Managing stress is growing more and more in importance with Covid and it’s health and work concerns on top of everything that felt overwhelming to begin with, so today’s topic is managing stress!!
The NHS website suggests firstly to identify what’s causing you to feel that way. If it cannot be reduced, it recommends building emotional strength, but having a good social network, adopting and positive outlook and being in control of your situation.
1. Taking time out to spend with animals is always high on my list to reduce stress.  It’s well documented that pets can reduce anxiety, stress and even improve cardiovascular health!  The number one stress busting activity for me is most definitely spending time with our animals.
2. Exercise reduces stress by producing endorphins that can act as natural painkillers and it’s also well documented for improving your ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress further.
3. EatIng a healthy diet helps by reducing oxidation and inflammation not to mention helping to reduce weight gain.
4. Practicing mindfulness, focusing on your breathing or meditation are also fantastic activities to help too.
5. I know that if my stress is work-related, then getting things organised is a big help.  I feel more in control or better prepared for whatever impending deadline is adding to your stress levels.  If exams are your cause of stress, could further study reduce your anxiety about it if you felt better prepared going into it.
6. Reading a book can help if the cause of your stress isn’t to do with an impending deadline or lack of time.
7. Writing a reflection journal is also documented as a great stress buster too!
8. Although it’s not an activity, reducing your caffeine intake can help reduce stress
9. Listening to soft music is also known to help reduce levels
10. A good massage helps by lowering the heart rate, relaxing muscles and releasing endorphins.
How do you all reduce your stress levels? Please share in the comments below to help others