My little motivator

My little motivator

Over the past number of months, my main motivator and driving force has also been my reason to prioritise and therefore take things a little bit easier aswell.  As you may know from my previous blogs, we are happily expecting our first baby next month so being at home full-time and able to schedule work around childcare is one of the many advantages I’m looking forward to being able to capitalise on; however after talking to lots of other women in my pregnancy classes, there are very few others able to enjoy this benefit.  I had to write something about this because more people should know that you don’t have to save for years to have children or cut maternity leave short for monetary reasons and there is another way around these common concerns.  I find myself seething with anger that this is something we STILL accept as a way of life and that you just have to ‘get on with it’.
I’m aware that this simply where I am in life right now and it’s probably not your reason for wanting to work from home but if you know someone in this situation, please feel free to forward this email to them incase I can help.

We all know it’s not uncommon or unknown to expect your job to have changed while you’re away or to not “technically” be there when you get back which makes that time before going on maternity leave all the more stressful.  I can now personally vouch for there being quite enough things to be concerned with in the delicate process of nurturing a baby from inception through to healthy birth alone without adding external employers agendas into the mix.

While some ladies in my classes were working extra hours (when they were already exhausted growing a human) training their replacements, writing detailed debriefs and hoping their role would continue to be there on their return, others were comparing the cost of childcare for their return back to work with their monthly take home pay to see that there was little difference between their new bills and existing level of income.

Worries of being seen as a weaker member of the team if having to take additional days off for child related sick days and occasions and passing up on promotions they had worked towards for years because of this change in circumstances further impacted their concerns.

While some had saved for some time to be in a position to take their full maternity leave and subsidise the drop in pay after so many weeks, others simply couldn’t afford it and had to return to work after just a few weeks.  The ladies in this situation were usually the main breadwinners in their households, however this scenario is even harder to bear as it means because they have worked hard for the majority of their working lives, they simply had to continue working just as hard and miss out on such an important time in their child’s life.

Being your own boss may have it’s own challenges of having to motivate yourself to actually work when you need to, however this is a minimal concern when I compare it with the worries and stresses of my new pregnant acquaintances.

5 reasons pregnant women should be aware of this business:
1) This entirely flexible way of working can take as little as 2 hours a week and fit around crazy sleeping patterns to give you money in your bank account and invaluable peace of mind.
2) You can spend as much or as little time on it as you wish to make as much or little extra income as you wish, so when you are sleep deprived – sleep, and when  you feel ok – earn!
3) You could use it as a way to top up your income and give you valuable extra time at home before returning to work
4) You could spend a little more time on it and give yourself the choice of whether you would actually like to return to work at all
5) Being able to choose your own hours means you can schedule work for times when someone else can be there so you can avoid childcare costs saving yourself a considerable amount of money in these precious early years!

If anyone would like further information on what I do, please get in touch with me.  Email me on gracecarlisle@outlook.com and mention where you’re from so I can suggest a way of reaching out with information you can view and look at.

Thanks for reading!

Exciting Life Changes and My Baby Realisations

Exciting Life Changes and My Baby Realisations

I’ve just hung out a wash of baby clothes bought to pack in my hospital bag in a few weeks and our little back yard area has taken on a new look I’ve never seen before!  Being a first timer at all of this, I’ve not been sure what to buy, when to stop work, how to prepare, or how much of anything is normal when you’re pregnant but I’m getting used to the idea of just doing my best and enjoying the ride.  I’ve written a list of my most recent realisations sparked by the imminent arrival of this little person into our lives:

#1: You need to be there to make memories.  Shopping days and coffee time with my mum has been one of the things I’ve enjoyed most this past few months.  With past marketing work and multiple jobs I’ve spent most of my life running from pillar to post never having time to slow down and focus on just being where I am; so having these months to really enjoy the experience with family has been amazing!

#2: Nesting is an actual thing!  I’ve heard people talk about and hoped that one day I’d turn into a cleaning demon too!  It seems to have started this morning as I found myself cleaning out the cutlery drawers with disinfectant before breakfast?!  I’m hoping it stretches to every other room shortly, but I’m trying to pace myself inbetween bursts of fatigue!

#3: I don’t need as many clothes!  Who would have thought, but apparently I can get by on one box of clothes as all my normal clothes are now vacu-packed out of the way for the day when I can figure out how to fit into them again.  I have to admit I’ve already bought my Clean9 ready for the day I can start working towards fitting into all my favourites again!

#4: I love my business!! I have never been more appreciative of my work from home than now, as I have been able to arrange meetings and coffees around appointment times etc and enjoy the benefits of an income and more time off.  One of the earliest reasons I started my work from home business as a self-employed person was so that I could be at home enjoying time with our family and I pinch myself to think that that day is almost here!

#5: I’m really grateful that we’ve been spurred on to make time to spend with our dog establishing a better routine and a little more discipline.  She now eats breakfast and dinner at the same time as us without leaving nuts in the bowl for a toddler to munch on (and a few other better traits and handy treat motivated commands to make life less complicated in a few months time).  Not knowing how any animal will take to the addition of a new ‘pack member’ however well I know our little dog inside out, she now knows where the boundaries are,i.e. no climbing on the sofa anymore and it’s not ok to jump up on anyone unless outside playing.

#6: I can’t believe how much ‘stuff’ you need for a baby!! I know we haven’t scratched the surface and we even ‘think’ we have the bare essentials covered but I can’t believe how many things they need and trying to figure out how much is marketing and how much we really need has been quite a time consuming task over the last few months!

#7: We’re never going to be prepared.  No matter how much thinking, planning and preparing – I don’t think we’ll ever be prepared for what lies in store for us.  So, I’m just hoping and praying that everyone will be healthy and everything will be OK.

#8:  Life is never going to be the same again!  I know this is obvious but it does take a while to really settle in that everything from just nipping to the shop for 2 mins to get something for dinner, to planning each days activities around a little person won’t be as simple as just ‘doing’.

9#: I am in the right business to create the life I want for my family, from the trips and experiences to having the time in everyday moments.  While any new business takes time to build momentum and pace, if I had it all to do over again, I’d know it would be worth it and I’d choose the same business, the same company to work with and the same people to support me and my team.

Please check out my other blogs on life and working from home within this website, and if you want to get in touch please email me.



Chiropractic health for overall wellbeing – my humble opinion…

Chiropractic health for overall wellbeing – my humble opinion…

I heard a quote this morning that taking painkillers can sometimes be like turning off the smoke alarm without looking for the fire and it inspired me to write this blog.  I regularly go to a chiropractor called Keith Martin, based in Avalon Chiropractic in Belfast who I highly recommend.   I think this post is relevant for my website because these visits have improved my quality of life and that’s really what my business is about doing.  It is normally through showing and coaching people to earn a greater income, however your health is your wealth as they say and this falls under the same remit.  I know it’s not everyone’s thing, however I don’t think many people realise the connection between your overall health and your spine.  I believe chiropractic treatments are about improving the level of function between your spine and your nervous system, proactively taking responsibility for your health to improve your own well-being.

I started going a few years ago after too many falls from horses and far too many hours hunched over a laptop!  However last year, while in an appointment with Keith; I happened to mention that I always had trouble with my breathing and had just accepted that my lungs were the weak link in my body.  He worked at my diaphragm and back with the result being something I can only describe as a breath of fresh air (pardon the pun)!  I had forgotten what it was like to breathe deeply, I’d simply given up on it and accepted shallow breathing and having to breathe through my mouth at times to be my norm.  I had no idea a simple visit to a chiropractor could make that much of a difference in quality of life, hence my desire to share this in my blog!

More lately, through my pregnancy, heart burn and indigestion have been common symptoms, however in my humble opinion, keeping my visits to him regular has greatly reduced these factors and increased my personal quality of life over the last few months.

One final advantage I have to mention came from reading a book called ‘Well Adjusted Babies’ second edition by Dr Jennifer Berham-Floreani.  It is written by a female chiropractor and provides insight into lots of different areas including nutrition, vaccines, self-care, birthing, breast feeding and too many others to mention but my personal favourite was in a statistic provided showing reduced labour time as a result of regular chiropractic treatments.  It stands to reason that improving the alignment of your back and hips could result in smoother birthing experience however as a keen learner with limited knowledge, I’d simply like to recommend reading the book for yourselves if you’d like further information from a source extremely educated in the area.

Thanks for reading…

My pregnancy journey

My pregnancy journey

This is my fifth month of pregnancy, we had our big scan a couple of weeks ago to say everything was well and I just wanted to share a few of the supplements that I’ve been taking to make my life easier!  Every morning without fail I take my aloe drinking gel, I always go for the berry flavour simply because it’s a nicer taste but the difference it makes in my everyday life is unquestionable.  I feel brighter, my digestive system keeps working so I have more energy and I don’t feel that sluggish morning tiredness that would otherwise have invaded my daily routine.  I’m just home from a swim which I’ve been doing a few times a week and must confess this would not exist as a thought never mind an action if I wasn’t drinking the gel!

I have also noticed a big difference by taking ‘arctic sea’ an omega supplement.  They say omega 3 & 9’s are your brain food and I have to agree that I feel clearer and more focused to get my work done in an organised and timely manner on the days when I take these compared to the days when I don’t.  Taking them while pregnant has helped me break through that ‘foggy mind’ feeling, not to mention the positive effects DHA’s and EPA’s have on visual and cognitive development of the baby.   Google the term ‘omega oils in pregnancy’ for further information to read up on it for your own knowledge.  The concern with typical fish oil supplements is in the mercury content because it is harmful to your baby, (and yourself) which is another reason why I chose to use the Arctic Sea product as they use pharmaceutical grade fish oil, giving me peace of mind which is worth the extra cost.

The other special mention I have to make is for a mineral supplement which I began taking because I was getting terrible leg cramps every morning and my midwife pointed out it was likely to be a calcium deficiency.  As caffeine is a no no during pregnancy I had cut out anything containing it, only having a decaf coffee once every few days when I felt I was craving it. (i.e. in my cafe meetings when I could smell glorious coffee brewing and couldn’t resist)  The milk my coffees and teas contained was the only part of my diet containing calcium, so I started adding a supplement called ‘nature-min’ which is a blend of a number of minerals including calcium.  I had tried lots of other ways, more exercise, less exercise, stretches before bed, massage before bed, however am I’m very glad to report I don’t seem to get them anymore in these precious weeks of trying to build up as much sleep in reserve as possible!

If you would like more information on any of the products I’ve mentioned, please click here to email me, or click here to browse all the items in my online shop.  There are a lot of vitamins and products on the link, however I personally feel the greatest benefits from these three gems!



I’m expecting!

I’m expecting!

I have been keeping this piece of news off social media for the last few months for a couple of reasons. Firstly because I felt it was a precious part of our lives and I just wanted to make sure everything would be ok before I made it ‘public.’ I actually only realised this week why else I had been holding back, which will seem silly to some but obvious to others – I think I was keeping my wonderful news private because of traditional corporate thinking, in that I would lose work and income once people knew so it would be harder to prepare for family life! Isn’t that horrendous! Why does that kind of thought even enter our minds, however I’m realising that lots of emotions come up when you deal with something new and this is definitely something new as it will be our first child.

If you read my last blog, you’ll know I finished my marketing consultancy work last week to work from home full time and help others do the same.  Now that I’ve identified why I was keeping it to myself, I have another reason to be grateful for having my home business to help me prepare for this next chapter in my life and I am determined to make it a great read!

This blog is about more than just my business, it’s about my life, so here I am! I’m 34 years old, I’m married, 5 months pregnant with my first child, a little bit terrified and massively excited about our future family life together!!  If my story doesn’t interest you – don’t read it!   But thanks to my business I will be able to be at home and schedule my working hours around family commitments, which is something I don’t think money can buy!  Perhaps this is my own ‘old baggage’ but I feel I should point out (as not everyone reading this knows me yet) that I intend to continue to take my business more seriously than ever as it forms the means by which I will create the best possible life for our little family.

In contrast to employment, I am looking forward to a growing income during maternity months, as I feel in the corporate world especially, that we have to choose between a larger salary and family time, or put off having children until later in life so as to afford the pay cut and salary drop through those important maternity months, then hope our jobs are still there when we go back which in a lot of cases I’ve personally witnessed – they weren’t!!  It’s no wonder I had that deep rooted belief, however thanks to how things have changed over the last couple of years, I was able to uncover it and say goodbye!

I wish more people knew about what we do, because there IS another way, and you don’t have to choose between work and family or work and life for that matter; you CAN HAVE BOTH!!!  Many of the people I work with are young mums, who either don’t want to return to work full time after maternity leave, or are looking for a way to spend time with their kids instead of paying large childcare fees and missing all the important moments while they’re stuck in work.

I have an amazing support network within my business, which makes this the ideal scenario of being in business for yourself but not by yourself. We have an incredible group of leaders who help us train, learn, develop and support growing businesses every step of the way so you always feel supported.  I would just like to invite anyone else who is in a similar situation or just wants to spend more time at home with their families to contact me, get some info on my business and find out how you can benefit from it too. Email me on grace@gracecarlisle.co.uk, if you are on my Facebook page, send me a direct message and I would be delighted to show you some information.