As part of a recent healthy habits challenge, I ‘challenged’ our readers to do one thing that could save them time everyday.  Sadly it was in honour of a loss we had as a family.  I had been trying not to mention it in the challenge group, but the day before we said goodbye to our four legged best friend and family member, my little dog. She had been with me for 10 years and the truth was, I just felt lost without her!
Because I work from home she was rarely without me, when I went to the horses, she came with me and sat outside the sand paddock or ran around nearby when I rode.  When I went for a walk, you bet she was leading the way. When we went out she usually came with us in the car and for the rest of the time, she lay on her big comfy bed in the kitchen or my office watching our daily goings on. I kept hearing noises that I was sure were her but of course when I looked she wasn’t there.  Just an empty space in the kitchen corner where she used to make faces at me from and always know what I was thinking.
So while I was mid challenge and wanted to keep the momentum going, I thought I’d make a challenge that encouraged everyone else to make the most of what time they all had, which of course was inspired by her.
We spend so much of our lives loyal to our daily routines without sometimes asking if there’s a better/ quicker way of doing something mundane that could give us more time with our loved ones, family or fur babies and time doing the things we love!
So the challenge was simply to do something once that could save you time everyday.  Here are some suggestions:
  • Get your online grocery shopping organised so you can just re-order each week.
  • Reorganise your kitchen cupboards so you can get make meal time prep easier and quicker.
  • Add some slow cooker recipes into your weekly meal plans.
  • Or something smaller – buy an organiser tray for your fridge or cupboard so you can set all your sauces onto the table in one go at mealtimes!
  • Browse amazon for a big storage bag in your colour scheme to chuck their toys into in one go at night, or a reward chart on your wall to encourage them to put their own toys away before bed at night!
  • Fo the horsey girls like myself with stables goals: Look at hay racks instead of hay nets, automatic water drinkers instead of filling buckets everyday or rubber mats to save you time and expense on excess sawdust or heavy loads of straw! If you’re buying something you’re not sure will be worth it, do one area/stable etc and then multiply the time it saves you everyday over a week to know if it’s worth doing more.
Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes it feels like we just never get our heads above water to spend this time making life easier! So this is your call to take time out today and do just that.
We don’t get time back! It’s the most precious thing we have, up there with the air we breathe so we need to make the most of it. (Can you tell the past 24 hours evoked some reflective thinking!?!)
Why is it worth doing this challenge? If your one task saves you 7 minutes a day, you’ve just got yourself roughly an extra 40 hour week every year! Add a weekly online grocery shop at an hour minimum saved and you’ve just given yourself another working week back over the year!
If anyone has any time saving life hacks they’d be happy to share, please comment below so we can try them too.
Good luck everyone!!

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