If you are feeling like it’s time to do more than just work, collect your kids on the way home, make dinner and sleep then you’re in the right place. Before I started my work from home business, I felt like there just had to be another way of surviving that didn’t depend on the necessity of constantly choosing money over time and viewing ‘life/work balance’ as something to be enjoyed by other people.

Constantly running on that ‘treadmill’ to keep all the balls in the air was exhausting! I’ve been there, I’ve even tried a number of business models in the past pushing that little bit harder and accepting short term exhaustion for the ‘bigger picture of time and freedom’ that never seemed to get any closer.

Thankfully this all changed when I implemented a simple system that not only allowed me to work from home it didn’t rely on me being glued to my phone or stuck to social media 24/7.  Check out my weekly guides and tools to help you do the same in your own business, style and authentic way.

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