Illusive energy – how to get more of it and keep it!

Illusive energy – how to get more of it and keep it!

I’ve shared some tips below that I found online to help you get more of that illusive energy and keep it!  Hopefully they’ll be helpful to someone else out there.
1. If you want more out of your body, it makes sense to take a look at what you’re putting in. Your body can’t extract what’s not there in the first place. Processed and junk foods just don’t contain as many vitamins, minerals and micronutrients as whole foods or real food do.  The good housekeeping website actually makes a great suggestion on this. “ If you’re eating 3 meals and 2 snacks daily, you’re eating 35 times a week. If 7 of those meals are real foods, simply add one more real food or snack per week and you’re up to 15 in 2 months which doubles the amount of nutrients going into your body.” Also take a look at the energy foods topic here to help you choose some snack foods that directly give you the most energy.

2. Say goodbye to as many stressful situations as you can. Stress-induced emotions consume a lot of energy!  We’ve all done it, a looming deadline we weren’t prepared for, anger, frustration, panic, rushing to work etc etc, it drains your energy FAST!  Reducing as many of these situations as you can in a typical week or month always seems to help!

3. Exercise! Even a 15 minute walk can give you an energy boost, if you aren’t exercising, build it up gradually. The NHS recommended amount of weekly exercise is 2.5 hours of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, such as cycling or fast walking. Some people tend to go overboard with exercise infrequently leaving them feeling tired, it’s important to note that building this up gradually is imperative to helping you feel more energised. Wondering why exercise is good? The higher your muscle mass, the higher your metabolic rate and higher your energy.

4. Taking time to breathe deeply and slowly can help you stay out of adrenaline inducing fight or flight mode to reset and refocus. It is thought that this switches from using adrenaline to power you to using the body’s slower, more steady fuel (fat)!

5. Reducing your alcohol intake.  Regular drinking can affect the quality of your sleep patterns making you feel tired and sluggish.

6. Gratitude – Noticing what you have to be grateful for is thought to give you more energy by giving you a more positive outlook.  It doesn’t cost anything and I would urge absolutely anyone to give this a go!  It makes a great deal of difference to my everyday experiences!

7. Eating less more often gives your body a steady supply of nutrients as opposed to large meals which make you feel sluggish while your body tries to digest them. (After Sunday roasts!)

8. Lose weight: carrying excess weight can be exhausting and put excess strain on your heart.

9. An obvious one but sleep is also conducive to getting more energy. Going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time each morning even on weekends, this one was also included in our ways to get more sleep topic.

10. B Complex vitamins – your body uses B Vitamins to convert food to energy, so ensuring your body has enough of this vitamin can help. We have a particular B complex vitamin we have some great reviews on in our community facebook group.  If you’d like to get added to this group, feel free to send a ‘join request’. Grains, nuts and seeds, bee and spinach are also a source of B vitamins.  We also run regular challenges in that particular facebook group where you can win products, money and just be a part of our growing community focused on looking and feeling better in our own health!

What are your energy tips? Please share them in the comments below…

5 Foods to snack on for energy

5 Foods to snack on for energy
Who doesn’t want more energy, maybe toddlers, or puppies but for the rest of us, I just thought this topic might be of interest for more than myself!  So I’ll get right to it!  I found some resources online that listed the following five foods as some of the highest energy snacks you can have and the best bit is that they’re not expensive and easy to get your hand on!
1) Bananas are thought to be the best snack for sustained energy. As a great natural source of nutrients and sugar, they’re also rich in fibers that help slow its digestion down.
2) Avocados are rich in nutrients, protein and fibre helping sustain your energy levels. They also contain good fats to help increase energy levels and make fat-soluble nutrients more readily available in the body too.
3) Apples are another great snack for lasting energy.  Why? Because they’re high in antioxidants, fibre and nutrients.
4) Strawberries are in season at the moment and contain vit C, folate, antioxidants and minerals!  I struggle not to pop them in the trolley when they’re on offer at the end of most aisles at the moment!
5) Oranges are great for their vitamin C, which is well known for helping to reduce oxidative stress in the body and prevent fatigue.
What are your favourite energy foods?  Comment below to share your recommendations with us!