I’ve received a few messages asking me how I’ve been getting on with the big move to to 100% salary from my home business after finishing work on 30th March, so I thought I’d write a blog to cover a few of the things that have happened in the last fortnight.

The most notable difference is how much brighter and awake I feel in the mornings!  I seem to wake up before my alarm clock and think it might be something to do with less stress in my life now.  There’s something satisfying about not having constant project deadlines and because I’d been reducing my work as my home business had been growing I don’t think I’d realised how stressed I was trying to keep all the balls in the air!

I’ve been able to share what I do with a few new people who are beginning their own journeys with my support.  Seeing their enthusiasm now they know there is another way to make ends meet / or to achieve the things they’ve always wanted to do but not had the time or money to do them is VERY rewarding already!  I can’t wait to continue supporting them through the next months when they get to reap the rewards of their work.

It’s been a really positive time within our smaller team locally aswell, as a few girls returned home from the annual global company event where they had been treated like royalty!  They were given 5 star travel, holidays and accommodation in Dubai, then were presented with a cheque as a percentage of the turnover last year so I’m looking forward to joining them next year at the global trip in Texas and I’m equally keen on seeing some of the people I’ve helped grow their businesses to qualify for the free trip to come with me too!

New products have just been released that have been scientifically proven to help joint mobility in 7 days and help in the anti-ageing process within 7 days!! Who doesn’t want to look younger??  Who doesn’t want to increase their mobility?  Both will be of interest to many of my friends alone so I know it’s going to be a very exciting time ahead. What a ground breaking time to increase your income too!

Between pregnancy appointments and doctor appointments with hubby’s leg break, it’s been a breath of fresh air to be able to schedule work around these rather than having to take time off, work late, or ask anyone for permission!  I’ve just returned home from the docs this am, kettle on, laptop on and dog curled up at my feet to get a few hours done and some progress made without office politics, sneers or cheeky comments about a late start today – sometimes it’s the smallest things that provide greatest relief!

My working office is now between my home, looking out across green fields with horses for the perfect view and various coffee houses with expertly brewed beverages and a good mix of nutritional lunches with sweet treats depending on meeting times!!  It’s been a welcome change from stuffy offices and florescent lights and I love it!  I’ve even combined it with meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in ages and some sneaky baby clothes shopping! (why not!)  I’ve been able to call in to my parents a few extra times this week too, having lunch with mum yesterday while the sun shone was lovely!  It’s just nice getting to catch up face to face instead of over the phone.  These are times you can’t get back, what a blessing and I’m really excited about a summer filled with more of them.