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I work with a company called Forever Living for a few reasons: Anyone can do it and show others how to build a profitable part-time or full-time income too.  Their products help improve peoples lives, and the health and nutrition markets they operate in are continuously expanding.

They are a multi-billion dollar company operating in over 160 countries, the World’s largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera.  From its international headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Rex Maughan, Founder, President and CEO, directs operations worldwide.

They began operating in the UK in 1992 and became the largest provider of aloe vera products in the UK in a very short period of time. Early in 1994, the Company moved to the prestigious Longbridge Manor in Warwick, now its UK headquarters.

Forever Living began their operations in Ireland in 1991 and purchased the Magheramorne Estate in 2000 as its headquarters; where they serve an expanding business throughout Ireland.  It’s a beautiful head office, far from the warehouse you might expect.  The more you find out about this company, the more you realise that they don’t do anything ‘by half’.  The headquarters building is also used for weddings, so that gives you an idea how picturesque it is, but my favourite bit is that it houses staff, products, and paperwork all funded by the company, meaning less leg work and greater profits for people like me who are building their businesses under the umbrella of Forever Living.  They are currently looking for new premises in Dublin to serve a large number of Irish distributors.

The Company have won a variety of awards. In April 2007, they were presented with the Investors in People Award, which it has won every year since, with excellent reviews honouring Forever for having ‘a very supportive  culture, putting people and their well being at the forefront of everything the organisation stands for’ (Evans, A. 2007 Investors in People Post Recognition Review Report for Forever Living Products (UK) Ltd).

In 1998 they achieved 12th place in a national survey of the fastest-growing privately-owned companies, conducted by ‘Real Business’ magazine and Dun & Bradstreet. In 2000, the ‘Independent on Sunday’ named the Company as 15th in its annual list of Top Achievers (18 June 2000).

Forever (UK) has grown year-on-year since first trading in 1992 and in 2013 grew by 28%. In May 2014, the UK experienced record sales as we went through the 40,000 Case Credits mark for the first time in our history. Recruitment was up in 2013 by 66% and the Success Showcases recognised 65% more Supervisors and 169% more Managers compared to 2012.

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