As a freelance marketing consultant,  the part of my career I love the most has always been the diversity of work and new challenges that arise as a result of client growth.  However the challenge that I always faced in my own business was the hourly trade of time for money.  I could enjoy the benefits of both on a modest scale, however growing past that stage posed a problem unless I wished to make significant investments and increase my workforce, which in turn presented a new set of challenges.

I opted for a better life balance, and chose to find a system I could use to create an income that would compound my efforts and still come in on days when I wasn’t working.  Through a few years of searching, I discovered systems that could work for me but replicating the same success by other people presented difficulties, therefore meaning few people could get the same results and then one day that all changed!  I met a woman at a local trade fair who was representing a company that encompassed everything I had been looking for.

Products in a sector that would help improve peoples health, rather than weightloss pills with ingredients I wasn’t sure about, or a lifetime of staring at a computer screen.

A marketplace focus that was growing and expanding year on year

A business that anyone could do locally or online so the people I could help and therefore offer the opportunity to was very large and success wasn’t reliant on a particular knowledge or background.

So, I started small and continued my freelancing work, fitting the new business into the nooks and cranny’s of everyday life, when the kettle was boiling for my morning coffee, I sent a message to a friend introducing the company.  When I was eating my lunch, I would send another couple of messages, and in the evening, I’d send a few Facebook messages taking a few minutes.

As a self-employed consultant, I know the pitfalls to avoid when requiring value in return for your time, therefore the mistake I see many making which I was careful not to do was the ‘newsfeed timewarp’ .  You may have experienced it yourself, you go onto Facebook to check something or see a photograph and get drawn in to the newsfeed, as you scroll, time ticks away without you even realising it and the next thing you know, you’re late for something or haven’t finished something on time.  Therefore if you have the discipline to send a few messages and avoid this pitfall,  you can expect faster results.

I’m still in my first year and have already created profitable home based businesses for myself and a number of friends and people I met through social media.  I have been honoured to see them grow their businesses and confidence along the way.  I am currently looking for new team members with drive and ambition to make the most of this amazing opportunity.  If you feel you would like to start your own home based business, from anywhere in the world, just click here to contact me.