on your website so you’re driving traffic to it as soon as it is active and Facebook is sending them reminder notifications so it’s doing some of the work for you!
  9. Scheduling on social media is a powerful tool for time management. Most people know about it but how many actually use it! Beauticians, hair dressers, nail techs, who are arguably in their busiest season of the year – you have 4 working weeks left in the whole year. Why not spend this down time going through your photos and pick out 30 photos and schedule one a day to be loaded to your social media now. Once you’ve them scheduled you don’t need to go in and upload them each day. Google ‘creator studio’ on Facebook and you can schedule both facebook and Instagram posts from there.
  10. My last tip isn’t free but it’s too powerful (if done correctly) not to mention… Facebook advertising, this is of course paid but just to mention the power of the niche targeting on offer when you get the mix right. You can advertise to a specific demographic, in your postcode. For instance, soft play areas – I’ve heard of a few that had to close including one near us which is such a shame. If you are running a service like this, you could advertise on Facebook to mums of children under 3 for instance, who live in a certain postcode. How amazing is that?! Or if you have a restaurant or bar and your main lunchtime trade consists of people who normally work in the area. When they are back to work, (which is naturally the important bit in that scenario) you could target employees of specific organisations, do keep in mind that a number may be working from home within the next few weeks. Or for your evening meal trade, you could also target people living in your postcode, that have the profile of your target customer and promote your offers to get them into your premises or info on your takeout service.

So these are just a few of the ways you could promote your products or services to help you regain some ground while we speed through this busy Christmas period!

Wishing you all the very best of luck and if there’s another area you’d like specific help with, feel free to email me (grace@gracecarlisle.co.uk) and I’ll do another video and blog on that subject if I can.


Is Working From Home as an Employee A Good Choice for You?

Is Working From Home as an Employee A Good Choice for You?

Do you dream about waking up in the morning, walking sleepily down the hall to your home office with a steaming Cup of Joe, and plopping down in your chair to start working? Imagine the amount of money you’ll save on gas, clothing, and childcare working from home. With today’s technology, it’s possible to make your fantasy of working at home a reality.

Consider the following as you decide whether you’re a good candidate for working from home:

1. Do you work for a national or international company? The larger the company, often the more flexibility you’ll have to work from home.

2. Is your company progressive? If the owners and management think out of the box and embrace change, you’re in a great position to inquire about working at home.

3. Do you have a computer-oriented job? If most of your work is on the computer, present a good argument as to how you can remain productive working from home. As long as you have a computer at home, you can get the proper software to perform your job at home.

• You’ll have less co-worker interruptions when you work at home. If your house is quieter than working in a buzzing, lively office setting, you might be able to get more work done each day.

4. Can you obtain the special supplies your job requires? For example, a design architect will need a drafting table and various drawing tools, plus a computer to work from home. The nature of your work is a huge determinant as to whether you can work from home.

5. You’ll need a designated workspace. Nothing fancy, a desk and chair devoted to work will suffice, along with a computer and internet connection.

6. How flexible is your boss? Supervisors and managers who demonstrate more flexibility in the work setting are more likely to agree to a trial period where you work at home. Let’s face it, if lockdown hasn’t provided the opportunity to give you a practice run at this, your employers are unlikely to support it during another time!  If your supervisor knows you well and understands your work, then they might be more willing allow a trial work at home situation.

• During the trial period, (or during lockdown) you have an opportunity to demonstrate how well you can perform in your own home setting.

• When speaking with your supervisor, remember to mention that companies that promote more flexible work schedules benefit from less absenteeism and have reduced turnover.

7. Can you motivate yourself to get your work done? If you want to work from home, it’s important for you to possess certain personal and professional characteristics. Are you a self-starter? Can you diligently follow a work schedule?

• If you’re self-motivated and super-responsible, it’s likely you’ll be able to work from home with great success.

8. Can you prevent distractions at home? Think about everything that could interrupt or disturb your work efforts at home. It will be necessary for you to take steps to ensure your work won’t be disrupted.

• However, if you live alone or with a partner that works away from home full-time during the same time you’ll be doing your job, you’re already ahead of the game in terms of creating a productive work environment.

Depending on your company, the type of work you do, and your motivation, working from home might be a perfect solution. Think through these considerations to help you determine whether working in a home office setting is right for you. In the end, it just may pay off for you and your employer in terms of productivity and employee satisfaction.

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Hour Blocking: The Secret to Effective Time Management

Hour Blocking: The Secret to Effective Time Management

Effective time management is an essential skill, and hour blocking is an easy and powerful way to master this skill. You can use it to block off hours in your schedule and get more things finished. It enables you to take control of the minutes in each day.  When trying to fit in a new project / side hustle or if you’re simply back in lockdown and trying to manage kids on top of your usual work load, follow this process to take advantage of this valuable technique:

1. Start with planning. Make a list of all of your important tasks for the week. Then, narrow this list down to three to five essential tasks. * Be realistic about your planning. Avoid thinking that you can do a million tasks in one day or week.

2. Block your hours. After you have a short list of tasks, block the hours on your schedule. This is called time blocking and essentially requires you to take each hour and assign a task or item to it. * Clump related tasks together and add them to specific blocks of time. * Remember to schedule lunches and breaks. Taking time to rest your mind and body is important! Your breaks allow you to get back to your tasks with renewed energy.

3. Reduce distractions. Hour blocking demands that you eliminate distractions, so you don’t lose focus. * Figure out what your main distractions are. Do you waste time on social media or constantly check your phone? Do you spend hours in your email inbox and respond to every message instantly? * Eliminate or reduce these distractions. You may want to set aside a specific chunk of time each day to handle your social media, email inbox, and other tasks that distract you from your more essential actions. * Also, when you’re working, let others know that you’re busy so they can limit their interruptions.

4. Keep the time blocks flexible. Unless you know the exact amount of time each task will take, it’s important to keep the time blocks flexible. This will also enable you to take care of other important things that come up with a minimum amount of stress or changes to your schedule.

5. Review your time blocks regularly. Make adjustments as needed. If your tasks change, or you find that they take more or less time than you thought, modify your time blocks to take the new information into account.

* Reviewing your time blocks will also give you the chance to see when you’re most productive. If you do your best work in the morning, schedule more important tasks during these hours. Reviews will help you evaluate your productivity levels and decide which parts need attention.

* Another advantage of doing reviews is that it gives you the chance to see if your reminders are working or if they need to be changed. Use alerts on your phone or computer, sticky notes, or traditional alarms to remind you that it’s time to move to the next task. The key is to find something that works for you. Effective time management can help you finish more tasks each day and feel more accomplished. Hour blocking is a useful method for anyone who is interested in greater productivity, either at home or at work.

I created a time scheduler resource to let you plan your week ahead and be more productive.  Complete the form below to receive this free resource.  You can then print it as many times as you like!

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Time Management Tips for a Successful Home-Based Business

Time Management Tips for a Successful Home-Based Business

Home-based businesses have provided income for families long before the internet. However, the internet has made opening and operating a home-based business easier than ever. These new businesses can provide you the opportunity to earn a substantial income in the comfort of your own home.

However, the picture isn’t always so sunny. A home-based business requires work just like any other business. It’s important to make the best use of your time to enable your business to bring you the profits and joy you deserve.

Being at home gives the feeling of comfort, relaxation, and escape from work, so it’s very easy to lose focus and, as a result, get much different results than the ones you want from your business venture.

Making the Most of your time when building a Home-Based Business

So what’s the fix? Developing a timetable to help manage your life at home will help ensure everything gets done when it needs to be.

Follow these tips to enable your time management tool to work effectively for you:

1. Use work time wisely. Allocate a specific time slot each day for work and use the time just

for that. Avoid being distracted by TV or anything else. Remind yourself that you’ve scheduled enough time for everything, so work time should be just that!

2. Schedule enough rest time. Lack of rest can significantly impact the results from your home-based business. You’ll start to feel tired and cranky if you’re not well-rested, which will undoubtedly affect the quality and quantity of work you produce.

• Avoid the temptation to cut into your rest time to get more done; use rest time for actually resting so your work doesn’t suffer.

3. Include scheduled breaks. Once your timetable includes scheduled breaks during work slots, you’ll have something to look forward to. You’ll also have less of an urge to take “unscheduled” breaks while working.

Poor Time Management Can Lead to Unnecessary Challenges

Of course, how you manage your time at home will significantly impact the success of your at-home business. But what poor time management can also affect is “the rest of your life.” That’s right, working at home in a haphazard manner can really take its toll on other things.

• Family time and other important activities could be negatively impacted if you work in an ad hoc manner and don’t reserve enough time for it.

• Fitness, health, and diet also need your direct attention when you’re a work at home earner. Not paying enough attention to those things can result in letting them slide.   Which can be the last thing you want when your only source of income is your home-based business!

It’s very easy to get so absorbed in your home-based business and overlook the importance of other aspects of your life.  If you’re working 16 hours per day, then you’re most likely not exercising or eating properly. Nor are you spending time with your loved ones. Try to steer clear of this scenario!  If you want to work from home but want all the headaches of products, distribution, leglities and paperwork all done for you, to focus solely on business development at a small or large scale, email me directly on gracecarlisle@outlook.com or fill out one of the forms on this page for more information on the work from home business I use!

Once you create a structured approach to your business and life in general, you’ll find that you’ll accomplish more, get more financial fulfillment from your business, and be able to achieve balance in other aspects of your life as well!

I created a time scheduler resource to let you plan your week ahead and be more productive.  Complete the form below to receive this free resource.  You can then print it as many times as you like!

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From Hobby to Home Business in Five Steps

From Hobby to Home Business in Five Steps

Do you ever feel trapped in a job you don’t find rewarding? The key to living a more fulfilling life is to go after your passions. Being someone’s employee often requires you to put these passions aside so you can work towards their vision – not yours!

Becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone. There are many obstacles between you and your dreams, including coming up with the willpower to get started on your project, finding the confidence to get through multiple mishaps, and devoting many hours of hard work to building your vision.

Being an entrepreneur is hard work and can be disheartening at times – but owning your business can be a very fulfilling and freeing experience.

Follow these steps to follow your passions through your own business:

1. Find your calling

You could base your business on a talent you have, a hobby you love, or your desire to make a difference in people’s lives.
There is a popular belief that it takes 10,000 hours of work before one can be consideredan expert in any field. This belief may not be true, but it shows that expertise requires time and hard work.

2. Register your business and apply for necessary licenses.

• If you’re in the US, you need to do is register your business name through the U.S. Small Business Administration and apply for a tax ID.
You will also have to register your business through state agencies. Applying for licenses is necessary if your field is regulated – for instance, if you prepare food, work with dangerous chemicals, or provide services that require special qualifications such as legal advice or accounting. 
If you’re in the UK, you need to let the HMRC know within three months of starting your business but check with the relevant authorities where you live to make sure you’re staying within the guidelines.

3. Create your business plan.

Creating a business plan is a systematic process that provides a blueprint for your business and will help you obtain funding for your project.
Start by explaining what the purpose of your business is and how you’ll achieve it.
Explain what kind of products you want to sell or list the services you’ll be providing.
Define your target audience in as much detail as possible.
Create an outline for your marketing strategy and include your expected prices as well as how much profit you expect to generate.

4. Explore your financing options.

Go over your budget and business plan carefully to assess how much money you require.
Look for investors among your friends and relatives, or angel investors through local business associations. Borrowing money is usually your best option if you cannot find investors for your project.

5. Get to work!

Becoming a successful home business owner requires time, hard work, and real dedication.
Besides spending some time on developing your products or services, promoting your business, and providing excellent customer service, it’s also important to work on acquiring more skills that will help you become a better business owner.
Divide the large goals from your business plan into smaller goals you can accomplish on a weekly or daily basis. This division will also help you assess your progress.
Keep in mind that your goals might have to shift if your market changes.

The best way to launch your business and achieve financial stability is to put together a detailed plan with a series of small, manageable steps that will lead you to your goals. Use these five steps as a broad template for your project and add any additional steps that are relevant to your business.

Check out the business I use to work from home.  Plug into our system and take the stress away from building a business from home.

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Turning Your Hobby Into An Income Stream

Turning Your Hobby Into An Income Stream

If you’re like most people, you probably dream of having a job thats enjoyable and fulfilling. Maybe the solution is to turn something you love into a way to pay the bills.

You may be thinking, Theres no way I can make money from my hobby.” But you might be surprised!

Just think how great it would be if you could make money from the one thing that you actually choose to do when you have free time. What could possibly be better than that?

You might not be able to fully replace your regular job right away. However, you could earn a few hundred dollars a month or more for something you would be doing anyway. And that can make a big difference.

The two basic routes to making money from your hobby are:

1. Teach.

Someone out there would like to learn what you know. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you have to be one of the worlds top ten leading experts on something in order to make money at it.  Most experts tell you, you just need to know more about your topic than the person you’re teaching.
Some ways to teach include:
o Giving seminars (online or in person)
o Selling articles related to your hobby
o Writing and selling a book or ebook
o Oneon-one coaching
o Setting up a website that provides educational information and sells related products and services.

2. Sell a related product or service.

Hobbies require supplies. Other people may as well be purchasing those supplies from you. If your hobby is collecting something, you can buy and sell whatever it is you collect. Or think of businesses related to your hobby. For example:
If you love animals, you could sell your services as a dog sitter.
If you love boats, you could sell boat plans or rent boats to vacationers.
Do you love design and interior decorating? Do you like to watch design shows on TV? You might not be on television anytime soon, but you probably know more about decorating a house than the average family does. Why not start with friends and family and work your way up to taking on referrals and getting paid for them.
What if fishing is your passion? How about owning a bait and tackle shop? You could be a fishing guide. You could sell fishing lures online.
Do you love to travel? Take lots of pictures and write about your adventures. Travel magazines and websites are always looking for good content. You could also start your own travel website.  As it grows, you could advertise products for companies who target other people who like to travel, or be sponsored by them!

The real key is to take time to think about all the ways you could possibly make money related to your hobby. Then you can choose to do so in the most enjoyable way possible.

Imagine the excitement you’ll feel the first time you cash that cheque for doing something you used to do for free! Once you make a little money from your hobby, the wheels will really start turning, and youll be surprised at all the other ideas that come to mind.

Start today by making a list of all the ways you could possibly make money at your hobby. Have fun, and good luck!

Why not download our time scheduler to help you block out time when you can work on developing your hobby into a business.

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Top 10 Reasons for Starting a home-based business

Top 10 Reasons for Starting a home-based business

Starting a business of your own might seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! Most home-based business entrepreneurs start with something they have a passion for, something they love, or at least have an interest in.

There are literally hundreds of home-based business ideas available on the internet:

  • From Dog Walking to Coaching
  • From Jewelry-making to Fitness Training
  • From Writing to Cooking


Thousands of people are already doing what you are considering. If they can do it, you can do it!

Plus, it can all be done from home and be both fun and profitable!

Sometimes it grows into a substantial business, but for most people, it remains a passion, a hobby, a fun and enjoyable way of doing something they love that makes a profit.

One reason for this is that most people don’t have the drive, ambition, or desire to become a millionaire.

What most people want is a peaceful life, no stress, and some money left over at the end of the month after all the bills are paid.

Consider that if your business just brought in an extra $250/£250/€250 each month, after one year you would have an extra $3,000 GBP or Euro. Would that pay for a holiday? Upgrade your car? Re-decorate a few rooms maybe? Or give you a savings account for some peace of mind?

When you have a business of your own, doing something you love, it can become a fun and profitable driver in your life and give you a very compelling reason to make good use of your spare time.

Consider these top 10 reasons for starting your own home-based business:

  1. Freedom and independence.

You’re no longer tied to your boss or your job. As long as you take care of your customers, you can do what you want when you want! Plus, having a business of your own that gives you even a modest second income can be a lifeline.

  1. Pride and satisfaction.

Even a small, part-time venture, especially if it is something you have a passion for, will make you feel good about yourself. After all, you did this!

  1. Expand your social & business circles.

As a business owner, you’ll move toward cooperation and collaboration with others as you create and grow a profitable venture.

  • You’ll meet customers, suppliers, service providers and advisors, all of whom have a vested interest in helping you succeed.
  • Plus, there are scores of business clubs you can join for free who meet regularly to help promote each other’s business.
  • Starting your own business will open so many doors of interest and opportunity, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do this earlier!
  1. Tax breaks.

Check with your own tax office or accountant for the latest accurate advice, but there are many ways you can use your business to reduce your tax liabilities.

  • For example, not only can you claim the things you buy for your business, like computers and office furniture, but you may also be able to claim the office space you use at home, phone and internet service costs, and even some utilities. And these are just a start!
  1. Financial freedom.

What if your home business really took off and you started making more money working from your hobby than you did at your regular job? Is that possible? Yes, thousands of people have already done that. Why not you?

  1. Financial stability.

Knowing that you can pay your bills brings peace of mind.

  • For most of us, our mortgage or house payment is the biggest regular expense we have, right? If you could use your business profits to pay your mortgage or pay it off early, that would be a huge weight off your shoulders, wouldn’t it?
  • What if you rent your home? How much pressure would it take off if you had enough money in the bank to pay your rent for a whole year in advance? Even 3 months ahead would be a great help, wouldn’t it?
  1. Confidence

The biggest asset you can ever possess in life is self-confidence, and having even a small business of your own, doing something you love, will bring out the very best in you and grow your confidence as a result. As your profits grow, so will your confidence!

  1. Timing

This is a perfect time to start your own business! Recent events have led to huge increases of people buying things online. Many of these people could be your customers.

  • There is never a better time to start your own business other than NOW. No amount of delay or procrastination is going to make it quicker, safer, easier, or more profitable.
  • It’s important to get going. You can make any changes or adjustments as you go. What’s important is that you START.
  1. More options and greater control over your life.

There’s no doubt about it. When you have money in the bank you do have more choices and all of them are under your direct control.

  1. What’s your “Why?”

Determine your strongest personal reason for starting a home business.

  • For example, maybe you want to show everyone what a success you are. Maybe your strongest desire is to travel, and a home business can enable that to happen. Maybe you want to run a wildlife preserve.
  • Whatever your reason, hold onto that feeling. This is the most important reason of all and will give you the motivation to overcome challenges, persist in your business, and drive you to succeed.

Life is short. Make the decision and do something today that will move you closer to having your own business tomorrow. Soon, you’ll be reaping the rewards!

I’d love to hear your home business ideas and success stories!  Feel free to email and let me know how you get on!

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5 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Success

5 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Success

Most people don’t believe they fear success, but If you read through the list below, you might find you identify with it a little closer than expected.  It’s well known that people don’t like change, we become comfortable with our situation, whatever that is and even though there are aspects we might not like, it’s comfortable.

We know what to expect. We might be unhappy, but we know we can deal with it.  We also don’t like the prospect of failing or of standing out.  We see this all the time while supporting people To start their new businesses from home.

You might fear success if you:

● Consistently make plans for your life, but fail to follow through on them. Whether it’s to start a business, read a book a month, or hit the gym five days a week, you just can’t seem to make it happen.
● You leave projects uncompleted. This includes at work and in your personal life.
● You’re “all talk.” You rarely take action.
● You struggle to make decisions.
● Your life never changes for the better.
● You self-sabotage, especially when you’re nearing success.

This probably describes most of the people you know. Does it describe you accurately?

Use these strategies to defeat your fear of success and make real changes in your life:

1. Imagine being ultra successful.

Imagine yourself being even more successful than you want to be. If your goal is to make £100,000 per year, imagine making £1 million. If you want to lose 25 pounds, imagine getting lean enough that you can see your abs. Do this each night and morning in bed.
● Make the visualization as vivid as possible. Include all of your senses. When it feels uncomfortable, stick with it and just relax.
In time, it will feel natural. When that happens, achieving your goal will be much easier.

2. Practice standing out.

Many of us fear success because we don’t want to stand out in any way. Somewhere along the way, we learned or decided that it’s better to keep our head down than to be noticed.
● There are a variety of ways you can practice standing out in your everyday life. You can dress differently. You might even put on a pair of pink gloves and walk Down the high street in the middle of the summer. Or you could wear your best clothes to the shops, or a t-shirt with a catchy slogan that really stands out.
● You could go out in public with your hair disheveled, or have a really eye catching handbag!
● You could do something in public that you’re either really good or really bad at, like bowling.

3. Reframe failure.

Fear of success might actually be a fear of failure. Keep in mind that failure is just an undesired result. It says nothing about you. It simply means that you need more practice, more time, or a better approach.When you can view failure in this manner, there’s nothing to fear.

4. Focus on action over thought.

We can’t fear success if we don’t think about our actions. If you need to send 100 cold emails to find clients for your business, just sit down and get busy. The longer you think about it, the harder it becomes. Just decide and take action.  I love Mel Robbins method for getting things done, she counts backwards from 5 to 1.  It works as a pattern interrupt and she begins the task before she’s thought of reasons why she doesn’t want to do whatever task she’s working on.

5. Have a real vision for the future.

Enough motivation can overcome any fear. Create a possible future in your mind that is worth overcoming any obstacle. Fear doesn’t matter if you have a very compelling future in mind.

Do you fear success? It seems counterintuitive to fear success, but it’s a common obstacle to making sustained progress in life. Success brings attention, the unknown, and the possibility of failure.

Create a vision for the future that will pull you through any fears you might have. Learn to deal with discomfort. Remember, you only have one life to live. Avoid allowing fear to limit your life.

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8 Ways A Positive Attitude Enhances Success

8 Ways A Positive Attitude Enhances Success

It’s easy to underestimate the power of having a positive attitude. However, that would be a mistake. A positive attitude shapes your perspective, enhances health, increases productivity, and benefits those around you. It’s surprising how much a change in attitude can impact the results you’re producing!  This blog spans both of my subjects, ‘Working from home’ and ‘One healthy journey’ so I have to pop it into both categories.

Sometimes I know it doesn’t feel like it but your attitude is under your control, so you can use it to your advantage.

I’ve listed below how a positive mental attitude benefits you and enhances your success:

1. An optimistic attitude leaves a positive impression.

Your attitude doesn’t just impact the way you view the world. It also changes the way the world views you. It’s easy to pick those people that view the world from a positive perspective versus one that’s negative. When others view you in a positive light, you’ll be presented with more opportunities in life.  If you think about it, you know the people in your life who think positively.  (They’re easier to be around too!)
With this in mind, if you consciously try to Go through life leaving a positive impression, you can expect your successes to come more easily.

2. You have more control over your life.

Those with a positive mental attitude are more likely to believe that they can influence the direction of their lives. People with a negative attitude believe they are stuck with few options to make life better, who wants to feel like that?!  Happiness is correlated with the number of options you believe are available to you.

3. A positive attitude strengthens your relationships.

Would you rather spend time with someone who’s positive or negative? It’s an easy question to answer. Positive people are uplifting and make others feel good. Positive people are energizing.
Successful relationships are easier to create and maintain if others enjoy spending time with you.

4. You enjoy better health when you have positive thoughts.

There are countless studies that show the link between attitude and health. You’ll also save a lot of money by making fewer trips to the doctor and taking less days off work. It’s much more challenging to be successful if your health is poor.

5. Your productivity will soar.

Do you have a hard time getting things done? An upgrade in your attitude could help! Think about how much you get accomplished when you’re feeling down and negative. If your productivity is suffering at work or at home, it’s a hard pill to swallow but could consciously taking a look at your attitude help you.
6. It’s easier to persist during challenging times. Things don’t always go according to plan. If you expect a negative outcome, you’re likely to give up and go home. On the other hand, an enthusiastic, optimistic attitude will help you to stay in the game.  Many success experts believe that persistence is the most important quality a person with big goals can possess. Persistence is easy when you have positive expectations.

Set big goals. Be positive. Persist.

7. Self-confidence and a positive attitude go hand in hand.

By ridding yourself of negative thought, you create an ideal environment for self-confidence to grow and flourish. How can you have self-confidence when you expect the worst? A negative attitude suggests a lack of confidence in your ability to handle the situation.

8. Peace of mind.

We all have a limited ability to handle stress. When life becomes too stressful, our ability to be successful is hampered. The tranquility that a positive attitude provides gives you the mental space necessary to be at your best each day.

There is no downside to uplifting your attitude. A positive mental attitude has a positive influence on your outlook, health, relationships, and overall happiness. In turn, these improve your ability to be successful. Work hard and stay focused, but be positive during the process. You’ll feel better and enjoy the results.

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20 Places to Find Remote Jobs

20 Places to Find Remote Jobs

Here is a list of 20 places where you can find and apply for remote jobs. If you’re trying to start a freelance career of any sort or hoping to nail down a remote job, these websites are a great place to start looking.

  1. Upwork
  2. Indeed.com
  3. Remote.co
  4. FlexJobs
  5. LinkedIn
  6. ZipRecruiter
  7. Problogger Jobs
  8. We Work Remotely
  9. Solid Gigs
  10. Remotive
  11. Angel List
  12. Skip The Drive
  13. Working Nomads
  14. Jobspresso
  15. Remoteok
  16. Virtual Vocations
  17. The Muse
  18. Outsourcely
  19. Workew
  20. Contena

Some of these sites are free, while others are paid membership sites.  Please get in touch via email or comment below if you found any of them useful in your quest to work online.  I publish weekly blog posts about working online so feel free to subscribe to hear more like this… thanks for reading!


I recently read an article on the benefits of decluttering and who wouldn’t appreciate a clutter free home!
I know it’s not something you were maybe expecting to read about in here but a ‘healthy journey’ includes a little declutter now and again So I thought it might be valuable to mention it!
One way to be more productive and think with more clarity is to clear the clutter that bogs you down in your everyday surroundings!
Rather than bogging you down with detail, I’m keeping this blog quite short and including a little challenge aswell!   (Simply declutter the space in your home where you spend the most time!)
If you work from home; clear your desk!
If you are an avid gardener, declutter your greenhouse.
If you’re an equestrian enthusiast, declutter your tackroom!
If you have kids – I don’t want you to lose a weekend decluttering – just do a quick declutter job on the car!!!
If you’re so exhausted you collapse in front of the tv at night, declutter your living room!
That’s it! I’m not asking for photos, just let me know if you felt better after it was done!
Having moved house in May, we still have three rooms that I’ll diplomatically name ‘storage rooms’. so I feel like a recovering hoarder as I take on this challenge too!! Wishing you all the very best of luck!

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19 positive thoughts on Covid-19

19 positive thoughts on Covid-19

Yes, we are in the throes of a global pandemic, but we’ve got to take precautions, do our best to stay safe and try to focus on the positives as panic isn’t helping anyone! So, instead of lying awake again last night worrying about loved ones it might have a negative effect on; I decided to try to think of a silver lining – and strangely I thought of more than one!

I thought others might benefit from thinking in this way too, so to contribute to a more positive outlook on this horrible situation, I’ve listed below 19 good things I’ve noticed that may otherwise not have happened. We are all in this together!

  1. In this time of war against an invisible enemy, to play our part as the general public, we aren’t being asked to go to war, sending every able bodied man to a different country to fight for us, separating immediate families for months or indefinitely, we are just being asked to stay at home and I am thankful for that!
  2. On a lighter note (pardon the pun) we are all being encouraged to take one daily form of exercise everyday. With all these people out and about exercising and walking off the stress of being inside all day, I have to wonder if we (as a generation) will be lighter as result of all the extra miles walked each evening?!
  3. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’m hearing more about people taking better care of their health in relation to eating better food. The clear advice from medical experts includes eating more nutritious food (in order to better equip your body to ward off the virus, should you come into contact with it.) As a result, people seem to be making different dinner and snack time choices! They’ve also more time to make dinner with everyone confined to their homes and sporting and community groups being cancelled for the time being!
  4. This virus didn’t stop at a country border, or the edge of a continent. It laughed at manmade barriers and passed through unseen to attack our most vulnerable. It has however, united people from across the world in their response and coping mechanisms to it. Sharing tips to get by in quarantine times, recipes, games, education, exercises. Locally in the UK, we’ve thankfully seen a positive response from people wanting to look after the vulnerable among us to provide food and necessities for them. This is heart warming and a relief to see! How many new friendships and bonds will be created because of this, how many people will see that they are no longer on their own and there is a support network there to help them in their time of need.
  5. Wildlife benefits must include the awareness created about the wet markets in China and new laws to forbid its trade. Albeit there seem to be loopholes but at least it is moving forward. Globally, there are lots of videos of wildlife enjoying the less congested urban areas including dolphins moving back into Venice now the waters aren’t muddied with hundreds of boats and water taxi’s etc.
  6. Thousands of family dogs are getting to enjoy walks through their neighbourhoods each night instead of their owners going to the gym! They’re also not being left in crates through the day while their owners are at work because of the thousands of people working from home.
  7. People are being forced to spend more time at home with their immediate families. I’ve never witnessed so many families walking with prams or dogs on leads. Women on their own with a pram is a regular sight, but a full family walk becoming a new reality is a pretty nice thought. It’s well documented that for some time, the art of conversation has been in decline and suicide rates increasing. I hope those families are talking to each other and reopening those lines of communications that drew them together in the first place. It’s important to acknowledge that not everyone has a positive home environment so for those in need I hope they know there is support and help available. If in Northern Ireland you can call, Nexus 0808 802 1414  or Womens Aid website have online chat, email or phone help available here:
    https://www.womensaid.org.uk/ . or the Samaritans
    https://www.samaritans.org/ For those learning more about their loved ones and getting to spend valuable time that would otherwise have been spent in their workplace or travelling home from it – please make best use of this time!! Create good memories, spend time with them, talk to them enjoy this silver lining.
  8. Home learning – while it’s not easy to incorporate home schooling with working from home, I am loving the Facebook shares of parents connecting with their kids and improving their own understanding so they can explain lessons on a one to one level with their little and not so little ones. I am heartbroken for the kids who were due to sit important exams later this year having already invested many years in preparation. However, to stay positive about it; they’re now getting to learn in new ways and I hope resources continue to be made available to help them all learn.
  9. People are being actively encouraged to work from home – for years, many have wanted to spend more time at home and less time travelling to a place of work many miles away when they could have done the same work from the comfort of their own home. I know it’s working out better for some businesses than others, but either way it has forced our generation to change the way we look at where we work. Hopefully it will pave the way for a more accommodating working life for those who in employment.
  10. Some people are getting a glimpse of the life they’ve been missing out on while they took their daily spot in the rat race. Leaving for work in the dark and returning in the dark again. For anyone wanting to build a new way of life that they can do flexibly from home with only their own goals as a boss, click here to email me for info on how I could help you make that a reality.
  11. Environmental benefits of working from home mean that thousands of people worldwide aren’t adding to pollutive congestion twice a day as they travel to and from work, not to mention the travel bans on many flights!
  12. Mother nature is sick, and this forced pause is offering a chance to let her heal and let us see the damage we’ve been doing. I hope this time to review and reflect lets those who can make a difference, make the decisions they need to, to improve the world we live in for the better.
  13. The forced equality this virus has pushed onto us is a reminder that we are all equal. It doesn’t care who you are, how many followers you have on social media, how famous you are, where you live, the car you drive, what country you are from or who you know! What an example to our children! The important members of our society are those who provide essential items, and healthcare.
  14. We’ve received a wakeup call that we’ve become too dependent on material things and taken essentials for granted. This humbling experience has given us the opportunity to personally review and make a change for the better
  15. We have to hope that governments provide packages to supporting high street retailers classed as non-essential, but online sales and shops are booming. Sales on amazon have rocketed in the past couple of weeks. The people who have been working from home to create a backup plan or an extra income for their families are experiencing growth. Those who listened to the market trends, took that knowledge and acted on it moving their high street shops online are being rewarded for it.
  16. We’ve been given an opportunity to take time out and learn new skills to improve our way of life. Please make the most of this opportunity, learn the things you’ve been craving, do the things (if you safely can within the confines of government guidelines) that you’ve been wanting to try, do it – up level and make lemonade with these lemons!
  17. We’ve never been given a better opportunity to re-prioritize! We are realising that we are not our jobs, they are just something we do! It can be so easy to be sucked into our jobs because of the percentage of our lifetime we spend doing it but this time has taken it away for this brief period and forced us home to the important things in life, our health, family and loved ones.
  18. We are appreciating the true heroes in our generation – those in the health and essential services. Our NHS workers had to strike for weeks last year for the government to recognise they needed help. Where would we be today if our health workers couldn’t have afforded to stay in that line of work or have the resources to do their jobs. Those same nurses and doctors who faced criticism for standing on the picket lines are now being publicly recognised for forming our front line. We appreciate you!
  19. We are currently in 3 weeks of lockdown to stay at home and slow the spread of the virus, but it also takes 21 days to form a new habit. In 3 weeks’ time, regardless of what steps we must take next, will the new bonds within immediate family, the increase in daily exercise, the improved diet, concentration on mindfulness, the increased caring within our community lead us to a better place? I hope so! I hope you all stay safe and well.

Earn from home regardless of the chaos outside your front door

Earn from home regardless of the chaos outside your front door

With everything that’s going on in the world we live in, it’s made me incredibly grateful to have a business I can work from home (and behind a laptop if I choose to.) Some of my friends have no choice but to continue working in customer facing environments where they fear they may bring the virus home to their families every night. While others have businesses of their own but their income has been cut because of people scared to go out, meanwhile the costs of running their premises remain unchanged.

It has also helped me realise I want to focus much more time and effort helping other people have the following choices:
* To work from home (or wherever you wish) if you need to.
* To work to your own schedule / choosing more or less hours depending on what you need and want to earn and achieve.
* To work when you need to around family life, (Jack’s currently having his afternoon nap upstairs).
* To build a business for your family’s future that’s willable so your children can receive your income in the future.
* To be able to keep your children at home for a few weeks without worrying about childcare/and your income.
* To not feel obligated to put your family’s health at risk by simply having to work where and when you’re told to.
* To not be dependent on one line of income / to have a backup.

If you know anyone wanting to make a change in their working situation, or wanting to create a “side-hustle” or part-time business as a plan B or backup plan regardless of what’s happening outside your front door, then get in touch, or send this to that friend so they can get in touch for info.

I’ll send across a quick 5 min video with some info and if it’s for you great, and if not no worries!

Feel free to contact me from any country, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

When to quit

When to quit
I have watched my little boy stand and fall down, take a step and fall down, use a walker and fall down.  Yet still, he keeps on standing and trying to walk.  He gets frustrated sometimes and resorts to crawling to get where he wants to go faster, yet he keeps on trying.  He has no idea what experiences are waiting on him, like how much fun it will be to run around and play football with his mates, or run and play with our dog, but he still keeps on trying.  He sees us walking so he knows it can be done and if we can do it then he will too.  Naturally, sometimes he has a big tumble, has a cry and needs a cuddle, but it doesn’t take long until he’s pushing me off, sliding back down to the ground and giving it another go. In life, how many of us have lost this drive.  We really want to do something, whether it’s setting up a new business, taking up a new hobby, or trying to get better at something.  However after one or two failed attempts, we decide we aren’t any good at it and we quit.  We’ve all done it, yet how many grown ups do you see that are able bodied yet haven’t learned to walk yet? When we were babies, how far removed would it have been to think (if we could have at that time) that in a few short years, we’d be learning a new language and how to communicate, draw, play, manipulate our parents, walking, running etc.  That’s a pretty tall order, yet once again – how many adults do you know who didn’t accomplish this? So why do we think that learning a new skill, a new language, starting up a new business etc is something we can’t do?  I watched my son take his first unaided steps today, he overbalanced soon after, but I know it won’t be long until he puts one foot in front of the other and makes it look easy.  I see it too often in my work, someone is outgoing, fun and has a great work ethic; I know they’d be amazing at what we do but life has just beat them down one too many times and they’re scared to take the plunge to even start.  So they don’t and nothing changes for them. I would love for someone reading this to think about something they’ve wanted to do for a long time, then dig deep, take that leap of faith and do even just one thing today that moves them closer to achieving it.  If you don’t manage it perfectly first time around, just remember how many failed attempts a child usually takes at learning to walk.  If they gave up after the first few, you know how much of life they’d miss out on, who knows what amazing experiences are waiting for you to open the door to them! Go for it!

How is your outlook affecting your life?

How is your outlook affecting your life?

I understand this may be too airy fairy for some but I only heard of the ‘water experiment with Dr Masaru Emoto a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of it!

To give you a brief explanation, he spoke and wrote words on different classes of water.  He froze the water before and after the experiment and took photos of the crystalised water partices.  There’s a video below with screenshots of the crystalised frozen water particles after the experiment and the differences in them are astonishing.

Have a watch at the video to see the differences those words made and then think about the words you say to yourself and how that could be affecting you.

Keeping in mind that we are made up of approximately 60% water, if you’re a worrier or are negative to yourself all the time, then you really need to watch this video!

So, I challenge you to take note of the thing you tell yourself throughout the course of just one day, what kind of words do you use.  If you forget to do something are you condescending to yourself?  If you miss the traffic lights on the way home because you were deep in thought about something, do you criticise yourself for the sake of delaying your journey by just 2 minutes.  Then if you do find you are very negative, my second challenge is to replace those criticisms for the opposite, ie if you are saying ‘that was really stupid of me, then turn it on its head and say, there must have been another reason for that happening, I’m usually pretty smart.’  Yes it’s corny, yes it’s a little awkward at first but I promise you’ll start noticing a difference in how you think about yourself and even inner confidence in just a few days.

Drop me an email and let me know how you got on!

Dig your well before you’re thirsty

Dig your well before you’re thirsty

How many times in life do we wish we had saved more for the rainy day that arrived before we were ready, or put aside a small amount each month to pay for that big purchase we knew we would have to make.

Why do we choose to play small, or sacrifice the achievements we know we’re capable of and choose instant gratification/sabotage in the present moment?

You see an opportunity to create the circumstances / life that you’ve craved, you know you might need to make some small daily changes and you finally know what you need to do.  But you don’t get started because you don’t need it yet… and before you know it, it’s too late!

I recently had a reality check, I’ve spent almost a year talking ‘baby’ and very very little time talking business!  But it’s ok, I’d never get a second chance to enjoy that year with my son, however I can easily get back on track with my business.  So here is your reality check , if you haven’t already bought your first home, the chances are you will need as much extra income as you can get when you do. If you haven’t already started a family, the chances are you will need as much extra income (and time) as you can get when you do. If you have already started a family, you’ll know they cost more the older they get, so start planning now as the chances are you’ll need as much extra income as possible down the line… if you don’t have a pension, when you do retire… the chances are…. you see where I’m going with this. Don’t wait until you need it before you start doing something about it.

This blog is about sharing my work from home business and what it can do, but if that’s not your thing, find something that is but that also gives you time freedom, because life is too precious to spend all of it working while the memories were made without you, or to spend all of it wishing for different circumstances while time passed anyway.

Dig your well before you need it, because whatever happens, you’ll need it for something!

My little motivator

My little motivator

Over the past number of months, my main motivator and driving force has also been my reason to prioritise and therefore take things a little bit easier aswell.  As you may know from my previous blogs, we are happily expecting our first baby next month so being at home full-time and able to schedule work around childcare is one of the many advantages I’m looking forward to being able to capitalise on; however after talking to lots of other women in my pregnancy classes, there are very few others able to enjoy this benefit.  I had to write something about this because more people should know that you don’t have to save for years to have children or cut maternity leave short for monetary reasons and there is another way around these common concerns.  I find myself seething with anger that this is something we STILL accept as a way of life and that you just have to ‘get on with it’.
I’m aware that this simply where I am in life right now and it’s probably not your reason for wanting to work from home but if you know someone in this situation, please feel free to forward this email to them incase I can help.

We all know it’s not uncommon or unknown to expect your job to have changed while you’re away or to not “technically” be there when you get back which makes that time before going on maternity leave all the more stressful.  I can now personally vouch for there being quite enough things to be concerned with in the delicate process of nurturing a baby from inception through to healthy birth alone without adding external employers agendas into the mix.

While some ladies in my classes were working extra hours (when they were already exhausted growing a human) training their replacements, writing detailed debriefs and hoping their role would continue to be there on their return, others were comparing the cost of childcare for their return back to work with their monthly take home pay to see that there was little difference between their new bills and existing level of income.

Worries of being seen as a weaker member of the team if having to take additional days off for child related sick days and occasions and passing up on promotions they had worked towards for years because of this change in circumstances further impacted their concerns.

While some had saved for some time to be in a position to take their full maternity leave and subsidise the drop in pay after so many weeks, others simply couldn’t afford it and had to return to work after just a few weeks.  The ladies in this situation were usually the main breadwinners in their households, however this scenario is even harder to bear as it means because they have worked hard for the majority of their working lives, they simply had to continue working just as hard and miss out on such an important time in their child’s life.

Being your own boss may have it’s own challenges of having to motivate yourself to actually work when you need to, however this is a minimal concern when I compare it with the worries and stresses of my new pregnant acquaintances.

5 reasons pregnant women should be aware of this business:
1) This entirely flexible way of working can take as little as 2 hours a week and fit around crazy sleeping patterns to give you money in your bank account and invaluable peace of mind.
2) You can spend as much or as little time on it as you wish to make as much or little extra income as you wish, so when you are sleep deprived – sleep, and when  you feel ok – earn!
3) You could use it as a way to top up your income and give you valuable extra time at home before returning to work
4) You could spend a little more time on it and give yourself the choice of whether you would actually like to return to work at all
5) Being able to choose your own hours means you can schedule work for times when someone else can be there so you can avoid childcare costs saving yourself a considerable amount of money in these precious early years!

If anyone would like further information on what I do, please get in touch with me.  Email me on gracecarlisle@outlook.com and mention where you’re from so I can suggest a way of reaching out with information you can view and look at.

Thanks for reading!

Exciting Life Changes and My Baby Realisations

Exciting Life Changes and My Baby Realisations

I’ve just hung out a wash of baby clothes bought to pack in my hospital bag in a few weeks and our little back yard area has taken on a new look I’ve never seen before!  Being a first timer at all of this, I’ve not been sure what to buy, when to stop work, how to prepare, or how much of anything is normal when you’re pregnant but I’m getting used to the idea of just doing my best and enjoying the ride.  I’ve written a list of my most recent realisations sparked by the imminent arrival of this little person into our lives:

#1: You need to be there to make memories.  Shopping days and coffee time with my mum has been one of the things I’ve enjoyed most this past few months.  With past marketing work and multiple jobs I’ve spent most of my life running from pillar to post never having time to slow down and focus on just being where I am; so having these months to really enjoy the experience with family has been amazing!

#2: Nesting is an actual thing!  I’ve heard people talk about and hoped that one day I’d turn into a cleaning demon too!  It seems to have started this morning as I found myself cleaning out the cutlery drawers with disinfectant before breakfast?!  I’m hoping it stretches to every other room shortly, but I’m trying to pace myself inbetween bursts of fatigue!

#3: I don’t need as many clothes!  Who would have thought, but apparently I can get by on one box of clothes as all my normal clothes are now vacu-packed out of the way for the day when I can figure out how to fit into them again.  I have to admit I’ve already bought my Clean9 ready for the day I can start working towards fitting into all my favourites again!

#4: I love my business!! I have never been more appreciative of my work from home than now, as I have been able to arrange meetings and coffees around appointment times etc and enjoy the benefits of an income and more time off.  One of the earliest reasons I started my work from home business as a self-employed person was so that I could be at home enjoying time with our family and I pinch myself to think that that day is almost here!

#5: I’m really grateful that we’ve been spurred on to make time to spend with our dog establishing a better routine and a little more discipline.  She now eats breakfast and dinner at the same time as us without leaving nuts in the bowl for a toddler to munch on (and a few other better traits and handy treat motivated commands to make life less complicated in a few months time).  Not knowing how any animal will take to the addition of a new ‘pack member’ however well I know our little dog inside out, she now knows where the boundaries are,i.e. no climbing on the sofa anymore and it’s not ok to jump up on anyone unless outside playing.

#6: I can’t believe how much ‘stuff’ you need for a baby!! I know we haven’t scratched the surface and we even ‘think’ we have the bare essentials covered but I can’t believe how many things they need and trying to figure out how much is marketing and how much we really need has been quite a time consuming task over the last few months!

#7: We’re never going to be prepared.  No matter how much thinking, planning and preparing – I don’t think we’ll ever be prepared for what lies in store for us.  So, I’m just hoping and praying that everyone will be healthy and everything will be OK.

#8:  Life is never going to be the same again!  I know this is obvious but it does take a while to really settle in that everything from just nipping to the shop for 2 mins to get something for dinner, to planning each days activities around a little person won’t be as simple as just ‘doing’.

9#: I am in the right business to create the life I want for my family, from the trips and experiences to having the time in everyday moments.  While any new business takes time to build momentum and pace, if I had it all to do over again, I’d know it would be worth it and I’d choose the same business, the same company to work with and the same people to support me and my team.

Please check out my other blogs on life and working from home within this website, and if you want to get in touch please email me.



How to work from home in Northern Ireland

How to work from home in Northern Ireland

working from home in northern irelandSo, you’ve decided enough is enough and you’re tired of being told when you can holiday, when you have to work, how much you can earn and how many hours you have to work to get it.  Hopefully with my help, you’ve also just realised that there actually IS another way of earning a stable, reliable income, with a reputable company from anywhere in the world but for now – you live in Northern Ireland.

Let me tell you about it… You can work when you want, earn as much or as little as you want, create a work schedule that fits around your family and not the other way around, work with a company who have high quality tangible goods that they will stock, deliver and offer a 60 day money back guarantee for, and work with products that are good for your health and help you to look better and feel better!! When I first stumbled across it, I thought it was too good to be true, but a lot of hours spent researching proved to me that it really is true!  Then lots of hours spent working the blueprint you follow in this business has also proven I can help other people do it too!

The company I work with is called Forever Living, I provide a number of tools to people who start their businesses with the company through me.  Those tools include; access to Facebook groups for product and business support, access to regular training events in Belfast and a number of other locations in Northern Ireland to provide face to face support, one to one coaching with me each month to help plan activities based on goals identified by you and access to websites to help you monitor your business from a back office, receive all the help and resources you need to know everything about the products and best tools for your business.

Each Monday night, we host a work from home webinar, it starts at 9pm and lasts for about 45 minutes.  It provides an overview on the business and a great background so you know what questions you might want to ask me afterwards.  Every second Wednesday we also have a presentation in the Crowne Plaza, located on Shaws Bridge in Belfast, where you can reserve your seat by simply getting in contact with me. The information on how to get started and everything involved is once again relayed for you and any friends you might want to bring with you.  There is no obligation to choose to get involved or start a business using our business model at any of our presentations, we simply ask that you attend or tune in with an open mind to hear something out of the ordinary.

If you’d like to register for either of these free presentations, please email me on gracecarlisle@outlook.com or send me a message on my facebook page if you’d prefer.

5 reasons why you should start earning from home this month

5 reasons why you should start earning from home this month

more time freedomI am helping a few people get their home businesses started internationally this month and would like to extend this invitation to anyone reading my blog if you would like to get your business up and running soon too?
To help you decide, I’ve outlined my top 5 reasons why you should let me help you start earning from home this month:

1) Spend summer with your kids and save on childcare – with a work from home business, you set your schedule, so you can work around the time you want to spend with your family or on other hobbies or commitments.  It’s your life, you should be able to set your own rules, not live by someone else’s holiday limits, when the sun shines, you should be able to enjoy it!

2) A healthier you!  The business I work with is in the health and nutrition industry, so for any natural wellness products, vitamins, weight management, fitness, personal care or animal products you buy anyway, you could now buy them at cost price through your very own home business!  Why pay high street prices and give that profit margin to someone else, when it could be going towards your own goals and dreams!
2a) Look younger, feel better!  We have literally just announced a new clinically proven skincare system to give you great anti-ageing results using natural ingredients and the latest scientific breakthroughs!  Not only could you now benefit from the monetary side of being able to offer this to people you know and those you , you could enjoy the benefits of it yourself too!!

3) The industry we are in is growing every day, so the sooner you start, the sooner you can begin making money and have that same decision I had when I realised I couldn’t afford to work for anyone else anymore because it wasn’t financially viable!  Can you imagine what it would feel like to call your boss and say “I’m afraid I just can’t afford you anymore, I’m going to have to let you go…”

4) It gives you spending money in time for Summer holidays and if you want it could help you pay that last instalment for the actual holiday too!!  Would you like to eat out more when you’re away, or maybe you haven’t booked anything yet, but having a bit of extra money in the bank would make it a decision that is completely in your control and not something decided for you by your bank balance.

5) When you start your business you receive:

  • Free personal coaching from me to help you build your business based on your skills so you really can have life on your terms
  • Access to an exclusive members only Facebook group to support you in your business
  • Access to exclusive membership websites to make sure you have everything you need
  • A licence to trade in 160 countries worldwide
  • A company website allowing you to make sales anywhere and receive commissions paid directly to you
  • Online back office management so you receive detailed reports of any orders placed and your commissions
  • Local training and head office support by the company in many different countries, so you can build your business locally too
  • Inclusion in any company incentives, global trips, prizes you choose to enter
  • Uncapped income supported by a business with a 39 year old track record
  • Use of a recession proof business model and blueprint

Please contact me asap to receive information helping you get started…You can reach me on gracecarlisle@outlook.com

Kindest Regards,

Why working from home isn’t for everyone

Why working from home isn’t for everyone

I’m sure you’ve read the rosy pictures and inspirational quotes about creating a life you’ve always dreamt of having, however they don’t show you the reasons why it might NOT be for you.  I’ve written my top five characteristics to avoid work from home businesses, so you can either be better equipped for the journey to financial freedom, or take a different route.

  1. No self-discipline or lazy outlook.  If you are someone who isn’t easily motivated and relies on a boss with a temper to hassle you into producing good results, then it probably isn’t for you.  Watching an hour less of TV every night and working on a home business instead produces compounded results which could equate to a luxury holiday or new car in a years time.  However, you need to turn off the tv tonight and you don’t get the new car for a year, which is why you need discipline to keep going and achieve the things you’re making a short-term sacrifice for.  Most businesses in general need more work at the start to create momentum, this is something we accept in traditional business, however when it comes to home businesses, I see people all the time with different companies who give up because they didn’t see instant results even when their activity on social media and online platforms were flawless.  It’s such a shame because I know the things they would have achieved if they’d just had the discipline and passion to keep going a little while longer.  I know of a number of work from home millionaires who almost gave up in the early days of their business and looking at the choices (homes, cars and holidays) they have now reminds me that the only way to fail is to quit.  I would like to mention that discipline can however be instilled if you have a desire or dream big enough to overcome it.  I also know women who turned small scale part-time businesses that regularly took a back seat in the priority list, into large scale global incomes by realising what it could do for their families and discipline was introduced to their businesses overnight.
  2. Warning *Work is still involved*  Flicking through Facebook and picking pretty images for your vision board aren’t activities that will produce an income for you.  So if you already work from home and realise you spend a considerable length of time doing this – it may be why you aren’t making money.  If you’re considering working from home, you need to choose the right company and the right person to help you plan your activities so you’re creating and building an income producing business from the beginning.  When I introduce a new person to my business, I have a ‘get started’ meeting, where I show them what they can do to earn money from the start and how they can create momentum so they aren’t wasting time on the wrong activities.  I want them to be more successful than me because inevitably I get paid more, so it makes sense that I pass on the things I’ve learnt so each new person doesn’t have to waste time and effort making the mistakes I did in the beginning.
  3. People who search for get rich quick schemes that sound too good to be true, (they usually are).  If you are looking for a viable business, you need to look at companies that have been going for 10, 20 years, that are accredited with the DSA (direct selling association) that have quality CONSUMABLE products, and a responsibility to the people who work with and for them.  The most expensive part of any sale is finding a new customer, whether you’re selling downloadable info products or health and beauty products, so one with a quality consumable product is going to keep coming back and give you a residual recurring income.  So, do your homework before deciding on which business to go with, I’ve written a blog about this here
  4. People who do not want to sell or trade anything – To make money, you have to trade something.  If your time and skills are involved, they often create an intangible product and in my experience while this might seem easier to provide, it doesn’t create the same level of revenue and while work is consistent, getting paid isn’t.  Otherwise, sale of products may be involved and this seems to put some people off.  You’ve recommended a film to a friend before though, and maybe a moisturiser, restaurant or washing powder.  Why not get paid while you do it?  This is why you would simply look for a company that manufactures products you’d like to recommend to people.  If you look for something you’re interested in or believe in, this doesn’t feel like work!
  5. People who don’t want to do anything.  Most people want more money, to look and feel better, but to get the things most people want, you have to do what most people wont.  So if you want to lose weight, you need to look at your health and fitness and change something, either your eating habits or your exercise patterns.  If you want to lose weight, but only want to think about it and not do anything differently, then nothing will change.  Starting a home business requires the same thought process, you are swapping time spent doing something else i.e. watching TV for time working to build your income for the future.  However if you consistently put off doing anything and instead sit around and don’t change anything then you have to expect that nothing will change.  Your business only fails if you quit!  Sometimes, circumstances in life change and create that motivation to change something resulting in

Now you’ve now read the characteristics less suited to home business success, if you are interested in earning more, starting a small scale home business or a global organisation, you would need the following:  A desire to achieve things you want, a friendly personality to work with other like minded people and a willingness to learn from other people, so I can help you avoid pitfalls I made in the beginning to save you time.  If you would like more information on the work from home business I use, please Email me to get in touch, or feel free to follow me on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

My first 2 weeks of full-time home business

My first 2 weeks of full-time home business

I’ve received a few messages asking me how I’ve been getting on with the big move to to 100% salary from my home business after finishing work on 30th March, so I thought I’d write a blog to cover a few of the things that have happened in the last fortnight.

The most notable difference is how much brighter and awake I feel in the mornings!  I seem to wake up before my alarm clock and think it might be something to do with less stress in my life now.  There’s something satisfying about not having constant project deadlines and because I’d been reducing my work as my home business had been growing I don’t think I’d realised how stressed I was trying to keep all the balls in the air!

I’ve been able to share what I do with a few new people who are beginning their own journeys with my support.  Seeing their enthusiasm now they know there is another way to make ends meet / or to achieve the things they’ve always wanted to do but not had the time or money to do them is VERY rewarding already!  I can’t wait to continue supporting them through the next months when they get to reap the rewards of their work.

It’s been a really positive time within our smaller team locally aswell, as a few girls returned home from the annual global company event where they had been treated like royalty!  They were given 5 star travel, holidays and accommodation in Dubai, then were presented with a cheque as a percentage of the turnover last year so I’m looking forward to joining them next year at the global trip in Texas and I’m equally keen on seeing some of the people I’ve helped grow their businesses to qualify for the free trip to come with me too!

New products have just been released that have been scientifically proven to help joint mobility in 7 days and help in the anti-ageing process within 7 days!! Who doesn’t want to look younger??  Who doesn’t want to increase their mobility?  Both will be of interest to many of my friends alone so I know it’s going to be a very exciting time ahead. What a ground breaking time to increase your income too!

Between pregnancy appointments and doctor appointments with hubby’s leg break, it’s been a breath of fresh air to be able to schedule work around these rather than having to take time off, work late, or ask anyone for permission!  I’ve just returned home from the docs this am, kettle on, laptop on and dog curled up at my feet to get a few hours done and some progress made without office politics, sneers or cheeky comments about a late start today – sometimes it’s the smallest things that provide greatest relief!

My working office is now between my home, looking out across green fields with horses for the perfect view and various coffee houses with perfectly brewed beverages and a good mix of nutritional lunches with sweet treats depending on meeting times!!  It’s been a welcome change from stuffy offices and florescent lights and I love it!  I’ve even combined it with meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in ages and some sneaky baby clothes shopping! (why not!)  I’ve been able to call in to my parents a few extra times this week too, having lunch with mum yesterday while the sun shone was lovely!  It’s just nice getting to catch up face to face instead of over the phone.  These are times you can’t get back, what a blessing and I’m really excited about a summer filled with more of them.



I’m expecting!

I’m expecting!

I have been keeping this piece of news off social media for the last few months for a couple of reasons. Firstly because I felt it was a precious part of our lives and I just wanted to make sure everything would be ok before I made it ‘public.’ I actually only realised this week why else I had been holding back, which will seem silly to some but obvious to others – I think I was keeping my wonderful news private because of traditional corporate thinking, in that I would lose work and income once people knew so it would be harder to prepare for family life! Isn’t that horrendous! Why does that kind of thought even enter our minds, however I’m realising that lots of emotions come up when you deal with something new and this is definitely something new as it will be our first child.

If you read my last blog, you’ll know I finished my marketing consultancy work last week to work from home full time and help others do the same.  Now that I’ve identified why I was keeping it to myself, I have another reason to be grateful for having my home business to help me prepare for this next chapter in my life and I am determined to make it a great read!

This blog is about more than just my business, it’s about my life, so here I am! I’m 34 years old, I’m married, 5 months pregnant with my first child, a little bit terrified and massively excited about our future family life together!!  If my story doesn’t interest you – don’t read it!   But thanks to my business I will be able to be at home and schedule my working hours around family commitments, which is something I don’t think money can buy!  Perhaps this is my own ‘old baggage’ but I feel I should point out (as not everyone reading this knows me yet) that I intend to continue to take my business more seriously than ever as it forms the means by which I will create the best possible life for our little family.

In contrast to employment, I am looking forward to a growing income during maternity months, as I feel in the corporate world especially, that we have to choose between a larger salary and family time, or put off having children until later in life so as to afford the pay cut and salary drop through those important maternity months, then hope our jobs are still there when we go back which in a lot of cases I’ve personally witnessed – they weren’t!!  It’s no wonder I had that deep rooted belief, however thanks to how things have changed over the last couple of years, I was able to uncover it and say goodbye!

I wish more people knew about what we do, because there IS another way, and you don’t have to choose between work and family or work and life for that matter; you CAN HAVE BOTH!!!  Many of the people I work with are young mums, who either don’t want to return to work full time after maternity leave, or are looking for a way to spend time with their kids instead of paying large childcare fees and missing all the important moments while they’re stuck in work.

I have an amazing support network within my business, which makes this the ideal scenario of being in business for yourself but not by yourself. We have an incredible group of leaders who help us train, learn, develop and support growing businesses every step of the way so you always feel supported.  I would just like to invite anyone else who is in a similar situation or just wants to spend more time at home with their families to contact me, get some info on my business and find out how you can benefit from it too. Email me on grace@gracecarlisle.co.uk, if you are on my Facebook page, send me a direct message and I would be delighted to show you some information.

Sacking the boss to work from home

Sacking the boss to work from home
Sacking your boss doesn’t have to be a daydream!

As you may already know from my website and watching others, working from home gives you choices.  Those choices can be to have more time to spend however you wish, to spend the extra money you make on bigger or more frequent holidays, a car upgrade, or simply to choose to be your own boss and not take orders anymore!  Last week I made that choice and I have to admit it feels good!  I’m sure I’m not alone in daydreaming over the years about sacking a boss and retiring to a life of carefree sunshine and paid bills, however in the end when my daydreams turned into reality it was a very amicable wishing you all the very best in future business!

There is a movie called ‘In Time’ staring Justin Timberlake; it’s story line focuses on how everyone has a countdown timer on their wrists, wealth is simply time/life.  They trade the time they have for the things they need or want.  If someone has a lot of time, they are considered wealthy and when they are robbed, their time is taken as it is their wealth.  There is something about this movie that captures the ridiculous idea that most of us work the majority of our adult lives for just enough money to get by.  We trade the time we have for money we receive from employers and hope to have paid off somewhere to live by the time we retire.  If it feels entirely normal to spend your whole life working for someone else to be paid the value they attribute to you, take the time they allow you to have for holidays and trust that they will navigate the economic up and downturns in your best interests, then you wouldn’t be on this website.  If you are starting to wonder if there is another way of living that involves having both time and money, then I’d recommend watching this film as I feel it will resonate with you.

How a recession proof business looks!

A few years ago I made the leap from being employed to self-employed because I was hit by recession-led wage cuts and decided to take control of my own financial situation instead of trusting that the person paying my wages would make the best decisions for me.  I am not afraid of hard work and began working 6 days a week on two business I was extremely passionate about, however they didn’t generate the income I was working for and both relied on me doing all the work!  I was also still vulnerable to recession with both businesses revolving around marketing and advertising even in different industries, so I was still going to be the first cut when looking at costs.  However,I had control of my own diary, a wide ranging portfolio of clients and earned more per hour than when in employment, so it was a step in the right direction.

When I started with this company, I saw a business model that was not reliant on recession, it actually grew in times of recession!  I saw activities that I could generate residual income from that did not rely on me spending all my time working to generate.  I also recognised income streams that could grow without my direct involvement.  I saw a business that could create a maternity pay for me as a self-employed professional, an income that could grow when I needed to increase my earnings to pay for the new house build and a system that could self-sustain when family life was flourishing.

Over the past year, I have been reducing my marketing consultancy work down to a couple of clients and choosing to focus on my work from home business which gave me all the choices above.  However last week, I was able to make a further choice and I reduced my marketing work a stage further to cancel my weekly commitments to a client I had been working with for a considerable length of time and therefore jump full-time into the home business that started in the nooks and crannies of everyday life simply because there was no other time to fit it in.  When I began, I would send emails and messages when the kettle was boiling in the morning, grab 15 mins at lunch and half an hour before bed etc.  To know I now have a full working week to choose to spend how I wish is really exciting and certainly wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the home business I have built.

The beauty of this business is that you can spend the same amount of time each month, but increase your income because you are building a system.  The more people you help to create their systems, the more your income grows and so on, so you don’t need to work full-time in this business to receive a full-time wage and that was the scenario I craved.

Some people hate their work, thankfully I wasn’t in that situation, but I didn’t want to live to work, I wanted to work to live and I am so thrilled to have found a way to do that in time for family life starting.  If you get sunday night blues that make you crave another way of living, arrive to work and home in the dark and wish there was another option, or have more going out than you have coming in but find there aren’t any extra working hours in the week, then maybe now it’s time for you to make a change too.

If any of this resonates with you, please click here to drop me a direct email and get in touch.  You can follow my progress on Facebook or join my mailing list by entering your details in the relevant section on this page if you aren’t in the position to do anything yet but want to watch from the sidelines for a little while longer.