Things that help with belly bloating

Things that help with belly bloating

As with everything in life, it’s best to deal with the root cause of the problem rather than masking the symptoms.  This list takes you through sime really quick and simple ways to reduce that bloated feeling, but if you’ve worked through them and they haven’t helped, have a chat with your health care provider to rule out anything more serious.

1. Avoid chewing gum.  It’s so simple but excess air being swallowed will naturally end up in your stomach, making bloating worse.

2. Reduce carbohydrates in the evening. Research shows that eating too many carbohydrates in the evening can make belly bloat worse in the morning.  Feel free to eat carbohydrates during the day. However, if it’s close to your bedtime, avoid covering your plate with them. Your body needs time to digest them, and it’s easier to do this if you’re active during the day instead of in bed.

3. Kick your soda habit.  Fizzy drinks / soda pop and all carbonated beverages can make your stomach bigger.  The small switch to non carbonated drinks like water, juice, diluted juice or fruit juice for instance reduces the amount of gas being swallowed and ending up in your stomach.

4. Add more potassium to your diet.  Water retention can be a sign of too much sodium and potassium allows your body to release it, which in turn allows your body to release the water it held on to aswell, giving you better fluid control on a cellular level.  Potassium rich foods include bananas, tomatoes, cantaloupe, spinach and some nuts.

5. Avoid fake sugars.You may think you’re helping your diet by eating artificial sugars. However, you’re actually making your bloating worse.  Artificial sugars are hard for your body to digest. They can often lead to unnecessary and annoying bloating. In addition, in large amounts, fake sugars can lead to cramping and stomach aches.
To avoid artificial sugars, read package labels carefully. Artificial sugars can be in sweets, cookies, baked goods, and other items. If the label has “sugar-free, “low calorie,” or similar wording, that food is likely to have artificial sugar in it.

6. Add more probiotics.  Whether you turn to more yogurt or kimchi, filling your diet with more probiotics will help you get rid of belly bloat by helping you balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut. They’re an important part of defeating bloating too.
You can find probiotics in yogurt, fermented dairy products, kimchi, sauerkraut, and other foods. The key is to find some probiotic foods that you love and will enjoy eating every day, or at least several times a week.

7. Drink Green or peppermint tea. Green tea and peppermint tea may help you with belly bloating.  Studies show that green tea may help your metabolism and make it easier to burn fat in the body.
Peppermint tea is an ancient home remedy that is used to relievE digestive issues and help the stomach.  It has a calming effect. However, it can also get rid of annoying bloating after a big meal.

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10 Anti-Aging Techniques You Can Do Yourself

10 Anti-Aging Techniques You Can Do Yourself

It’s not easy to fight the hands of time, but there are some things you can do yourself to look after your mind and body to ease the effects!  When you take care of yourself, it slows the aging process and you can stay fit and alert well into your senior years.

The major components that contribute to optimum health are diet; avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, (easier said than done!) eating well, looking after your skin and the all important factor of keeping your brain active. When you pay attention to these key health elements, you can help yourself stay young.

Here are some excellent anti-aging techniques you can use each day:

1. Consume antioxidants.

Antioxidants are vital to your health. They reduce free radicals that contribute to common diseases, but where can you get them!  Fruits and vegetables are great sources of antioxidants, and you can also take daily vitamins to keep your levels topped up.

2. Exercise and strength training.

Exercise helps to stop your body from breaking down.  Have you ever noticed an increase in joint or back pain after reducing your level of regular exercise?  Maybe when a seasonal sport stops or you suffer an injury and reduce your movememt to allow for healing.  By doing exercise and strength training, you’ll not only feel better, but get a lot healthier at the same time! Exercise provides:
* Increased stamina
* Greater muscle strength
* Better balance
* Clarity in thinking
* A stronger immune system

3. Stay alert and sharp.

You can keep your brain sharp by being constantly aware of your surroundings. I know this sounds pretty simple, but how often do we let loose and daydream, instead of focusing on the present? When you stay alert, you’re fully present in the moment, excercising your mental capability.  It also help you make quick and accurate decisions.

4. Learn new things.

When you get stuck in a rut, your brain suffers a lack of stimulation. You can easily avoid this by keeping your brain active through constant learning and reading. You could vary your routines and aim to learn something new each day.  You could also start by learning a few words of a new language everyday or make a list of things you want to be able to do by the time you’re x years old and use Youtube to learn about them!

5. Challenge yourself.

It always helps to use the problem solving portions of your brain. If you don’t, the skills will fade over time.  If you don’t have a regular supply of this in your everyday life already, try games and puzzles to keep this part of your brain active.

6. Avoid stressing about health issues.

You see statistics everywhere about certain health conditions that are more likely to affect you as you age. While it’s important to be pre-screened for these conditions by a physician, worrying and stressing won’t change the future – but it sure will reduce your quality of life today!  I know it’s easier said than done but why not spend that energy taking action to strengthen your health instead of worrying.

7. Get an adequate amount of sleep.

Getting enough sleep at night is very important for maintaining good health. 6-8 hours every night is the number you should be working toward. Your body and mind need that time to recoup, and you may be more susceptible to stress or disease without it.

8. Avoid smoking and alcohol.

Smoking is a guaranteed way of risking your health, plus it ages your skin and the rest of your body. The harsh reality is that you are shortening your lifespan if you choose to smoke. It’s best to drop this habit immediately. When it comes to alcohol, small amounts here and there won’t cause much harm, but drinking can be a slippery slope into disease if you abuse it.

9. Concentrate on skin care.

When you take care of your skin, you can maintain a healthy, younger look. Establish a daily skin care routine and try beneficial anti-aging gels and creams.  (Complete the form below to get an invitation to our online anti-ageing skin night on Wednesday 11th Nov 8.30pm GMT!)

10. Reduce grains and sugar in your diet.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps your health and keeps your calorie intake at a manageable level. However, it also helps to eat a reduced amount of grains and sugar. Carbohydrates are necessary for your nutrition, but in excess they contribute to increasing your insulin levels and speeding up the aging process.

If you take advantage of these strategies every day, you’ll notice a big difference in the way you look and feel. Getting older doesn’t have to be synonymous with deterioration. Take care of your body and mind and they’ll serve you well into your golden years!

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15 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Immunity

15 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Immunity

You’ve probably seen website ads and natural food stores promoting miracle foods and potions that claim to boost your immune system. Are they worth the money?

In reality, a healthy lifestyle will probably do more for your immune system than anything you can buy.

The same habits that keep you strong and fit will maximize your resistance to infection and illness.

At the same time, it’s important to follow the advice of public health experts related to contagious illnesses, such as COVID-19. Practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently, and call your doctor promptly if you have any symptoms that concern you.

Sensible precautions and healthy choices can lower your risk of disease.

Consider these 15 simple ways to enhance your immunity…


1. Eat produce. Vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help fight inflammation. Current federal guidelines recommend one and a half to two cups of fruit and two to two and a half cups of vegetables each day.

2. Avoid sugar. In addition to empty calories, sugar can increase your risk for heart attack and stroke. The average American consumes 17 teaspoons daily, far more than the American Heart Association’s maximum of 9 teaspoons for men and 6 for women.

3. Increase fiber. High fiber foods have a positive effect on your gut microbiome and immune functioning. Good choices include apples, potatoes, dark colored vegetables, beans, nuts, and whole grains.

4. Try probiotics. Fermented foods are another source of healthy gut bacteria. Enjoy yogurt, miso, and tempeh.

5. Drink tea. Tea contains a special kind of antioxidants called flavonoids that enhance immune function. Along with water, unsweetened tea also helps you to stay hydrated without extra calories.

6. Add herbs. Ancient customs and modern medicine provide some support for the theory that certain herbs aid immune functions. Such herbs include garlic, ginger, and turmeric.

7. Consider supplements. If it’s difficult for you to meet your nutritional needs through diet alone, you may want to take supplements. Talk with your doctor about your individual requirements.


1. Know the signs. How can you tell if your immune system may be weak? Monitor yourself for common signs such as frequent infections, fatigue, and wounds that are slow to heal.

2. Quit smoking. Using tobacco lowers your levels of antioxidants and makes you more prone to respiratory infections and other illnesses. Studies show that your chances of quitting successfully increase if you combine methods, such as nicotine replacement devices and counseling.

3. Limit alcohol. Similarly, heavy drinking suppresses the immune system. If you feel like your drinking is out of control, talk with your doctor about services that may help.

4. Stay social. Your mental and physical health depend on mutually supportive relationships. Make it a priority to spend time with family and friends. If you can’t physically be with them, take advantage of technology like FaceTime, Slack, Zoom, and other video chats. Even phone calls and texts can benefit you.

5. Lose weight. Being obese or overweight puts an extra burden on your immune system. Shed pounds safely with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

6. Work out. Slimming down is just one of the benefits of physical activity. Find a variety of sports and classes that you enjoy, so you’ll want to stick with your program. For more fun and greater accountability, invite a friend to join you. Many places even offer virtual classes if you wish to participate at home.

7. Manage stress. Chronic tension increases hormones that interfere with your immune system. In addition to exercise, relax with meditation and music.

8. Sleep well. One study found that adults who slept for at least 7 hours each night were 4 times less likely to get a cold compared to those who slept for 6 hours or less. Set a consistent bedtime and stick to it.

Even when you’re at rest, your immune system is working to protect you day and night. Taking care of your body will help it to do its job so you can lead a long and active life.
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8 Natural Solutions for Boosting Your Energy

8 Natural Solutions for Boosting Your Energy

Are you tired of trying coffee, energy drinks, pills, and supplements to revive you when you run out of energy? You can increase your energy with natural methods, instead, and feel better all over! 

Try these healthy, natural energy-boosters:

1. Exercise.

It may be difficult to stay motivated and exercise while you’re tired. However, the energy boost you will receive can last for a long period of time.

• Exercise increases your heart rate and blood flow, so your body is able to get more nutrients and oxygen. This has a direct impact on your energy levels, and you begin to feel more animated.

Vigorous and intense exercise isn’t necessary to boost energy levels. You can benefit from slower and calmer types of exercises, too, such as walking and yoga.

2. Eat more whole foods.

Foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits can help you raise your energy levels in a natural way. 

• Health experts recommend avoiding energy drinks and bars because they’re considered a second-rate choice compared to whole foods. Focus on eating whole fruits, grains, vegetables, and other items. 

• Check your calorie intake, especially if you’re on a low-calorie diet. If you’re not getting enough calories during the day to sustain your lifestyle, then you’ll feel tired. It’s important to evaluate your food intake and keep a diary to ensure you’re eating enough.

3. Laugh.

Laughing can bring you a sudden boost of energy.  You know those online videos that always make you laugh, pull one of them up to watch quickly (though turn it off after so you don’t disappear into the online time warp).  Or call a friend who is always makes you laugh!

4. Add small breaks to your day.

Working without breaks can lead to fatigue.  Short breaks scattered throughout your day can help you fight stress and reenergize. These breaks can last a few minutes or 10 minutes. They should leave you feeling calmer and more energized.

5. Avoid negative people.

If you’re surrounded by negative people, you’re more likely to suffer from stress and fatigue.  Studies show that your body’s reaction to the stress response can leave you feeling drained.Negative people can make your stress levels go up, so it’s important to surround yourself with positive people who don’t make you tired. 

6. Take a nap.

Napping may seem like a counterintuitive idea, but researchers have found it can help increase energy levels. Short naps can help you feel refreshed and empowered to take on new challenges.  Research from the National Institutes of Mental Health reveals that taking a nap can help your brain and body recover from stress and other activities. 

7. Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol.

Water can help you prevent dehydration and fatigue.  Nutritionists have found that even the beginning stages of dehydration can leave you feeling tired and weak. It’s important to drink water throughout the day and ensure you’re getting enough.

8.Alcohol can also contribute to fatigue, so you may want to avoid it. 

In addition alcohol can mess with your normal sleep schedule and make it more difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep. This can lead to more fatigue in the morning and feelings of weakness.

Natural methods can help you increase your energy levels without relying on caffeine or medications.Follow these tips to enjoy fewer days where you’re lagging from a lack of energy so you can get more from your day, be more productive and enjoy the precious time we have.

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5 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Success

5 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Success

Most people don’t believe they fear success, but If you read through the list below, you might find you identify with it a little closer than expected.  It’s well known that people don’t like change, we become comfortable with our situation, whatever that is and even though there are aspects we might not like, it’s comfortable.

We know what to expect. We might be unhappy, but we know we can deal with it.  We also don’t like the prospect of failing or of standing out.  We see this all the time while supporting people To start their new businesses from home.

You might fear success if you:

● Consistently make plans for your life, but fail to follow through on them. Whether it’s to start a business, read a book a month, or hit the gym five days a week, you just can’t seem to make it happen.
● You leave projects uncompleted. This includes at work and in your personal life.
● You’re “all talk.” You rarely take action.
● You struggle to make decisions.
● Your life never changes for the better.
● You self-sabotage, especially when you’re nearing success.

This probably describes most of the people you know. Does it describe you accurately?

Use these strategies to defeat your fear of success and make real changes in your life:

1. Imagine being ultra successful.

Imagine yourself being even more successful than you want to be. If your goal is to make £100,000 per year, imagine making £1 million. If you want to lose 25 pounds, imagine getting lean enough that you can see your abs. Do this each night and morning in bed.
● Make the visualization as vivid as possible. Include all of your senses. When it feels uncomfortable, stick with it and just relax.
In time, it will feel natural. When that happens, achieving your goal will be much easier.

2. Practice standing out.

Many of us fear success because we don’t want to stand out in any way. Somewhere along the way, we learned or decided that it’s better to keep our head down than to be noticed.
● There are a variety of ways you can practice standing out in your everyday life. You can dress differently. You might even put on a pair of pink gloves and walk Down the high street in the middle of the summer. Or you could wear your best clothes to the shops, or a t-shirt with a catchy slogan that really stands out.
● You could go out in public with your hair disheveled, or have a really eye catching handbag!
● You could do something in public that you’re either really good or really bad at, like bowling.

3. Reframe failure.

Fear of success might actually be a fear of failure. Keep in mind that failure is just an undesired result. It says nothing about you. It simply means that you need more practice, more time, or a better approach.When you can view failure in this manner, there’s nothing to fear.

4. Focus on action over thought.

We can’t fear success if we don’t think about our actions. If you need to send 100 cold emails to find clients for your business, just sit down and get busy. The longer you think about it, the harder it becomes. Just decide and take action.  I love Mel Robbins method for getting things done, she counts backwards from 5 to 1.  It works as a pattern interrupt and she begins the task before she’s thought of reasons why she doesn’t want to do whatever task she’s working on.

5. Have a real vision for the future.

Enough motivation can overcome any fear. Create a possible future in your mind that is worth overcoming any obstacle. Fear doesn’t matter if you have a very compelling future in mind.

Do you fear success? It seems counterintuitive to fear success, but it’s a common obstacle to making sustained progress in life. Success brings attention, the unknown, and the possibility of failure.

Create a vision for the future that will pull you through any fears you might have. Learn to deal with discomfort. Remember, you only have one life to live. Avoid allowing fear to limit your life.

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8 Ways A Positive Attitude Enhances Success

8 Ways A Positive Attitude Enhances Success

It’s easy to underestimate the power of having a positive attitude. However, that would be a mistake. A positive attitude shapes your perspective, enhances health, increases productivity, and benefits those around you. It’s surprising how much a change in attitude can impact the results you’re producing!  This blog spans both of my subjects, ‘Working from home’ and ‘One healthy journey’ so I have to pop it into both categories.

Sometimes I know it doesn’t feel like it but your attitude is under your control, so you can use it to your advantage.

I’ve listed below how a positive mental attitude benefits you and enhances your success:

1. An optimistic attitude leaves a positive impression.

Your attitude doesn’t just impact the way you view the world. It also changes the way the world views you. It’s easy to pick those people that view the world from a positive perspective versus one that’s negative. When others view you in a positive light, you’ll be presented with more opportunities in life.  If you think about it, you know the people in your life who think positively.  (They’re easier to be around too!)
With this in mind, if you consciously try to Go through life leaving a positive impression, you can expect your successes to come more easily.

2. You have more control over your life.

Those with a positive mental attitude are more likely to believe that they can influence the direction of their lives. People with a negative attitude believe they are stuck with few options to make life better, who wants to feel like that?!  Happiness is correlated with the number of options you believe are available to you.

3. A positive attitude strengthens your relationships.

Would you rather spend time with someone who’s positive or negative? It’s an easy question to answer. Positive people are uplifting and make others feel good. Positive people are energizing.
Successful relationships are easier to create and maintain if others enjoy spending time with you.

4. You enjoy better health when you have positive thoughts.

There are countless studies that show the link between attitude and health. You’ll also save a lot of money by making fewer trips to the doctor and taking less days off work. It’s much more challenging to be successful if your health is poor.

5. Your productivity will soar.

Do you have a hard time getting things done? An upgrade in your attitude could help! Think about how much you get accomplished when you’re feeling down and negative. If your productivity is suffering at work or at home, it’s a hard pill to swallow but could consciously taking a look at your attitude help you.
6. It’s easier to persist during challenging times. Things don’t always go according to plan. If you expect a negative outcome, you’re likely to give up and go home. On the other hand, an enthusiastic, optimistic attitude will help you to stay in the game.  Many success experts believe that persistence is the most important quality a person with big goals can possess. Persistence is easy when you have positive expectations.

Set big goals. Be positive. Persist.

7. Self-confidence and a positive attitude go hand in hand.

By ridding yourself of negative thought, you create an ideal environment for self-confidence to grow and flourish. How can you have self-confidence when you expect the worst? A negative attitude suggests a lack of confidence in your ability to handle the situation.

8. Peace of mind.

We all have a limited ability to handle stress. When life becomes too stressful, our ability to be successful is hampered. The tranquility that a positive attitude provides gives you the mental space necessary to be at your best each day.

There is no downside to uplifting your attitude. A positive mental attitude has a positive influence on your outlook, health, relationships, and overall happiness. In turn, these improve your ability to be successful. Work hard and stay focused, but be positive during the process. You’ll feel better and enjoy the results.

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Benefits of drinking water

Benefits of drinking water

We did a challenge in our community group on facebook recently about the benefits of drinking water and one of our realisations together was the amount of amazing benefits available from simply drinking the recommended daily amount of 8 glasses of water!  I found the following info from the NHS and good food websites…
Water makes up two thirds of our body. It prevents UTI’s, headaches, constipation, dizziness, confusion, kidney stones and more. Here are a few benefits…
1) Research has shown that staying hydrated improves memory and mood!
2) Helps reduce sugar cravings and weight maintenance! (During our hydrate challenge in June, most participants lost weight over just 5 days!!)
3) May improve exercise performance, lots of research has concluded that dehydration affects both sports performance and physiological function.
4) Lack of water can increase risk of headaches
5) It keep your digestive system running smoothly and helps prevent constipation
6)Helps with hangovers
7) Can help to improve mood, and therefore anxiety!
To receive these benefits, the challenge is to drink 8 glasses of water! Nice and simple!  The NHS recommended amount is 6-8 glasses per day but should you have a health reason that hinders you from drinking a certain amount of water, please use your discretion and common sense.

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P.s. check out this water bottle, one of our challengers keeps it in her kitchen and uses it to stay on track with drinking 2 litres throughout every Day!

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How to know if you’re eating too much sugar so you can do something about it

How to know if you’re eating too much sugar so you can do something about it
Change can be hard, familiar routines, patterns and behaviours are what makes us who we are, but sometimes we choose small things that aren’t good for us a little more often than we realise, and it’s not until something happens to make us look at our current reality that we realise just how often we’ve let it slide!  I found some info online to help us realise when we are consuming too much sugar and the warning signs are things I hear people say ALL the time!  Here they are in case they are of interest to anyone else!
1. You feel sluggish all the time. Because your pancreas releases insulin to stabilise your blood sugar, you end up feeling sluggish. Also if you’re choosing sugary foods over foods containing protein and fibre, you aren’t getting energy sustaining foods into your body to fuel you.
2. You constantly crave sugary things. The more you have the more you crave it and breaking that addictive cycle is hard! We’re all human!
3. Your skin is always breaking out. If you are using skincare to fix a breakout problem that doesn’t seem to be getting my better, it might not do any harm to review your sugar intake. Collagen and elastin are proteins in the skin that you need to help keep your ‘bounce and flex’ in a smooth and taught appearance. The process of glycation means that sugar attaches to proteins in the body, including collagen and elastin making it harder for them to repair themselves, so you experience more wrinkles and other signs of ageing.
4. You feel moody all the time and can’t be bothered with the things you used to love. Too much sugar can increase inflammation throughout your body including your gut. Some research studies have shown that gut inflammation contributes to mood disorders, including anxiety and depression.
5. You’ve been putting on some weight – I did a post about the compound effect, click here to read it.  Eating one choc bar at 500 calories each day equals you gaining weight at one lb per week!
So what actually happens to your body when you eat sugar?
Eating sugar releases those feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin. After the initial high, your body craves more, like a drug.
Your body releases insulin whose job it is to absorb the excess glucose in the blood and stabilise sugar levels. Your blood sugar then drops again and all you want to do is lie on the sofa. (sugar high, then the low).
An easy challenge for today that might help you turn things around could be to swap something sugary you might normally eat for a healthier choice that is still tasty!

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Take time today to do something that saves you time everyday

Take time today to do something that saves you time everyday
As part of a recent healthy habits challenge, I ‘challenged’ our readers to do one thing that could save them time everyday.  Sadly it was in honour of a loss we had as a family.  I had been trying not to mention it in the challenge group, but the day before we said goodbye to our four legged best friend and family member, my little dog. She had been with me for 10 years and the truth was, I just felt lost without her!
Because I work from home she was rarely without me, when I went to the horses, she came with me and sat outside the sand paddock or ran around nearby when I rode.  When I went for a walk, you bet she was leading the way. When we went out she usually came with us in the car and for the rest of the time, she lay on her big comfy bed in the kitchen or my office watching our daily goings on. I kept hearing noises that I was sure were her but of course when I looked she wasn’t there.  Just an empty space in the kitchen corner where she used to make faces at me from and always know what I was thinking.
So while I was mid challenge and wanted to keep the momentum going, I thought I’d make a challenge that encouraged everyone else to make the most of what time they all had, which of course was inspired by her.
We spend so much of our lives loyal to our daily routines without sometimes asking if there’s a better/ quicker way of doing something mundane that could give us more time with our loved ones, family or fur babies and time doing the things we love!
So the challenge was simply to do something once that could save you time everyday.  Here are some suggestions:
  • Get your online grocery shopping organised so you can just re-order each week.
  • Reorganise your kitchen cupboards so you can get make meal time prep easier and quicker.
  • Add some slow cooker recipes into your weekly meal plans.
  • Or something smaller – buy an organiser tray for your fridge or cupboard so you can set all your sauces onto the table in one go at mealtimes!
  • Browse amazon for a big storage bag in your colour scheme to chuck their toys into in one go at night, or a reward chart on your wall to encourage them to put their own toys away before bed at night!
  • Fo the horsey girls like myself with stables goals: Look at hay racks instead of hay nets, automatic water drinkers instead of filling buckets everyday or rubber mats to save you time and expense on excess sawdust or heavy loads of straw! If you’re buying something you’re not sure will be worth it, do one area/stable etc and then multiply the time it saves you everyday over a week to know if it’s worth doing more.
Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes it feels like we just never get our heads above water to spend this time making life easier! So this is your call to take time out today and do just that.
We don’t get time back! It’s the most precious thing we have, up there with the air we breathe so we need to make the most of it. (Can you tell the past 24 hours evoked some reflective thinking!?!)
Why is it worth doing this challenge? If your one task saves you 7 minutes a day, you’ve just got yourself roughly an extra 40 hour week every year! Add a weekly online grocery shop at an hour minimum saved and you’ve just given yourself another working week back over the year!
If anyone has any time saving life hacks they’d be happy to share, please comment below so we can try them too.
Good luck everyone!!

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Illusive energy – how to get more of it and keep it!

Illusive energy – how to get more of it and keep it!

I’ve shared some tips below that I found online to help you get more of that illusive energy and keep it!  Hopefully they’ll be helpful to someone else out there.
1. If you want more out of your body, it makes sense to take a look at what you’re putting in. Your body can’t extract what’s not there in the first place. Processed and junk foods just don’t contain as many vitamins, minerals and micronutrients as whole foods or real food do.  The good housekeeping website actually makes a great suggestion on this. “ If you’re eating 3 meals and 2 snacks daily, you’re eating 35 times a week. If 7 of those meals are real foods, simply add one more real food or snack per week and you’re up to 15 in 2 months which doubles the amount of nutrients going into your body.” Also take a look at the energy foods topic here to help you choose some snack foods that directly give you the most energy.

2. Say goodbye to as many stressful situations as you can. Stress-induced emotions consume a lot of energy!  We’ve all done it, a looming deadline we weren’t prepared for, anger, frustration, panic, rushing to work etc etc, it drains your energy FAST!  Reducing as many of these situations as you can in a typical week or month always seems to help!

3. Exercise! Even a 15 minute walk can give you an energy boost, if you aren’t exercising, build it up gradually. The NHS recommended amount of weekly exercise is 2.5 hours of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, such as cycling or fast walking. Some people tend to go overboard with exercise infrequently leaving them feeling tired, it’s important to note that building this up gradually is imperative to helping you feel more energised. Wondering why exercise is good? The higher your muscle mass, the higher your metabolic rate and higher your energy.

4. Taking time to breathe deeply and slowly can help you stay out of adrenaline inducing fight or flight mode to reset and refocus. It is thought that this switches from using adrenaline to power you to using the body’s slower, more steady fuel (fat)!

5. Reducing your alcohol intake.  Regular drinking can affect the quality of your sleep patterns making you feel tired and sluggish.

6. Gratitude – Noticing what you have to be grateful for is thought to give you more energy by giving you a more positive outlook.  It doesn’t cost anything and I would urge absolutely anyone to give this a go!  It makes a great deal of difference to my everyday experiences!

7. Eating less more often gives your body a steady supply of nutrients as opposed to large meals which make you feel sluggish while your body tries to digest them. (After Sunday roasts!)

8. Lose weight: carrying excess weight can be exhausting and put excess strain on your heart.

9. An obvious one but sleep is also conducive to getting more energy. Going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time each morning even on weekends, this one was also included in our ways to get more sleep topic.

10. B Complex vitamins – your body uses B Vitamins to convert food to energy, so ensuring your body has enough of this vitamin can help. We have a particular B complex vitamin we have some great reviews on in our community facebook group.  If you’d like to get added to this group, feel free to send a ‘join request’. Grains, nuts and seeds, bee and spinach are also a source of B vitamins.  We also run regular challenges in that particular facebook group where you can win products, money and just be a part of our growing community focused on looking and feeling better in our own health!

What are your energy tips? Please share them in the comments below…

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Managing Stress

Managing Stress
Managing stress is growing more and more in importance with Covid and it’s health and work concerns on top of everything that felt overwhelming to begin with, so today’s topic is managing stress!!
The NHS website suggests firstly to identify what’s causing you to feel that way. If it cannot be reduced, it recommends building emotional strength, but having a good social network, adopting and positive outlook and being in control of your situation.
1. Taking time out to spend with animals is always high on my list to reduce stress.  It’s well documented that pets can reduce anxiety, stress and even improve cardiovascular health!  The number one stress busting activity for me is most definitely spending time with our animals.
2. Exercise reduces stress by producing endorphins that can act as natural painkillers and it’s also well documented for improving your ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress further.
3. EatIng a healthy diet helps by reducing oxidation and inflammation not to mention helping to reduce weight gain.
4. Practicing mindfulness, focusing on your breathing or meditation are also fantastic activities to help too.
5. I know that if my stress is work-related, then getting things organised is a big help.  I feel more in control or better prepared for whatever impending deadline is adding to your stress levels.  If exams are your cause of stress, could further study reduce your anxiety about it if you felt better prepared going into it.
6. Reading a book can help if the cause of your stress isn’t to do with an impending deadline or lack of time.
7. Writing a reflection journal is also documented as a great stress buster too!
8. Although it’s not an activity, reducing your caffeine intake can help reduce stress
9. Listening to soft music is also known to help reduce levels
10. A good massage helps by lowering the heart rate, relaxing muscles and releasing endorphins.
How do you all reduce your stress levels? Please share in the comments below to help others

Brain Food!

Brain Food!

Time to pour a cup of coffee and let’s look at foods that boost your brain power! Everyone has mental blocks, that word that’s on the tip of your tongue, that panicked thought of where number one is again in the course you’re about to jump etc.  So I thought today’s blog post could be about foods that help boost your brain power so here we go!
1. Fatty fish. We all know it, we should be eating 3-5 portions of fatty fish a week but do we know why! Roughly 60% of your brain is made of fat and half of that is the omega 3 kind which is essential for learning and memory. It protects your brain against decline, sharpens your memory and improves your mood. Let me just pop in here that we have a supplement called Arctic Sea which is fab is you can’t fit fish into your diet as much as is recommended! I will pin that product post to the top for today or you can find it in the units tab at any time for full info as it has a number if other benefits.
2. Coffee contains caffeine and antioxidants. It keeps you alert, improves your mood and sharpens concentration. Nb drink in moderation!
3. Broccoli contains antioxidants and vitamin K (a fat soluble vitamin that’s present in brain cells. Broccoli also has anti inflammatory and antioxidants benefits.
4. Tumeric contains Curcumin which has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier which means it can directly enter brain cells. Studies show it boosts a type of growth hormone that helps brain cells grow!
5. Dark chocolate and cocoa powder contains flavonoids which may enhance memory, with studies suggesting eating chocolate boosts memory and mood!
6. Pumpkin seeds contain magnesium, iron, zinc and copper. Zinc is important for nerve signalling, magnesium is linked to learning and memory, copper is linked to controlling nerve signals.
7. Blueberries are a good source of antioxidants which help protect us against oxidative stress and inflammation.
8. Oranges – Vit C plays a key role supporting brain health as you age.
9. Nuts contain vitamin E which helps protect cells from free radical damage. When choosing which one of have, try walnuts as they also contain omega 3 fatty acids.
10. Eggs contain vitamins B6 and B12, folate and choline which is used to create a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and memory according to healthline. Your challenge for today is to add one of these foods to your weekly meal plan! See you on the checkin post everyone!
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Doing that thing you know you should but haven’t…yet

Doing that thing you know you should but haven’t…yet

In a recent healthy habits challenge we ran in our community Facebook group, we took a day to focus on doing activities that we didn’t really want to do but the thought of doing them weight us down more than the act of just pulling the plaster off quick!  It was so helpful to our group members that I thought I’d mention it in this blog in case it helps others get the same ‘feel good’ factor!

You know what we mean, ‘that thing’ you’ve been putting off doing! We all have them, that think you’ve meant to do but haven’t and every time you think about it you feel a bit ‘ugh’ or ‘ish’ lol! As ‘that thing’ turns into ‘another thing’ and before you know it, you don’t know why you just feel like every’thing’ is getting on top of you so let’s face it head on together and fingers crossed it only takes a few mins when you dedicate time to get it done and out of the way!

Whether it’s pricing round for car insurance, tacking the ‘junk drawer/room’ getting through that pile of ironing etc.  Please feel free to join in with this challenge and comment below with the thing you did and if it made you feel as good as it did with our challengers!  P.s. If you’d like to join our free group with challenges like this, click here!

Calorie Counting Apps

Calorie Counting Apps
I’m all into things that make life easier and when those things help you take control of your health – let me tell other people too!
This isn’t just for people who want to lose weight, lots of people just want to be aware of what they’re putting into their bodies!  So I just wanted to share three apps you can download free to let you track what calories you’re eating and help you with healthier choices once you’re more aware of the nutrients you’re consuming or lacking in your daily diet.
If you are trying to lose weight, as long as you understand not all calories are equal; (ie a 500 calories of chocolate won’t give your body the same nutritional fuel as 500 calories of wholesome food).  Counting calories can be one of the most effective ways to achieve weight loss when combined with exercise, but it can be time consuming and require attention that sometimes is split between a million other things so, here are just 3 different apps that help you track your calories to make it as easy as possible!
1. ‘My Fitness Pal’ is great and free with ‘in app purchases’. It works out your calories when you input your consumption and tracks the calories you’ve still to consume that day. It breaks down what you’ve had by protein, carbs and fat.
2. ‘Lose it’ also contains a user friendly food diary and exercise log. It lets you connect a pedometer so you get an all round overview. It gives you recommendation for calorie intake based on your weight height age etc too.
3. ‘Fat secret’ is another recommended app, it’s free which is always a benefit and includes a food diary, recipes, exercise log and journal. Reviews show its user friendly and has a chat community.
If you have an app you’d recommend or an easy way you use to track calories, please comment it below to share your tips with others in our community!
Please comment below with your favourite calorie counting apps or your fav ways to track your calories!

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Macronutrients and what does that even mean!

Macronutrients and what does that even mean!
I mentioned before that I’m not a nutritionist, just an enthusiast for good health and well-being and on my quest to help my own family get a little bit healthier, I’ve happened upon some realisations that I thought I’d share in this ‘one healthy journey’ blog in my website.  So if you think I’ve left out something important, or incorrect and you are an expert in that area, please comment below to let me know.  If I’ve helped explain anything that has in turn helped you on your own quest to feel a little healthier, please also let me know, that would really make my day!
So, it’s a day for busting some jargon!  We see these UNREAL looking insta famous guys and girls throwing words out like macro counting and ‘Yada yada what’s that now?’ And I just thought for those normal people out there, a little bit more like me who aren’t ‘down with the macros’ and lead busy days filled with work, potty training and regular family life, that other people might also be intrigued as to what they’re actually talking about, ie what are macros and micros – And why count them!
Basically there are 2 categories of nutrients. Macronutrients are those nutrients that the body needs in large amounts. They provide the body with energy and calories. Micronutrients are required in smaller amounts. We’ll look at macros in this post in a very simple way…
Macro nutrients are split into 7 categories: Protein, carbs and fat being the main three, then dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins and water. So when you’re ‘counting your macros’, your counting the grams of proteins, carbs or fat you’re consuming.
Let’s take a closer look:
Carbs are a vital source of energy, your body digests them quickly and turns them into sugar / blood glucose which you store as glycogen.
Protein is used to build and repair but also makes up the enzymes that power chemical reactions in the body. When you eat protein, it makes you feel fuller for longer (calorie for calorie) as it slows the release of glucose into your blood stream helping you avoid blood sugar spikes.
Fat makes up cell membranes, promotes brain health and increases the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A,D, E and K
(Some diets are based around this like the keto diet)

What are the benefits of counting your macros?

You may lose weight by eliminating excess calories from your diet.
You may gain muscle more easily if you’re strength training as you can make sure you’re getting enough protein.
You may pay more attention to what you’re eating which usually improves your food choices.
By getting the ideal combination of carbs, protein and fats, your body will function optimally.
Counting your macros. Firstly, you could use the foreverfituk.co.uk website to work out your base and active calorie total; Then decide your ideal macro nutrient breakdown.  Here’s a suggestion:
Carbs 45-65% of total calories
Fats 20-35% of total calories
Proteins 10-35% of total calories
You then tweak these percentages based on your objective, ie someone wanting to lose excess body fat might choose a meal plan based on 35% carbs, 30% fat and 35% protein.  Someone who enjoys running might need a higher carb intake, while someone on the keto diet might need more fat but fewer carbs.
Next, how to track them! You can get out some digital scales or make life easy here by using an app! Here are three to choose from:
  • My fitness pal
  • Lose It! Or
  • My Macros +
You simply tell it what food you are eating and it tells you how many calories there are in it and keeps track. Bear in mind there are free and premium versions of this app but you can still use them for this purpose for free.
One step in the right direction could be to download one of the free apps above and see how easy or difficult it might be to track what you’re eating normally before making any changes!

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Self-Care is not selfish 10 ways to practice it!

Self-Care is not selfish 10 ways to practice it!
Sometimes I think self-care is misunderstood. So I’m going to start this blog post off with an oxford dictionary definition: “self-care is the practice of activities that are necessary to sustain life and health, normally initiated and carried out by the individual for him- or herself.”
Activities that sustain life and health simply need to be included in this healthy journey blog! Now I know that as mums we are all running ourselves ragged looking after everyone else….but just for today – let me challenge you to ask yourself – could you squeeze in something small today for yourself that makes you feel better? I know some of you won’t do this because you are so far removed from doing things for yourselves that you can’t think of any activities that might achieve this… so I’ve listed 10 examples below!  Please pick at least one or come up with your own but take even just 10 minutes out today to do something for yourself!
  1. Buy a magazine or book to read for 15 mins before going to sleep to help you unwind.
  2. Go for that walk to clear your head rather than putting it off because of doing things for other people.
  3. Put on that face mask that’s been in the drawer since Christmas because you haven’t gotten around to using it.
  4. On the same theme, lift that moisturiser out that’s been sitting unopened and put it beside your bed so you remember to put it on every night and be kinder to your skin.
  5. Sit for 10 minutes with your diary and write in a goal you want to achieve in the next month, business, personal or family, then list some baby steps you might need to walk to accomplish it.
  6. Put on that top or jeans that makes you feel good but you haven’t worn because of lockdown.
  7. Sit down for 10 minutes with a cup of tea and a biscuit and actually put your feet up.
  8. Paint your nails a nice colour!
  9. Delegate something today
  10. Offer your kids a bribe to clean up so you don’t have to.
I know most of the suggestions are small and more geared towards sanity but with schools starting back shortly, I’m trying to be as realistic as I can!!  Let us know in the comments what act of self-care did you manage to squeeze in, I can’t wait to read them!

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Sleep! Why do we need it and 5 tips to get more of it!

Sleep! Why do we need it and 5 tips to get more of it!

Sleep! Why do we need it and 5 tips to get more of it!  Our bodies need sleep to rejuvenate, grow muscle, repair tissue and more!  Good sleep improves concentration, productivity, a more positive frame of mind and also impacts emotions and social interactions!!

Sleep deprivation on the other end of the scale, affects the immune system and alters hormone levels in the body.  Lack of sleep is linked to weight gain and good sleepers tend to eat fewer calories according to healthline website!

5 tips to get more of it!

1) Going to sleep at the same time each night and getting up at the same time each morning helps with your quality of sleep when you put your head on the pillow.
2) Stay away from caffeine and alcohol late in the day
3) Get regular exercise but not within 3 hours of bedtime
4) Try not to spend time on your phone or computer jut before bed, because the blue light suppresses your natural production of melatonin – the hormone you need to feel sleepy.
5) Make your bedroom comfortable and relaxing, sometimes even a tidy room provides a more relaxing environment to go to sleep in when home improvements aren’t an option.
6) Bonus tip, ask me about a Garcinia Plus supplement I use which is packed with serotonin rich ingredients and contains chromium which is used for the natural balance of blood glucose levels. They’re more typically used in our weight management programs but I found out by accident when a customer gave a fab review on them that they are also fab for helping you get over to sleep!!
P.s. Please speak to your doctor if not sleeping is an ongoing problem so they can check your overall health.

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5 Foods to snack on for energy

5 Foods to snack on for energy
Who doesn’t want more energy, maybe toddlers, or puppies but for the rest of us, I just thought this topic might be of interest for more than myself!  So I’ll get right to it!  I found some resources online that listed the following five foods as some of the highest energy snacks you can have and the best bit is that they’re not expensive and easy to get your hand on!
1) Bananas are thought to be the best snack for sustained energy. As a great natural source of nutrients and sugar, they’re also rich in fibers that help slow its digestion down.
2) Avocados are rich in nutrients, protein and fibre helping sustain your energy levels. They also contain good fats to help increase energy levels and make fat-soluble nutrients more readily available in the body too.
3) Apples are another great snack for lasting energy.  Why? Because they’re high in antioxidants, fibre and nutrients.
4) Strawberries are in season at the moment and contain vit C, folate, antioxidants and minerals!  I struggle not to pop them in the trolley when they’re on offer at the end of most aisles at the moment!
5) Oranges are great for their vitamin C, which is well known for helping to reduce oxidative stress in the body and prevent fatigue.
What are your favourite energy foods?  Comment below to share your recommendations with us!

Gratitude and why is it good for you?

Gratitude and why is it good for you?

As part of a healthy habits challenge we did in our Facebook Group, we looked at Gratitude!  But why is gratitude a good habit to have? The harvard website states… “In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity and build strong relationships.”  
Now that definitely sounds like a habit that could improve my own well-being and maybe for those around me too!!
If you’re not yet convinced, here are 5 Reasons why Gratitude is good for you:
  1. It is known to promote an increase in general happiness!!
  2. It can improve your productivity, performance & happiness
  3. It can help improve your sleep!
  4. It can help you cope with stress and boost your self esteem
  5. It can help improve your relationships
If you’d like to do the same challenge as we enjoyed in our group that day; simply write down 5 things you feel grateful for! It can be your health, your family, your dog, your past experiences that made you stronger, maybe that it’s been great weather this week, that you have sight in both eyes or anything at all! I’d absolutely love it if people shared even one of the things they’re grateful for below this post to give others ideas and get them started!

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Protein basics, why do we need it and where can we get it!

Protein basics, why do we need it and where can we get it!
Before you start reading, let me just mention that I am not a nutrition expert.  I am merely an enthusiast of good health and the healthy journey part of my blog documents my findings to help improve the health and well-being of my family.  I share them in here as I know there are plenty of others similar to me who have an interest in this area through necessity or curiosity but haven’t the time to do just as much ‘googling’ on this topic.
So, Let’s take a quick look at some things we think we should know but might not?! My reason for going to the basics with this is because when the compound effect multiplies our efforts which are naturally best intended (but not always in the right direction,) we can end up a very different place / weight than we deserve for our efforts! So todays blog is about protein.
Why do we need it, what does it do, and what foods can we find it in!
Protein makes every cell in our bodies, it helps build nails, hair, bones and muscle.  The basic structure of protein is a chain of amino acids, so you need protein in your diet to help your body repair cells and make new ones.
One link with weight loss – eating more protein helps suppress hunger and appetite for longer than eating the same amounts of other macros (fats and carbs). Bear in mind though that eating too much will lead to weight gain! Sigh!
How to know if you aren’t consuming enough protein in your diet… you may experience muscle cramps, weakness, soreness. This is because your body will take protein from muscle tissue and use it as energy to support its vital body functions when protein is low.
What foods contain protein…. lean meat and poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, veg, beans, milk, yoghurt, cheese etc.
If you’d like to take this one step further, you could identify which foods form protein in your regular weekly meals and if you fine that there aren’t many, just make an adjustment by adding more!

19 positive thoughts on Covid-19

19 positive thoughts on Covid-19

Yes, we are in the throes of a global pandemic, but we’ve got to take precautions, do our best to stay safe and try to focus on the positives as panic isn’t helping anyone! So, instead of lying awake again last night worrying about loved ones it might have a negative effect on; I decided to try to think of a silver lining – and strangely I thought of more than one!

I thought others might benefit from thinking in this way too, so to contribute to a more positive outlook on this horrible situation, I’ve listed below 19 good things I’ve noticed that may otherwise not have happened. We are all in this together!

  1. In this time of war against an invisible enemy, to play our part as the general public, we aren’t being asked to go to war, sending every able bodied man to a different country to fight for us, separating immediate families for months or indefinitely, we are just being asked to stay at home and I am thankful for that!
  2. On a lighter note (pardon the pun) we are all being encouraged to take one daily form of exercise everyday. With all these people out and about exercising and walking off the stress of being inside all day, I have to wonder if we (as a generation) will be lighter as result of all the extra miles walked each evening?!
  3. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’m hearing more about people taking better care of their health in relation to eating better food. The clear advice from medical experts includes eating more nutritious food (in order to better equip your body to ward off the virus, should you come into contact with it.) As a result, people seem to be making different dinner and snack time choices! They’ve also more time to make dinner with everyone confined to their homes and sporting and community groups being cancelled for the time being!
  4. This virus didn’t stop at a country border, or the edge of a continent. It laughed at manmade barriers and passed through unseen to attack our most vulnerable. It has however, united people from across the world in their response and coping mechanisms to it. Sharing tips to get by in quarantine times, recipes, games, education, exercises. Locally in the UK, we’ve thankfully seen a positive response from people wanting to look after the vulnerable among us to provide food and necessities for them. This is heart warming and a relief to see! How many new friendships and bonds will be created because of this, how many people will see that they are no longer on their own and there is a support network there to help them in their time of need.
  5. Wildlife benefits must include the awareness created about the wet markets in China and new laws to forbid its trade. Albeit there seem to be loopholes but at least it is moving forward. Globally, there are lots of videos of wildlife enjoying the less congested urban areas including dolphins moving back into Venice now the waters aren’t muddied with hundreds of boats and water taxi’s etc.
  6. Thousands of family dogs are getting to enjoy walks through their neighbourhoods each night instead of their owners going to the gym! They’re also not being left in crates through the day while their owners are at work because of the thousands of people working from home.
  7. People are being forced to spend more time at home with their immediate families. I’ve never witnessed so many families walking with prams or dogs on leads. Women on their own with a pram is a regular sight, but a full family walk becoming a new reality is a pretty nice thought. It’s well documented that for some time, the art of conversation has been in decline and suicide rates increasing. I hope those families are talking to each other and reopening those lines of communications that drew them together in the first place. It’s important to acknowledge that not everyone has a positive home environment so for those in need I hope they know there is support and help available. If in Northern Ireland you can call, Nexus 0808 802 1414  or Womens Aid website have online chat, email or phone help available here:
    https://www.womensaid.org.uk/ . or the Samaritans
    https://www.samaritans.org/ For those learning more about their loved ones and getting to spend valuable time that would otherwise have been spent in their workplace or travelling home from it – please make best use of this time!! Create good memories, spend time with them, talk to them enjoy this silver lining.
  8. Home learning – while it’s not easy to incorporate home schooling with working from home, I am loving the Facebook shares of parents connecting with their kids and improving their own understanding so they can explain lessons on a one to one level with their little and not so little ones. I am heartbroken for the kids who were due to sit important exams later this year having already invested many years in preparation. However, to stay positive about it; they’re now getting to learn in new ways and I hope resources continue to be made available to help them all learn.
  9. People are being actively encouraged to work from home – for years, many have wanted to spend more time at home and less time travelling to a place of work many miles away when they could have done the same work from the comfort of their own home. I know it’s working out better for some businesses than others, but either way it has forced our generation to change the way we look at where we work. Hopefully it will pave the way for a more accommodating working life for those who in employment.
  10. Some people are getting a glimpse of the life they’ve been missing out on while they took their daily spot in the rat race. Leaving for work in the dark and returning in the dark again. For anyone wanting to build a new way of life that they can do flexibly from home with only their own goals as a boss, click here to email me for info on how I could help you make that a reality.
  11. Environmental benefits of working from home mean that thousands of people worldwide aren’t adding to pollutive congestion twice a day as they travel to and from work, not to mention the travel bans on many flights!
  12. Mother nature is sick, and this forced pause is offering a chance to let her heal and let us see the damage we’ve been doing. I hope this time to review and reflect lets those who can make a difference, make the decisions they need to, to improve the world we live in for the better.
  13. The forced equality this virus has pushed onto us is a reminder that we are all equal. It doesn’t care who you are, how many followers you have on social media, how famous you are, where you live, the car you drive, what country you are from or who you know! What an example to our children! The important members of our society are those who provide essential items, and healthcare.
  14. We’ve received a wakeup call that we’ve become too dependent on material things and taken essentials for granted. This humbling experience has given us the opportunity to personally review and make a change for the better
  15. We have to hope that governments provide packages to supporting high street retailers classed as non-essential, but online sales and shops are booming. Sales on amazon have rocketed in the past couple of weeks. The people who have been working from home to create a backup plan or an extra income for their families are experiencing growth. Those who listened to the market trends, took that knowledge and acted on it moving their high street shops online are being rewarded for it.
  16. We’ve been given an opportunity to take time out and learn new skills to improve our way of life. Please make the most of this opportunity, learn the things you’ve been craving, do the things (if you safely can within the confines of government guidelines) that you’ve been wanting to try, do it – up level and make lemonade with these lemons!
  17. We’ve never been given a better opportunity to re-prioritize! We are realising that we are not our jobs, they are just something we do! It can be so easy to be sucked into our jobs because of the percentage of our lifetime we spend doing it but this time has taken it away for this brief period and forced us home to the important things in life, our health, family and loved ones.
  18. We are appreciating the true heroes in our generation – those in the health and essential services. Our NHS workers had to strike for weeks last year for the government to recognise they needed help. Where would we be today if our health workers couldn’t have afforded to stay in that line of work or have the resources to do their jobs. Those same nurses and doctors who faced criticism for standing on the picket lines are now being publicly recognised for forming our front line. We appreciate you!
  19. We are currently in 3 weeks of lockdown to stay at home and slow the spread of the virus, but it also takes 21 days to form a new habit. In 3 weeks’ time, regardless of what steps we must take next, will the new bonds within immediate family, the increase in daily exercise, the improved diet, concentration on mindfulness, the increased caring within our community lead us to a better place? I hope so! I hope you all stay safe and well.

How Vitamin C can help keep us healthy

How Vitamin C can help keep us healthy

I’m not an expert but keeping ourselves as healthy as possible is well documented as the best starting point should this virus reach us. So, getting over viral infections and colds that we already have as quickly as possible can only be a good thing.
Dr Patrick Holford, a world leading nutritionist, explains that vitamin C plays a vital role in helping us to get over colds and viruses quicker! In a blog post on his website, he uses a number of references to clinical studies showing that vitamin C inhibits viruses multiplying and boosts production of immune cells. You can read his full article here where he goes into much more detail that I could explain, but for the purpose of my blog, I’ll keep things summarised and lighter to read.

How much do we need to take?

In a study of students, those given 1 gram of vitamin C every hour for six hours during the first day of a cold, reported 85 per cent less cold symptoms than those taking decongestants and pain killers. You can read the full results of this study here.

Although we tend to take it more when we feel ourselves getting sick, it’s an essential vitamin for every day life and it’s recommended we intake vit C daily in some form. The nutrition.org government website says vitamin C “helps to protect cells from damage and helps with the formation of collagen, which is important for normal bones, gums, teeth and skin. It also helps the immune system work as it should and the nervous system to function normally.”

You can get vitamin C from many fruits and veg listed below, however if you wish to increase your intake with a supplement, there are many different brands of vitamin C on the market. I’m aware I’ll sound biased here as I use the Forever Living products to provide a work from home income for my family, but I choose to take this brand of Vitamin C because it’s combined with a bran. (To reference it properly, an oat bran, that’s a highly soluble dietry fibre.) This combination means your body is able to absorb more vitamin C from the supplement, which is important as some vitamins are chosen for their strength which is irrelevant if it’s excreted before your body gets a chance to absorb it. Feel free to email me for more info on it.

What do you need to know about Vitamin C?

  • It’s an essential Vitamin meaning your body can’t produce it
  • It’s a powerful anti-oxidant
  • It helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals
  • Vit C in your skin helps with the formation of collagen, to even skintone and diminish wrinkles and helps your body repair damaged skin cells.
  • It’s water soluble, so it’s not stored in your body
  • It can be found in many fruits and vegetables, including oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, and spinach
  • One cigarette depleats your vitamin C levels by 25mg
  • Stress, medication and environmental factors also depleat the vitamin C levels in your body
  • The Forever Vitamin C contains 60mg of Vit C, 500mg oat bran, papaya and honey for better absorbtion.

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When to quit

When to quit
I have watched my little boy stand and fall down, take a step and fall down, use a walker and fall down.  Yet still, he keeps on standing and trying to walk.  He gets frustrated sometimes and resorts to crawling to get where he wants to go faster, yet he keeps on trying.  He has no idea what experiences are waiting on him, like how much fun it will be to run around and play football with his mates, or run and play with our dog, but he still keeps on trying.  He sees us walking so he knows it can be done and if we can do it then he will too.  Naturally, sometimes he has a big tumble, has a cry and needs a cuddle, but it doesn’t take long until he’s pushing me off, sliding back down to the ground and giving it another go. In life, how many of us have lost this drive.  We really want to do something, whether it’s setting up a new business, taking up a new hobby, or trying to get better at something.  However after one or two failed attempts, we decide we aren’t any good at it and we quit.  We’ve all done it, yet how many grown ups do you see that are able bodied yet haven’t learned to walk yet? When we were babies, how far removed would it have been to think (if we could have at that time) that in a few short years, we’d be learning a new language and how to communicate, draw, play, manipulate our parents, walking, running etc.  That’s a pretty tall order, yet once again – how many adults do you know who didn’t accomplish this? So why do we think that learning a new skill, a new language, starting up a new business etc is something we can’t do?  I watched my son take his first unaided steps today, he overbalanced soon after, but I know it won’t be long until he puts one foot in front of the other and makes it look easy.  I see it too often in my work, someone is outgoing, fun and has a great work ethic; I know they’d be amazing at what we do but life has just beat them down one too many times and they’re scared to take the plunge to even start.  So they don’t and nothing changes for them. I would love for someone reading this to think about something they’ve wanted to do for a long time, then dig deep, take that leap of faith and do even just one thing today that moves them closer to achieving it.  If you don’t manage it perfectly first time around, just remember how many failed attempts a child usually takes at learning to walk.  If they gave up after the first few, you know how much of life they’d miss out on, who knows what amazing experiences are waiting for you to open the door to them! Go for it!

How is your outlook affecting your life?

How is your outlook affecting your life?

I understand this may be too airy fairy for some but I only heard of the ‘water experiment with Dr Masaru Emoto a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of it!

To give you a brief explanation, he spoke and wrote words on different classes of water.  He froze the water before and after the experiment and took photos of the crystalised water partices.  There’s a video below with screenshots of the crystalised frozen water particles after the experiment and the differences in them are astonishing.

Have a watch at the video to see the differences those words made and then think about the words you say to yourself and how that could be affecting you.

Keeping in mind that we are made up of approximately 60% water, if you’re a worrier or are negative to yourself all the time, then you really need to watch this video!

So, I challenge you to take note of the thing you tell yourself throughout the course of just one day, what kind of words do you use.  If you forget to do something are you condescending to yourself?  If you miss the traffic lights on the way home because you were deep in thought about something, do you criticise yourself for the sake of delaying your journey by just 2 minutes.  Then if you do find you are very negative, my second challenge is to replace those criticisms for the opposite, ie if you are saying ‘that was really stupid of me, then turn it on its head and say, there must have been another reason for that happening, I’m usually pretty smart.’  Yes it’s corny, yes it’s a little awkward at first but I promise you’ll start noticing a difference in how you think about yourself and even inner confidence in just a few days.

Drop me an email and let me know how you got on!

What good are you attracting?

What good are you attracting?

Coffee with a special friend this morning reminded me of something very important that I had let slide.  I tend to worry about things, big things, small things, and generally anything!  In the past year of being a mum, I’ve found all sorts of new things to worry about too, which isn’t so great for my peace of mind.  It’s easy to slip into that worried state and forget to come back out though!  So this morning in a conversation about life, I was reminded about the power of gratitude.

Let me explain, say you’re wondering where the last year went and feeling a bit overwhelmed that life is passing by a little too quickly, or you’re counting the days until payday as you’ve a little less in the bank than you’d like.  Instead of focusing on the time gone, or money spent, turn it on it’s head and think of the memories you’ve made in that time, or the things you’ve bought with that money.  So in the first instance, you’ve maybe had special days with someone special, lazy mornings, new experiences, a stronger bond with a loved one.  Or in the case of feeling broke until payday, think what you’ve spent that money on, ie you put food in your fridge to feed your family, oil to heat your home, mortgage/rent payments to give your family a safe place to sleep at night and call home, special days out and again – memories made with experiences you’ve paid for.

The exercise turns your focus away from feeling the pain of lack and moves you towards feeling of gratitude.  We all know like attracts like and gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for, so lack of it attracts the opposite.  By letting your mind get caught up in a continuous flow of negativity, you are blocking good experiences and inviting more negative things into your life.

I’ll leave you with a 12 min video from the amazing Tony Robbins….