Time Management Tips for a Successful Home-Based Business

Time Management Tips for a Successful Home-Based Business

Home-based businesses have provided income for families long before the internet. However, the internet has made opening and operating a home-based business easier than ever. These new businesses can provide you the opportunity to earn a substantial income in the comfort of your own home.

However, the picture isn’t always so sunny. A home-based business requires work just like any other business. It’s important to make the best use of your time to enable your business to bring you the profits and joy you deserve.

Being at home gives the feeling of comfort, relaxation, and escape from work, so it’s very easy to lose focus and, as a result, get much different results than the ones you want from your business venture.

Making the Most of your time when building a Home-Based Business

So what’s the fix? Developing a timetable to help manage your life at home will help ensure everything gets done when it needs to be.

Follow these tips to enable your time management tool to work effectively for you:

1. Use work time wisely. Allocate a specific time slot each day for work and use the time just

for that. Avoid being distracted by TV or anything else. Remind yourself that you’ve scheduled enough time for everything, so work time should be just that!

2. Schedule enough rest time. Lack of rest can significantly impact the results from your home-based business. You’ll start to feel tired and cranky if you’re not well-rested, which will undoubtedly affect the quality and quantity of work you produce.

• Avoid the temptation to cut into your rest time to get more done; use rest time for actually resting so your work doesn’t suffer.

3. Include scheduled breaks. Once your timetable includes scheduled breaks during work slots, you’ll have something to look forward to. You’ll also have less of an urge to take “unscheduled” breaks while working.

Poor Time Management Can Lead to Unnecessary Challenges

Of course, how you manage your time at home will significantly impact the success of your at-home business. But what poor time management can also affect is “the rest of your life.” That’s right, working at home in a haphazard manner can really take its toll on other things.

• Family time and other important activities could be negatively impacted if you work in an ad hoc manner and don’t reserve enough time for it.

• Fitness, health, and diet also need your direct attention when you’re a work at home earner. Not paying enough attention to those things can result in letting them slide.   Which can be the last thing you want when your only source of income is your home-based business!

It’s very easy to get so absorbed in your home-based business and overlook the importance of other aspects of your life.  If you’re working 16 hours per day, then you’re most likely not exercising or eating properly. Nor are you spending time with your loved ones. Try to steer clear of this scenario!  If you want to work from home but want all the headaches of products, distribution, leglities and paperwork all done for you, to focus solely on business development at a small or large scale, email me directly on gracecarlisle@outlook.com or fill out one of the forms on this page for more information on the work from home business I use!

Once you create a structured approach to your business and life in general, you’ll find that you’ll accomplish more, get more financial fulfillment from your business, and be able to achieve balance in other aspects of your life as well!

I created a time scheduler resource to let you plan your week ahead and be more productive.  Complete the form below to receive this free resource.  You can then print it as many times as you like!

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Turning Your Hobby Into An Income Stream

Turning Your Hobby Into An Income Stream

If you’re like most people, you probably dream of having a job thats enjoyable and fulfilling. Maybe the solution is to turn something you love into a way to pay the bills.

You may be thinking, Theres no way I can make money from my hobby.” But you might be surprised!

Just think how great it would be if you could make money from the one thing that you actually choose to do when you have free time. What could possibly be better than that?

You might not be able to fully replace your regular job right away. However, you could earn a few hundred dollars a month or more for something you would be doing anyway. And that can make a big difference.

The two basic routes to making money from your hobby are:

1. Teach.

Someone out there would like to learn what you know. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you have to be one of the worlds top ten leading experts on something in order to make money at it.  Most experts tell you, you just need to know more about your topic than the person you’re teaching.
Some ways to teach include:
o Giving seminars (online or in person)
o Selling articles related to your hobby
o Writing and selling a book or ebook
o Oneon-one coaching
o Setting up a website that provides educational information and sells related products and services.

2. Sell a related product or service.

Hobbies require supplies. Other people may as well be purchasing those supplies from you. If your hobby is collecting something, you can buy and sell whatever it is you collect. Or think of businesses related to your hobby. For example:
If you love animals, you could sell your services as a dog sitter.
If you love boats, you could sell boat plans or rent boats to vacationers.
Do you love design and interior decorating? Do you like to watch design shows on TV? You might not be on television anytime soon, but you probably know more about decorating a house than the average family does. Why not start with friends and family and work your way up to taking on referrals and getting paid for them.
What if fishing is your passion? How about owning a bait and tackle shop? You could be a fishing guide. You could sell fishing lures online.
Do you love to travel? Take lots of pictures and write about your adventures. Travel magazines and websites are always looking for good content. You could also start your own travel website.  As it grows, you could advertise products for companies who target other people who like to travel, or be sponsored by them!

The real key is to take time to think about all the ways you could possibly make money related to your hobby. Then you can choose to do so in the most enjoyable way possible.

Imagine the excitement you’ll feel the first time you cash that cheque for doing something you used to do for free! Once you make a little money from your hobby, the wheels will really start turning, and youll be surprised at all the other ideas that come to mind.

Start today by making a list of all the ways you could possibly make money at your hobby. Have fun, and good luck!

Why not download our time scheduler to help you block out time when you can work on developing your hobby into a business.

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8 Ways A Positive Attitude Enhances Success

8 Ways A Positive Attitude Enhances Success

It’s easy to underestimate the power of having a positive attitude. However, that would be a mistake. A positive attitude shapes your perspective, enhances health, increases productivity, and benefits those around you. It’s surprising how much a change in attitude can impact the results you’re producing!  This blog spans both of my subjects, ‘Working from home’ and ‘One healthy journey’ so I have to pop it into both categories.

Sometimes I know it doesn’t feel like it but your attitude is under your control, so you can use it to your advantage.

I’ve listed below how a positive mental attitude benefits you and enhances your success:

1. An optimistic attitude leaves a positive impression.

Your attitude doesn’t just impact the way you view the world. It also changes the way the world views you. It’s easy to pick those people that view the world from a positive perspective versus one that’s negative. When others view you in a positive light, you’ll be presented with more opportunities in life.  If you think about it, you know the people in your life who think positively.  (They’re easier to be around too!)
With this in mind, if you consciously try to Go through life leaving a positive impression, you can expect your successes to come more easily.

2. You have more control over your life.

Those with a positive mental attitude are more likely to believe that they can influence the direction of their lives. People with a negative attitude believe they are stuck with few options to make life better, who wants to feel like that?!  Happiness is correlated with the number of options you believe are available to you.

3. A positive attitude strengthens your relationships.

Would you rather spend time with someone who’s positive or negative? It’s an easy question to answer. Positive people are uplifting and make others feel good. Positive people are energizing.
Successful relationships are easier to create and maintain if others enjoy spending time with you.

4. You enjoy better health when you have positive thoughts.

There are countless studies that show the link between attitude and health. You’ll also save a lot of money by making fewer trips to the doctor and taking less days off work. It’s much more challenging to be successful if your health is poor.

5. Your productivity will soar.

Do you have a hard time getting things done? An upgrade in your attitude could help! Think about how much you get accomplished when you’re feeling down and negative. If your productivity is suffering at work or at home, it’s a hard pill to swallow but could consciously taking a look at your attitude help you.
6. It’s easier to persist during challenging times. Things don’t always go according to plan. If you expect a negative outcome, you’re likely to give up and go home. On the other hand, an enthusiastic, optimistic attitude will help you to stay in the game.  Many success experts believe that persistence is the most important quality a person with big goals can possess. Persistence is easy when you have positive expectations.

Set big goals. Be positive. Persist.

7. Self-confidence and a positive attitude go hand in hand.

By ridding yourself of negative thought, you create an ideal environment for self-confidence to grow and flourish. How can you have self-confidence when you expect the worst? A negative attitude suggests a lack of confidence in your ability to handle the situation.

8. Peace of mind.

We all have a limited ability to handle stress. When life becomes too stressful, our ability to be successful is hampered. The tranquility that a positive attitude provides gives you the mental space necessary to be at your best each day.

There is no downside to uplifting your attitude. A positive mental attitude has a positive influence on your outlook, health, relationships, and overall happiness. In turn, these improve your ability to be successful. Work hard and stay focused, but be positive during the process. You’ll feel better and enjoy the results.

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I recently read an article on the benefits of decluttering and who wouldn’t appreciate a clutter free home!
I know it’s not something you were maybe expecting to read about in here but a ‘healthy journey’ includes a little declutter now and again So I thought it might be valuable to mention it!
One way to be more productive and think with more clarity is to clear the clutter that bogs you down in your everyday surroundings!
Rather than bogging you down with detail, I’m keeping this blog quite short and including a little challenge aswell!   (Simply declutter the space in your home where you spend the most time!)
If you work from home; clear your desk!
If you are an avid gardener, declutter your greenhouse.
If you’re an equestrian enthusiast, declutter your tackroom!
If you have kids – I don’t want you to lose a weekend decluttering – just do a quick declutter job on the car!!!
If you’re so exhausted you collapse in front of the tv at night, declutter your living room!
That’s it! I’m not asking for photos, just let me know if you felt better after it was done!
Having moved house in May, we still have three rooms that I’ll diplomatically name ‘storage rooms’. so I feel like a recovering hoarder as I take on this challenge too!! Wishing you all the very best of luck!

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Doing that thing you know you should but haven’t…yet

Doing that thing you know you should but haven’t…yet

In a recent healthy habits challenge we ran in our community Facebook group, we took a day to focus on doing activities that we didn’t really want to do but the thought of doing them weight us down more than the act of just pulling the plaster off quick!  It was so helpful to our group members that I thought I’d mention it in this blog in case it helps others get the same ‘feel good’ factor!

You know what we mean, ‘that thing’ you’ve been putting off doing! We all have them, that think you’ve meant to do but haven’t and every time you think about it you feel a bit ‘ugh’ or ‘ish’ lol! As ‘that thing’ turns into ‘another thing’ and before you know it, you don’t know why you just feel like every’thing’ is getting on top of you so let’s face it head on together and fingers crossed it only takes a few mins when you dedicate time to get it done and out of the way!

Whether it’s pricing round for car insurance, tacking the ‘junk drawer/room’ getting through that pile of ironing etc.  Please feel free to join in with this challenge and comment below with the thing you did and if it made you feel as good as it did with our challengers!  P.s. If you’d like to join our free group with challenges like this, click here!

19 positive thoughts on Covid-19

19 positive thoughts on Covid-19

Yes, we are in the throes of a global pandemic, but we’ve got to take precautions, do our best to stay safe and try to focus on the positives as panic isn’t helping anyone! So, instead of lying awake again last night worrying about loved ones it might have a negative effect on; I decided to try to think of a silver lining – and strangely I thought of more than one!

I thought others might benefit from thinking in this way too, so to contribute to a more positive outlook on this horrible situation, I’ve listed below 19 good things I’ve noticed that may otherwise not have happened. We are all in this together!

  1. In this time of war against an invisible enemy, to play our part as the general public, we aren’t being asked to go to war, sending every able bodied man to a different country to fight for us, separating immediate families for months or indefinitely, we are just being asked to stay at home and I am thankful for that!
  2. On a lighter note (pardon the pun) we are all being encouraged to take one daily form of exercise everyday. With all these people out and about exercising and walking off the stress of being inside all day, I have to wonder if we (as a generation) will be lighter as result of all the extra miles walked each evening?!
  3. Perhaps it’s just me, but I’m hearing more about people taking better care of their health in relation to eating better food. The clear advice from medical experts includes eating more nutritious food (in order to better equip your body to ward off the virus, should you come into contact with it.) As a result, people seem to be making different dinner and snack time choices! They’ve also more time to make dinner with everyone confined to their homes and sporting and community groups being cancelled for the time being!
  4. This virus didn’t stop at a country border, or the edge of a continent. It laughed at manmade barriers and passed through unseen to attack our most vulnerable. It has however, united people from across the world in their response and coping mechanisms to it. Sharing tips to get by in quarantine times, recipes, games, education, exercises. Locally in the UK, we’ve thankfully seen a positive response from people wanting to look after the vulnerable among us to provide food and necessities for them. This is heart warming and a relief to see! How many new friendships and bonds will be created because of this, how many people will see that they are no longer on their own and there is a support network there to help them in their time of need.
  5. Wildlife benefits must include the awareness created about the wet markets in China and new laws to forbid its trade. Albeit there seem to be loopholes but at least it is moving forward. Globally, there are lots of videos of wildlife enjoying the less congested urban areas including dolphins moving back into Venice now the waters aren’t muddied with hundreds of boats and water taxi’s etc.
  6. Thousands of family dogs are getting to enjoy walks through their neighbourhoods each night instead of their owners going to the gym! They’re also not being left in crates through the day while their owners are at work because of the thousands of people working from home.
  7. People are being forced to spend more time at home with their immediate families. I’ve never witnessed so many families walking with prams or dogs on leads. Women on their own with a pram is a regular sight, but a full family walk becoming a new reality is a pretty nice thought. It’s well documented that for some time, the art of conversation has been in decline and suicide rates increasing. I hope those families are talking to each other and reopening those lines of communications that drew them together in the first place. It’s important to acknowledge that not everyone has a positive home environment so for those in need I hope they know there is support and help available. If in Northern Ireland you can call, Nexus 0808 802 1414  or Womens Aid website have online chat, email or phone help available here:
    https://www.womensaid.org.uk/ . or the Samaritans
    https://www.samaritans.org/ For those learning more about their loved ones and getting to spend valuable time that would otherwise have been spent in their workplace or travelling home from it – please make best use of this time!! Create good memories, spend time with them, talk to them enjoy this silver lining.
  8. Home learning – while it’s not easy to incorporate home schooling with working from home, I am loving the Facebook shares of parents connecting with their kids and improving their own understanding so they can explain lessons on a one to one level with their little and not so little ones. I am heartbroken for the kids who were due to sit important exams later this year having already invested many years in preparation. However, to stay positive about it; they’re now getting to learn in new ways and I hope resources continue to be made available to help them all learn.
  9. People are being actively encouraged to work from home – for years, many have wanted to spend more time at home and less time travelling to a place of work many miles away when they could have done the same work from the comfort of their own home. I know it’s working out better for some businesses than others, but either way it has forced our generation to change the way we look at where we work. Hopefully it will pave the way for a more accommodating working life for those who in employment.
  10. Some people are getting a glimpse of the life they’ve been missing out on while they took their daily spot in the rat race. Leaving for work in the dark and returning in the dark again. For anyone wanting to build a new way of life that they can do flexibly from home with only their own goals as a boss, click here to email me for info on how I could help you make that a reality.
  11. Environmental benefits of working from home mean that thousands of people worldwide aren’t adding to pollutive congestion twice a day as they travel to and from work, not to mention the travel bans on many flights!
  12. Mother nature is sick, and this forced pause is offering a chance to let her heal and let us see the damage we’ve been doing. I hope this time to review and reflect lets those who can make a difference, make the decisions they need to, to improve the world we live in for the better.
  13. The forced equality this virus has pushed onto us is a reminder that we are all equal. It doesn’t care who you are, how many followers you have on social media, how famous you are, where you live, the car you drive, what country you are from or who you know! What an example to our children! The important members of our society are those who provide essential items, and healthcare.
  14. We’ve received a wakeup call that we’ve become too dependent on material things and taken essentials for granted. This humbling experience has given us the opportunity to personally review and make a change for the better
  15. We have to hope that governments provide packages to supporting high street retailers classed as non-essential, but online sales and shops are booming. Sales on amazon have rocketed in the past couple of weeks. The people who have been working from home to create a backup plan or an extra income for their families are experiencing growth. Those who listened to the market trends, took that knowledge and acted on it moving their high street shops online are being rewarded for it.
  16. We’ve been given an opportunity to take time out and learn new skills to improve our way of life. Please make the most of this opportunity, learn the things you’ve been craving, do the things (if you safely can within the confines of government guidelines) that you’ve been wanting to try, do it – up level and make lemonade with these lemons!
  17. We’ve never been given a better opportunity to re-prioritize! We are realising that we are not our jobs, they are just something we do! It can be so easy to be sucked into our jobs because of the percentage of our lifetime we spend doing it but this time has taken it away for this brief period and forced us home to the important things in life, our health, family and loved ones.
  18. We are appreciating the true heroes in our generation – those in the health and essential services. Our NHS workers had to strike for weeks last year for the government to recognise they needed help. Where would we be today if our health workers couldn’t have afforded to stay in that line of work or have the resources to do their jobs. Those same nurses and doctors who faced criticism for standing on the picket lines are now being publicly recognised for forming our front line. We appreciate you!
  19. We are currently in 3 weeks of lockdown to stay at home and slow the spread of the virus, but it also takes 21 days to form a new habit. In 3 weeks’ time, regardless of what steps we must take next, will the new bonds within immediate family, the increase in daily exercise, the improved diet, concentration on mindfulness, the increased caring within our community lead us to a better place? I hope so! I hope you all stay safe and well.

How Vitamin C can help keep us healthy

How Vitamin C can help keep us healthy

I’m not an expert but keeping ourselves as healthy as possible is well documented as the best starting point should this virus reach us. So, getting over viral infections and colds that we already have as quickly as possible can only be a good thing.
Dr Patrick Holford, a world leading nutritionist, explains that vitamin C plays a vital role in helping us to get over colds and viruses quicker! In a blog post on his website, he uses a number of references to clinical studies showing that vitamin C inhibits viruses multiplying and boosts production of immune cells. You can read his full article here where he goes into much more detail that I could explain, but for the purpose of my blog, I’ll keep things summarised and lighter to read.

How much do we need to take?

In a study of students, those given 1 gram of vitamin C every hour for six hours during the first day of a cold, reported 85 per cent less cold symptoms than those taking decongestants and pain killers. You can read the full results of this study here.

Although we tend to take it more when we feel ourselves getting sick, it’s an essential vitamin for every day life and it’s recommended we intake vit C daily in some form. The nutrition.org government website says vitamin C “helps to protect cells from damage and helps with the formation of collagen, which is important for normal bones, gums, teeth and skin. It also helps the immune system work as it should and the nervous system to function normally.”

You can get vitamin C from many fruits and veg listed below, however if you wish to increase your intake with a supplement, there are many different brands of vitamin C on the market. I’m aware I’ll sound biased here as I use the Forever Living products to provide a work from home income for my family, but I choose to take this brand of Vitamin C because it’s combined with a bran. (To reference it properly, an oat bran, that’s a highly soluble dietry fibre.) This combination means your body is able to absorb more vitamin C from the supplement, which is important as some vitamins are chosen for their strength which is irrelevant if it’s excreted before your body gets a chance to absorb it. Feel free to email me for more info on it.

What do you need to know about Vitamin C?

  • It’s an essential Vitamin meaning your body can’t produce it
  • It’s a powerful anti-oxidant
  • It helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals
  • Vit C in your skin helps with the formation of collagen, to even skintone and diminish wrinkles and helps your body repair damaged skin cells.
  • It’s water soluble, so it’s not stored in your body
  • It can be found in many fruits and vegetables, including oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, and spinach
  • One cigarette depleats your vitamin C levels by 25mg
  • Stress, medication and environmental factors also depleat the vitamin C levels in your body
  • The Forever Vitamin C contains 60mg of Vit C, 500mg oat bran, papaya and honey for better absorbtion.

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Earn from home regardless of the chaos outside your front door

Earn from home regardless of the chaos outside your front door

With everything that’s going on in the world we live in, it’s made me incredibly grateful to have a business I can work from home (and behind a laptop if I choose to.) Some of my friends have no choice but to continue working in customer facing environments where they fear they may bring the virus home to their families every night. While others have businesses of their own but their income has been cut because of people scared to go out, meanwhile the costs of running their premises remain unchanged.

It has also helped me realise I want to focus much more time and effort helping other people have the following choices:
* To work from home (or wherever you wish) if you need to.
* To work to your own schedule / choosing more or less hours depending on what you need and want to earn and achieve.
* To work when you need to around family life, (Jack’s currently having his afternoon nap upstairs).
* To build a business for your family’s future that’s willable so your children can receive your income in the future.
* To be able to keep your children at home for a few weeks without worrying about childcare/and your income.
* To not feel obligated to put your family’s health at risk by simply having to work where and when you’re told to.
* To not be dependent on one line of income / to have a backup.

If you know anyone wanting to make a change in their working situation, or wanting to create a “side-hustle” or part-time business as a plan B or backup plan regardless of what’s happening outside your front door, then get in touch, or send this to that friend so they can get in touch for info.

I’ll send across a quick 5 min video with some info and if it’s for you great, and if not no worries!

Feel free to contact me from any country, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

When to quit

When to quit
I have watched my little boy stand and fall down, take a step and fall down, use a walker and fall down.  Yet still, he keeps on standing and trying to walk.  He gets frustrated sometimes and resorts to crawling to get where he wants to go faster, yet he keeps on trying.  He has no idea what experiences are waiting on him, like how much fun it will be to run around and play football with his mates, or run and play with our dog, but he still keeps on trying.  He sees us walking so he knows it can be done and if we can do it then he will too.  Naturally, sometimes he has a big tumble, has a cry and needs a cuddle, but it doesn’t take long until he’s pushing me off, sliding back down to the ground and giving it another go. In life, how many of us have lost this drive.  We really want to do something, whether it’s setting up a new business, taking up a new hobby, or trying to get better at something.  However after one or two failed attempts, we decide we aren’t any good at it and we quit.  We’ve all done it, yet how many grown ups do you see that are able bodied yet haven’t learned to walk yet? When we were babies, how far removed would it have been to think (if we could have at that time) that in a few short years, we’d be learning a new language and how to communicate, draw, play, manipulate our parents, walking, running etc.  That’s a pretty tall order, yet once again – how many adults do you know who didn’t accomplish this? So why do we think that learning a new skill, a new language, starting up a new business etc is something we can’t do?  I watched my son take his first unaided steps today, he overbalanced soon after, but I know it won’t be long until he puts one foot in front of the other and makes it look easy.  I see it too often in my work, someone is outgoing, fun and has a great work ethic; I know they’d be amazing at what we do but life has just beat them down one too many times and they’re scared to take the plunge to even start.  So they don’t and nothing changes for them. I would love for someone reading this to think about something they’ve wanted to do for a long time, then dig deep, take that leap of faith and do even just one thing today that moves them closer to achieving it.  If you don’t manage it perfectly first time around, just remember how many failed attempts a child usually takes at learning to walk.  If they gave up after the first few, you know how much of life they’d miss out on, who knows what amazing experiences are waiting for you to open the door to them! Go for it!

Dig your well before you’re thirsty

Dig your well before you’re thirsty

How many times in life do we wish we had saved more for the rainy day that arrived before we were ready, or put aside a small amount each month to pay for that big purchase we knew we would have to make.

Why do we choose to play small, or sacrifice the achievements we know we’re capable of and choose instant gratification/sabotage in the present moment?

You see an opportunity to create the circumstances / life that you’ve craved, you know you might need to make some small daily changes and you finally know what you need to do.  But you don’t get started because you don’t need it yet… and before you know it, it’s too late!

I recently had a reality check, I’ve spent almost a year talking ‘baby’ and very very little time talking business!  But it’s ok, I’d never get a second chance to enjoy that year with my son, however I can easily get back on track with my business.  So here is your reality check , if you haven’t already bought your first home, the chances are you will need as much extra income as you can get when you do. If you haven’t already started a family, the chances are you will need as much extra income (and time) as you can get when you do. If you have already started a family, you’ll know they cost more the older they get, so start planning now as the chances are you’ll need as much extra income as possible down the line… if you don’t have a pension, when you do retire… the chances are…. you see where I’m going with this. Don’t wait until you need it before you start doing something about it.

This blog is about sharing my work from home business and what it can do, but if that’s not your thing, find something that is but that also gives you time freedom, because life is too precious to spend all of it working while the memories were made without you, or to spend all of it wishing for different circumstances while time passed anyway.

Dig your well before you need it, because whatever happens, you’ll need it for something!

5 reasons why you should start earning from home this month

5 reasons why you should start earning from home this month

more time freedomI am helping a few people get their home businesses started internationally this month and would like to extend this invitation to anyone reading my blog if you would like to get your business up and running soon too?
To help you decide, I’ve outlined my top 5 reasons why you should let me help you start earning from home this month:

1) Spend summer with your kids and save on childcare – with a work from home business, you set your schedule, so you can work around the time you want to spend with your family or on other hobbies or commitments.  It’s your life, you should be able to set your own rules, not live by someone else’s holiday limits, when the sun shines, you should be able to enjoy it!

2) A healthier you!  The business I work with is in the health and nutrition industry, so for any natural wellness products, vitamins, weight management, fitness, personal care or animal products you buy anyway, you could now buy them at cost price through your very own home business!  Why pay high street prices and give that profit margin to someone else, when it could be going towards your own goals and dreams!
2a) Look younger, feel better!  We have literally just announced a new clinically proven skincare system to give you great anti-ageing results using natural ingredients and the latest scientific breakthroughs!  Not only could you now benefit from the monetary side of being able to offer this to people you know and those you , you could enjoy the benefits of it yourself too!!

3) The industry we are in is growing every day, so the sooner you start, the sooner you can begin making money and have that same decision I had when I realised I couldn’t afford to work for anyone else anymore because it wasn’t financially viable!  Can you imagine what it would feel like to call your boss and say “I’m afraid I just can’t afford you anymore, I’m going to have to let you go…”

4) It gives you spending money in time for Summer holidays and if you want it could help you pay that last instalment for the actual holiday too!!  Would you like to eat out more when you’re away, or maybe you haven’t booked anything yet, but having a bit of extra money in the bank would make it a decision that is completely in your control and not something decided for you by your bank balance.

5) When you start your business you receive:

  • Free personal coaching from me to help you build your business based on your skills so you really can have life on your terms
  • Access to an exclusive members only Facebook group to support you in your business
  • Access to exclusive membership websites to make sure you have everything you need
  • A licence to trade in 160 countries worldwide
  • A company website allowing you to make sales anywhere and receive commissions paid directly to you
  • Online back office management so you receive detailed reports of any orders placed and your commissions
  • Local training and head office support by the company in many different countries, so you can build your business locally too
  • Inclusion in any company incentives, global trips, prizes you choose to enter
  • Uncapped income supported by a business with a 39 year old track record
  • Use of a recession proof business model and blueprint

Please contact me asap to receive information helping you get started…You can reach me on gracecarlisle@outlook.com

Kindest Regards,

My first 2 weeks of full-time home business

My first 2 weeks of full-time home business

I’ve received a few messages asking me how I’ve been getting on with the big move to to 100% salary from my home business after finishing work on 30th March, so I thought I’d write a blog to cover a few of the things that have happened in the last fortnight.

The most notable difference is how much brighter and awake I feel in the mornings!  I seem to wake up before my alarm clock and think it might be something to do with less stress in my life now.  There’s something satisfying about not having constant project deadlines and because I’d been reducing my work as my home business had been growing I don’t think I’d realised how stressed I was trying to keep all the balls in the air!

I’ve been able to share what I do with a few new people who are beginning their own journeys with my support.  Seeing their enthusiasm now they know there is another way to make ends meet / or to achieve the things they’ve always wanted to do but not had the time or money to do them is VERY rewarding already!  I can’t wait to continue supporting them through the next months when they get to reap the rewards of their work.

It’s been a really positive time within our smaller team locally aswell, as a few girls returned home from the annual global company event where they had been treated like royalty!  They were given 5 star travel, holidays and accommodation in Dubai, then were presented with a cheque as a percentage of the turnover last year so I’m looking forward to joining them next year at the global trip in Texas and I’m equally keen on seeing some of the people I’ve helped grow their businesses to qualify for the free trip to come with me too!

New products have just been released that have been scientifically proven to help joint mobility in 7 days and help in the anti-ageing process within 7 days!! Who doesn’t want to look younger??  Who doesn’t want to increase their mobility?  Both will be of interest to many of my friends alone so I know it’s going to be a very exciting time ahead. What a ground breaking time to increase your income too!

Between pregnancy appointments and doctor appointments with hubby’s leg break, it’s been a breath of fresh air to be able to schedule work around these rather than having to take time off, work late, or ask anyone for permission!  I’ve just returned home from the docs this am, kettle on, laptop on and dog curled up at my feet to get a few hours done and some progress made without office politics, sneers or cheeky comments about a late start today – sometimes it’s the smallest things that provide greatest relief!

My working office is now between my home, looking out across green fields with horses for the perfect view and various coffee houses with perfectly brewed beverages and a good mix of nutritional lunches with sweet treats depending on meeting times!!  It’s been a welcome change from stuffy offices and florescent lights and I love it!  I’ve even combined it with meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in ages and some sneaky baby clothes shopping! (why not!)  I’ve been able to call in to my parents a few extra times this week too, having lunch with mum yesterday while the sun shone was lovely!  It’s just nice getting to catch up face to face instead of over the phone.  These are times you can’t get back, what a blessing and I’m really excited about a summer filled with more of them.



Sacking the boss to work from home

Sacking the boss to work from home
Sacking your boss doesn’t have to be a daydream!

As you may already know from my website and watching others, working from home gives you choices.  Those choices can be to have more time to spend however you wish, to spend the extra money you make on bigger or more frequent holidays, a car upgrade, or simply to choose to be your own boss and not take orders anymore!  Last week I made that choice and I have to admit it feels good!  I’m sure I’m not alone in daydreaming over the years about sacking a boss and retiring to a life of carefree sunshine and paid bills, however in the end when my daydreams turned into reality it was a very amicable wishing you all the very best in future business!

There is a movie called ‘In Time’ staring Justin Timberlake; it’s story line focuses on how everyone has a countdown timer on their wrists, wealth is simply time/life.  They trade the time they have for the things they need or want.  If someone has a lot of time, they are considered wealthy and when they are robbed, their time is taken as it is their wealth.  There is something about this movie that captures the ridiculous idea that most of us work the majority of our adult lives for just enough money to get by.  We trade the time we have for money we receive from employers and hope to have paid off somewhere to live by the time we retire.  If it feels entirely normal to spend your whole life working for someone else to be paid the value they attribute to you, take the time they allow you to have for holidays and trust that they will navigate the economic up and downturns in your best interests, then you wouldn’t be on this website.  If you are starting to wonder if there is another way of living that involves having both time and money, then I’d recommend watching this film as I feel it will resonate with you.

How a recession proof business looks!

A few years ago I made the leap from being employed to self-employed because I was hit by recession-led wage cuts and decided to take control of my own financial situation instead of trusting that the person paying my wages would make the best decisions for me.  I am not afraid of hard work and began working 6 days a week on two business I was extremely passionate about, however they didn’t generate the income I was working for and both relied on me doing all the work!  I was also still vulnerable to recession with both businesses revolving around marketing and advertising even in different industries, so I was still going to be the first cut when looking at costs.  However,I had control of my own diary, a wide ranging portfolio of clients and earned more per hour than when in employment, so it was a step in the right direction.

When I started with this company, I saw a business model that was not reliant on recession, it actually grew in times of recession!  I saw activities that I could generate residual income from that did not rely on me spending all my time working to generate.  I also recognised income streams that could grow without my direct involvement.  I saw a business that could create a maternity pay for me as a self-employed professional, an income that could grow when I needed to increase my earnings to pay for the new house build and a system that could self-sustain when family life was flourishing.

Over the past year, I have been reducing my marketing consultancy work down to a couple of clients and choosing to focus on my work from home business which gave me all the choices above.  However last week, I was able to make a further choice and I reduced my marketing work a stage further to cancel my weekly commitments to a client I had been working with for a considerable length of time and therefore jump full-time into the home business that started in the nooks and crannies of everyday life simply because there was no other time to fit it in.  When I began, I would send emails and messages when the kettle was boiling in the morning, grab 15 mins at lunch and half an hour before bed etc.  To know I now have a full working week to choose to spend how I wish is really exciting and certainly wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the home business I have built.

The beauty of this business is that you can spend the same amount of time each month, but increase your income because you are building a system.  The more people you help to create their systems, the more your income grows and so on, so you don’t need to work full-time in this business to receive a full-time wage and that was the scenario I craved.

Some people hate their work, thankfully I wasn’t in that situation, but I didn’t want to live to work, I wanted to work to live and I am so thrilled to have found a way to do that in time for family life starting.  If you get sunday night blues that make you crave another way of living, arrive to work and home in the dark and wish there was another option, or have more going out than you have coming in but find there aren’t any extra working hours in the week, then maybe now it’s time for you to make a change too.

If any of this resonates with you, please click here to drop me a direct email and get in touch.  You can follow my progress on Facebook or join my mailing list by entering your details in the relevant section on this page if you aren’t in the position to do anything yet but want to watch from the sidelines for a little while longer.



How to make your work from home business work!

How to make your work from home business work!
When belief met action… we did it!

The decision to start a home business can be many things to many different people.  Exciting, terrifying, a big leap, or not so big step depending on your character.  I feel this divides us into two types of people – those who focus on the things they will have to do and feel weighed down by doubt if they could do it or ‘fit it in’ to an already busy schedule, meanwhile, there are those who focus on the things that they could achieve if they just got on with it.  You can guess which type make it happen.

However once you’ve started, there are some pitfalls that seem to drag people down after they’ve made that important decision.  I’ve noted a few of them below so you can avoid them on your business journey.

People watching – Comparing your real life to other people’s Facebook highlights

If you are stalking someone in your industry who makes it all look super easy and wondering why your life isn’t the same, you know who I mean, that six figure earner who doesn’t share what he or she does only their lifestyle shots!  Then you have to do 2 things.  1) Unfollow them, you can’t lead your own tribe while you’re following someone elses!  2) Get on with your own income producing activities that will grow your business and make you money.  Why not focus on your own business, switch all that time thinking about something that won’t grow you or your business into productive time that will drive you forward.  Working from home is amazing, finding your flow, building momentum and creating a rewarding environment are all amazing attributes, however if you aren’t working at it, you aren’t getting there.

Spend your time on income producing activities

You may only have 5 hours a week to build your business, that’s fine and you can increase your income month on month by doing that, but not if that 5 hours consists of 2 hours watching other people on Facebook, 2 hours watching training videos and 1 hour thinking about what you should have done that week.  Your work from home business is a business, I find it helps to ask myself at the end of a day or week, would I pay myself well for the work I did in that time?  If the answer is no, you need to be more productive.  Income producing activities are as the name suggests – activities that bring in income.  Changing your Facebook cover photo, shopping for notebooks, watching Youtube videos etc aren’t going to make you any money.  Doing attraction marketing on Facebook, speaking to people, leaving flyers into your local shops, sharing news of your favourite product to a friend – that all makes you money!

Get off the rusty nail

There’s an old story about a dog that groans on the deck of it’s owners house, a visitor asks the owner why the dog is groaning and she replies he’s sitting on a rusty nail, it’s enough to annoy him, but not enough to do anything about it.  If you find yourself moaning that the money isn’t flooding in because you’ve decided it should but aren’t doing anything about it, give yourself a break, look at what your activities are, make them income producing ones and start earning what you deserve.

Full-time, part-time but not spare-time

You can spend as much or little time as you want on your business, it’s your business and you get out what you put in, but one mistake I see people make over and over is that they work their business like a hobby to fit in when they have free or spare time.  Something else happens this week or next week and they get to the end of the month to realise they didn’t fit in any work this month and their income reflects this.  My advice would be to decide what you want, work out how much you need to earn to get it, work out how much you need to do to achieve it, then create a timeline that allows you to achieve it based on a certain number of hours each week or month.  Get your diary out and create a schedule for when you are going to work towards that goal and stick to it.  (Scheduling is key to success here) Consistent effort always wins over exaggerated efforts with no follow through.

You are worth more than how other people value you

80% of the people in this industry start because they just need an extra couple of hundred pounds a month.  That kind of money is not hard to make in very part-time hours, but just a little more effort could add a zero to that figure.  I see people aim for small goals because they don’t think they deserve the bigger things and doubt they could have them.  I find that people believe in other people more readily than they believe in themselves but if they just did that then their lives could be so different!

If you’re reading this and thinking of working from home, or have already started, I would urge you to decide what you want to achieve, work out a plan on what work you need to do to get it over a certain period of time, then apply consistent action and small steps every day towards making it happen.  If I can help in any way, or if you’d like to know what blueprint I follow to work from home, please feel free to email me at gracecarlisle @outlook.com


Getting paid to travel or paying to travel

Getting paid to travel or paying to travel
Work from anywhere – get paid to travel!

I thought I’d make today’s blog on the beauty of travelling and getting paid to do it instead of paying to travel!

It’s almost April and perhaps time to start day dreaming of what to pack for your summer holidays, but are you going on your dream holiday to your ultimate destination?

Just imagine a life where you could choose anywhere in the world you’d love to visit, you could expand your work from home company there too by introducing people from that country or location to your business.  Then plan your holiday with some meet ups to see your team expanding in that ultimate location.  Firstly, you’d be receiving a cheque from that country each month, secondly, you’d be on a business trip so your expenses to get there, while there and coming back again would be tax deductible, thirdly – is a fortnight enough??  Why not stay for a month or maybe 3!

Some people travel and stay in Australia during summer holidays while their kids are off, European destinations for half term holidays and home for term time!  They have incomes from each of their destinations, their kids learn to explore and experience different cultures not to mention learn multiple languages, and they have the most incredible life.

Another couple in the business are retired so they take different family members away on dream family locations a few times each year and have a greater income now they are retired and travel the world than when they worked full-time jobs and couldn’t afford holidays.

The beauty is really having the choice to do what you want to do, having the money to choose how you want to spend your time and income.

If anyone would like to know more about creating an international business, please feel free to contact me.  Click here to send me an email.


How to work from home this summer

How to work from home this summer

If you are anything like me, sitting in an office on a sunny day watching the clock tick by isn’t your idea of fun, I’d much rather have the flexibility to be outside when the sun is shining, and likewise be there for my family when they need me then do the work when it suits me.

I also like that my income increases every month, meanwhile my workload stays the same! Is that something that would appeal to you too?  If so, then here are a few reasons why you should take a look at working with me:

  1. You can work online, offline or both!  Whether you are afraid of technology or love it, there are activities I can show you to boost your income and create a sustainable business.
  2. You set your own timetable – whether you want to work when the kids are sleeping or grab 15 mins here and 15 there, between a hectic lifestyle to save for a holiday or pay off some credit cards, this business allows for that.
  3. The company I work with has a recorded trading history spanning 39 years so you can be assured they are not here today gone tomorrow.  If you put time and effort into a business, you want to know you’re building a residual income.
  4. They are privately owned, cash rich and debt free so they don’t rely on banks or lenders to operate and therefore are extremely stable.
  5. You can receive cheques from different countries!  With a local headquarters in most of the 158 countries they operate in, you can not only trade and create an income stream, your business will be supported by local staff paid for by this company.
  6. They are an extremely reputable company, working with the governments in each of these 158 countries so you have no barriers to entry wherever you want to set up your business.
  7. You don’t have overheads like rent, rates or staff either – they pay for the staff in each country to support the business owners there, you simply follow a blueprint which I provide.
  8. You have peace of mind that this isn’t a pyramid scheme or unlawful activity because they have won excellence awards from the direct selling association in UK & Ireland, (and others worldwide), they work with governments in each of those countries they operate in and they win an annual Investors in People award because of the level of training and rewards they give back to the people involved in their business.
  9. You don’t have to carry stock or invest thousands in products to sell – the company distribute orders in just a few days either direct to you or your customer.  You get all the benefits of a franchise without the headaches or costs!
  10. You would be operating in the trillion dollar health and wellness industry – this marketplace is continuing to expand globally, (google it for more info.)
  11. Like the idea of an uncapped income? – that’s what’s on offer here!  You can create a business that will pay you your worth as decided by you, not by someone else.
  12. You can create a willable income so your family can receive monthly payments long after you’ve gone.  I love how responsible that is!
  13. You receive online training and support wherever you are based in the world, backed up with local company organised events and training to ensure you receive the best support available.
  14. You don’t need experience of the market or need to have worked in a business environment before because training is provided.
  15. Lastly, you can get started today by simply opening an account.

Want more information?  

Get in touch by sending me an email, I can register you on an online webinar with information on how to get started in your country, or share a presentation online at a time that suits you.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it’s a viable business that offers you the ability to choose more money, more time, more freedom… and to choose what you want out of life.

If now isn’t the right time, why not follow me on Facebook and get in touch when you’re ready to take action…

Open for International Business

Open for International Business

It’s been a busy time creating and preparing new resources and thanks to a number of developments taking place in the background over the last couple of months, I can now help any new business start ups to create an international growing business from the moment they start.

Network marketing has created millionaires for decades using local launch parties as their main business tool, and more lately through Facebook, however so many other options have opened up that don’t require you to speak infront of people, ask family and friends to host parties for you, be a Facebook expert to promote it online or spam your profile with promotional messages either!

I often meet people who don’t have their own business already because they don’t know how else they would promote it without having to do these things!  That is why my recent developments are a game changer for you and your future!

So what does this mean for you?

Online training and resources to show you in a friendly, easy to understand way how you can grow your business from your kitchen table.  Therefore if there isn’t local training in your country, that won’t stop or hinder your success.

Online resources to give you the tools you need when you need access to them.

Weekly online presentations so you can develop your business in any of the 158 countries where the company have local headquarters, product centres and staff on the ground to support your team and customers there.

Would you like to receive multiple cheques from different countries?

If imagining a life where you have a part-time business from home that creates cheques from a number of different countries that are sent directly to you brings a smile to your face, then I’d urge you to get in touch with me to see how it could really happen.  Please feel free to contact me by emailing gracecarlisle @outlook.com (without the space) so I can show you how it all works and answer any questions.



Rush hour traffic dread

Rush hour traffic dread

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I need to drive in rush hour traffic tomorrow morning.  I’m taking a family member into the city for an appointment, then going to a meeting with my final marketing client, but as the appointment is first thing it means getting up when I’d usually be sleeping to sit in traffic for an hour and I’m dreading it!

I forgot what it was like to dread rush hour and now I realise I’ve been taking my new work from home benefits for granted!  It reminded me what it was like to groan at the thought of the following morning, having to get as many things organised as possible the night before.  I love an early morning at home, when all is quiet and the sun comes up over the hills where we live, I enjoy the feeling of getting a head start and planning my day ahead, however early mornings to leave the house should be saved for holidays and days out competing horses in the sunshine!

So, I’m looking for other people like me who don’t want to spend hours each day sitting in traffic, who crave flexibility and want more out of life.  I firmly believe that creating a system is the key to being smart with your time, rather than getting caught in the trap of trading your time for an hourly wage Monday to Friday and the joys of rush hour traffic.  If you’re reading this and want to know more about what I do to see if it might be something you’d be interested in, please get in touch.  Click here to email me an include your location and contact details so I can share some information with you.

Why I love working from home especially in January

Why I love working from home especially in January

rainy januaryIt’s a cold, rainy Friday in January here and I’m enjoying a cosy afternoon working on my laptop with our dogs basking in the heat from the lit fire in front of me.  It wasn’t that long ago when I would have been counting the minutes to 5 O’clock so I could then drive for an hour and half in heavy traffic just to get home to a cold house and wish that one day, I could work from wherever I wanted!

I see people all the time offering work from home opportunities that wrongly promise big pay days with little to no work.  Videos from beach hammocks, tours of garages filled with super cars and claims of overnight successes (with large buy-in fees).  I have to burst the bubble and speak out to say that whether you work from home, from your favourite cafe, or from the laptop in your backpack while you travel the world, the work still has to be done!  However having the flexibility to choose when and where, puts you in control of your income and your diary, while having a system allows you to leverage your time.

If you want big pay days, you have to put in some elbow grease, but please make sure you’ve got the right company or product behind you to give you the reliability and support you deserve for taking that step out of your comfort zone to creating a system for you and your family to enjoy the life or lifestyle you want.  Although this is slightly off-topic, being able to build your business in an hour a day or few hours a week will also be important if you’re fitting it around full-time work at the start.

I heard the phrase that ‘summer bodies are made in the winter’, and thought how similar network marketing can be where summer businesses can be made in the winter too.  Which leads me onto the point that if you have to put in the work somewhere, why not do it on a cold wintry January, with your dogs at your feet and the fire lit in front of you!

I hope that whatever home business you choose to invest your time and effort in, that you get to enjoy the sun while it shines, building your business around the important things in life, whether that’s your family, your passion, hobbies or holidays!

Happy January everyone – thanks for reading!


What do you REALLY want to accomplish in 2017?

What do you REALLY want to accomplish in 2017?

more time freedomNow that New Years Resolutions feel like a distant memory, it’s the perfect time to decide what you really want to accomplish this year.  The number one thing I hear most often is something that Santa can’t fit down the chimney – time!  We all spend it but we can’t get it back.

Before I started this business, I agonized over the decision of time versus money regularly.  As a self-employed marketer, I could work every hour and have money but no time, and when I did get more time to spend on holiday etc, it cost me twice because I wasn’t working!  The last recession made me nervous of creating a system within my marketing business as I didn’t want a team of people relying on me in time for the next recession to hit as marketing is often the first cost to cut when times are hard.  So I continued to feel like I was always working and missing all the important things in life.  My dad would regularly say “Gracie, you’re so busy rushing through life, you’re missing everything, please slow down pet!”  I would always reply with “It’s ok dad, things will change, I’ll soon not need to work as hard and get to visit more often.”  But I eventually realised that if I didn’t change, nothing else would either, So I started searching for a system that would let me be time smart and recession proof!  If you’re reading this, you might be in a similar position of wanting to create more time and money to enjoy life’s journey.

The way I see it you have three options.

  1. Keep doing what you are currently doing and stay where you are.

If you’re happy with where your life is right now and are comfortable so you don’t need/want to have, be, or do more then this isn’t a bad option.  You go to work, you receive a certain amount of money every month and you budget where that will be spent.  You have the same amount of time every month, you spend it however you do now and nothing ever changes.  If that makes you feel uncomfortable or (for me I felt sick to my stomach at the thought of it), then read on…

2. Ask your boss for a pay increase, or look for another job with higher earning potential/or less hours.

This might involve going back to night school and getting more qualifications so you can apply for a new job a year or two down the line, missing 2 nights a week with family, friends or hobby time.  Or, look around for other jobs that you can do with your current qualifications, so get the papers, look online, apply for jobs, go for interviews, and try to increase your salary that way.  If you want more time, try to make sure your larger salary doesn’t come with more demanding hours and a longer commute.  Or, you could look for work that’s nearer to home to save commuting time, although in this case, make sure you’re not reducing your salary as you’ll probably end up working more hours to make up for the shortfall!

3.  Start your home business in part-time hours alongside your current work and family life.  Everything else stays the same until your business grows enough to decide if you still want to work full-time.  We support you each step of the way and you follow a blueprint that has been working for 39 years so far.  (You get free holidays and a car plan with this option aswell)

How is this possible?  Let me explain, you spend as little as 3 hours a week (or as much as you want if you need faster results) growing your new income, meeting new people and changing your work life balance for the better.   The blueprint is designed to allow you to make money from the start, there’s no waiting time of 3 to 5 years to break-even like there is in traditional business.  You instantly make a commission on the products they manufacture and deliver to on your behalf as soon as your account is open!

If you are used to the theory of working one hour and getting paid for that one hour?  try this – You get paid over and over on the same activity because these products are consumable!  So, finding a customer once can generate an income again and again.  You can even help them order online from any of the 158 countries we are in!

Used to the theory of you doing all the work to just get paid on your own work, not work generated by people on your team, even if you trained them and showed them what to do?  try this – You receive an increasing income when you show other people what you do, without you having to spend more and more time doing all the work yourself.  So, you spend the same amount of time each month, but your income grows because you spend some of that time showing other people what you do.  Can you imagine replacing your 40 hour a week job with a 10 hour working week business because you worked smart and followed a blueprint?

If you chose option 3, please get in touch and I can help you with more information or to get started.  You can see from the third scenario above that it’s in my interests to help you get your business off to the best start.  I have a number of tools to help you get started wherever you are based in the world.  Click here to email me now.

My favourite FREE work from home tools for international business

My favourite FREE work from home tools for international business
My favourite tools for international business from home
work from home tools for international business

We live in an online era, we hear about the benefits and downsides every day, but do you know what resources you can use for free to earn money from home?  After using online tools and staring square eyed into various laptops over the years before making my switch to home business life, I thought I’d share my favourite free tools to build an international business from home.

There are so many ways to work from home including selling your services, freelancing your skills, creating products, being a virtual assistant, creating info products, writing a book, creating courses, consulting etc.  If you read my blog you’ll know my preferred method is network marketing with a company called Forever Living.  One of my reasons for this is because they operate in a growing market sector (health and nutrition) across 158 countries and can deliver their tangible products to anyone in those countries while I get the commission in my bank account. Regardless of your chosen business model, hopefully these resources will be able to help you too.

Skype is perhaps the most obvious choice and it can be very handy, however in my experience if you’re talking to a new user, it can take 40 mins to talk them through how to connect to you, checking web cams are installed or connected and then have the conversation cut short in the first few minutes due to not enough wifi in their area. This is even after they’ve installed it and think it’s all working so it’s not always as seamless as it first appears. They can also have an old version installed on their machine or be working either off the internet version or the app on their laptop, all of which have buttons in different places which makes it harder to talk them through. This can be disheartening when trying to communicate to someone who isn’t tech savvy so there are alternatives!

Whatsapp calls, this free app is used mainly as a messenger programme for friends, however when faced with needing to speak to someone on the other side of the world for business, it rarely disappoints and doubles up quite nicely to speak to them for free! Because it’s only audio being up and downloaded, most wifi networks are able to handle it.
I combine this with an online presentation offered through one of the websites offered by Forever Living when I’m speaking to someone about my network marketing business. It lets me click through the images on my laptop from home, while talking to them at the same time. It also avoids the embarrassing video calls if they aren’t comfortable or used to that. The downside of it is that you need their direct telephone number and this isn’t always easy to get if you don’t know the person and haven’t built a trust yet having only connected in business over the internet.

Facebook calls
Facebook calls, If you don’t have someones number, but you’re connected to them online through Facebook, there’s the call option there! This is also good to talk them through one of our online presentations as it can be done through their phone, while I click through my presentation on their computer or laptop.

Freelancing websites
If you sell your skills, there are lots of different websites where you can showcase your talents and look for people with interesting projects that fall within your remit. Odesk, People per hour or fiverr are all quite good. They’re also great if you’re wanting work done and don’t know where to go to find someone with the right skills to complete it. You can decide what your total budget is and choose between the freelancers bidding for your project. I would mention however that you get what you pay for so don’t always go for the lowest bidder. Look at their portfolios of work to see who you want to work with, check their responses to make sure they’ve read your description properly and are really capable of delivering the quality of work you are looking for.

What are your favourites?
That’s it, these are my favourite online tools that I’ve used to build my business from home. The best bit is that they’re all location independent, you can use them from anywhere as long as you have a phone or laptop which is what it’s all about for me!  Please feel free to email me and share your favourites so I can add them in too!

What do you want to achieve?

What do you want to achieve?

For many people, thinking about goals, aims and things they want to achieve this year, or in 10 years time is an activity reserved for New Years resolutions and then possibly forgotten about by 4th or even 5th January. When I work with new people, I show them that the importance of knowing their goals is similar to knowing the postcode or destination to put into your sat nav before leaving for a long trip. If it doesn’t know where to take you, you won’t get there! Or worse still – you won’t know if you got there!
Also, when you do head off, you might have ‘via’ routes, on the journey.  In the free coaching I provide for my team members, these are short term goals. You need to reward yourself when you’ve reached each milestone to keep building your confidence, competence and motivation too.
My aim for today’s post is simply to ask you to think what your short term and long term goals are.  If you weren’t confined to the hours of your current work, and you were able to have a work from home business bringing in an extra income to achieve something you’ve always wanted for yourself, what would that ‘something’ be?
If it’s not too personal, please feel free to comment below or email me, I love to hear what peoples goals are.  The diversity is always inspiring however I’m going to bet there are a few similar themes in everyone’s responses.

  1. Rainy day fund.  Who doesn’t want to feel secure that their bills are covered should something happen and their usual source of income stop for a while.
  2. Christmas Presents.  Not wanting to save all year for Christmas presents is something I’m hearing a lot lately and I completely understand why!  Having a savings account set aside to spend at this time of year without having to think about it or put anything on credit is definitely an advantage.
  3. Big holiday.  This is the third most common goal I hear each week.  Whether it’s a first family holiday, or that holiday on your bucket list that you’ve always wanted to go on except bills got in the way, holidays are pretty high on my list too.

If you are a visual person, ‘Pinterest‘ is a brilliant app to let you search for and save images that represent your big goals in one place to remind you what you’re working towards.

Personally, I’m a big fan of creating vision or goal boards, but I go one step further, I put dates on the things I’m working towards.  I love having one in my work space that I see every day, it keeps me motivated and reminds me what I’m going to receive if I keep working towards it.

At the minute I have images of New York everywhere as I work towards an incentive for a free holiday there next year.  I also have a photo of a cruise ship as there’s a trip for a five star, all inclusive, holiday for two people when I do an agreed level of activity.  The reason I love these two so much is that my goal doesn’t involve paying for them.  They’ll be provided as a bonus on work I’ve done which is already well paid so that makes it even sweeter when I get there!  My short term goals include things I’ll achieve on the way and I have them all pinned on a lovely board given to me years ago by my mum.

I hope everyone enjoys this exercise, it’s one of my favourite essential activities for business success!

Why you need a system to create work life balance

Why you need a system to create work life balance

time vs moneyYou work, you sleep, you get paid at the end of the month, you get taxed, you pay your bills and hopefully there’s something left at the end to spend or save.  You rinse and repeat for 40 years working for someone else and hopefully you will have paid off the roof over your head in time to retire.  You hope that pensions exist when that time comes so you can finally get some free time and not have to work anymore.

I am no stranger to hard work, but surely I’m not the only one who thinks there are a few things wrong with the scenario above.  You work a 40 hour week, get paid 37.5 hours (or thereabouts because eating lunch is done on your time,) and trade your skills and time for money.  But what if you want to trade less time in return for more money?  We are taught from a young age that there’s only one option here to which is to work even harder in a higher paying job.  However, I’m suggesting that there is another way to do this – you could alternatively create a system in your spare time alongside your full time job until that system is paying more than your day job.

There are many internet gurus out there promising schemes that you invest large sums of money in return for a loose promise of a greater return.  There is even the suggestion of info products that you can charge for by the download.  However you need substantial skills which take a lot of learning to execute this well (those same guys will charge you thousands to teach them to you).

One of the methods I use is network marketing, which is a people to people business with a minimal startup cost, skills you can learn while you earn and company training to teach you what you need to know for free.  However you need to choose the company you associated yourself with very carefully.  You want a few things, firstly the company needs to have a trustworthy reputation so look for one with a headquarter building in bricks and mortar in your country.  Others can leave as quickly as they arrived as they have no financial committment to your area.  You also want a consumable product, as the most expensive part of any transaction is finding a new customer.  Therefore if the customers are largely repeat buyers, the business is a lot more profitable and easier to be successful at.  Next you want high quality products that do what they say they will.  Having a consumable product is no good if your customers don’t want to buy again when it runs out!  Next it needs to be in an industry that is growing.  The health, nutrition and wellness market for instance has been dubbed the next trillion dollar industry because as people we all have a few things in common, we are all born, we all die and looking after our health helps prolong the inevitable.  Governments worldwide are educating people on how to exercise more, eat healthier and look after themselves.  This in turn is also helping to expand this market.

I personally, work with a company called Forever Living, they are an American company who operate in 158 countries around the world.  This means I can operate in any of those countries too so I never need to worry about running out of customers.  They have over 200 products, spanning a number of product ranges including the health, nutrition and wellness markets.  They have been operating for almost 40 years now and have consistent recorded growth for the past 35 years.  They have won awards from the DSA Direct Selling Associations in the UK and Ire where I’m based, which means they are independently audited by a government body to ensure they are who they say they are, they do what they say they will and they adhere to stringent guidelines on how the conduct their business.  They distribute these high quality products on my behalf so I don’t have to spend time waiting in post office queues or doing the leg work necessary with other network marketing companies.  They have a 60 day money back guarantee on all of their products which gives me, and my customers peace of mind.  Lastly, you don’t need a lot of customers to make money with this business.  It is designed to help you leverage your time, and get paid more for your efforts.  You look after a few customers and show others how to do the same.  Everyone deals directly with the manufacturer in a vertically integrated business model and it’s in everyones interests to help the people they introduce as they will in turn also earn more.

I have a full presentation I can share with anyone who would like information on this opportunity via skype or in person if you’re based in Northern Ireland.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more information by emailing gracecarlisle @ outlook.com

Why November is a great month to start your home business

Why November is a great month to start your home business

I’ve outlined my 5 favourite reasons why November is a brilliant month to get your home business up and running.  If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please feel free to contact me about it.

  1. It gives you spending money in time for Christmas!  Starting in November gives you a few weeks to learn how everything works, talk to people and with my help get set up before people are shopping for Christmas presents.  This then means that when people are buying your products for Christmas, you are making the commissions, not the high street shops.  This in turn, gives you more money to spend on your own Christmas presents. (Score!)
  2. You get to buy at cost price!  Aside from the consumable high quality health and nutrition product ranges, there are also sports products, an amazing aloe based skincare range, makeup and cosmetics range and products for animal care.  This means that instead of paying full retail for your Christmas presents, because you have an account directly with the manufacturer, you’re buying them at cost price!  Your family and friends get the same high quality products, but they cost you a lot less than full retail value.
  3. January holiday shopping is more fun!  With the first 2 months of business under your belt, you now have an extra income.  Because it’s so flexible it could be on top of your current full time salary, however when you start browsing expedia, Jet2 and Thomas Cook, you may not have to dip into the savings you’ve been holding onto.
  4. No January Blues.  Without having to buy on credit card, you won’t have the same craving for payday that you may have had the year before!  Using your new income to pay for presents at the time instead of relying on credit means it doesn’t have to be paid back, and with ‘Forever’ there are no limits so you can make as much as you like without your boss saying ‘ that’s enough overtime’ or ‘we’re capping your bonus this year’.
  5. This last point is my favourite!  For everyone starting this month (November 2016) I have an extra special offer, so email me for details or send me a message through my facebook page.  We can have a chat to see if it’s a good fit for you and go from there.


Why you don’t need to be tech savvy to make this home business work

Why you don’t need to be tech savvy to make this home business work

Aerial View of Bologna, ItalyYesterday I decided to log off, tune out and try something different to promote my business and I had a lot of fun. It was rewarding too which is always good! I called a friend who also works in the same business I do, we put on some trainers and walked through the local housing developments putting leaflets on our products and business through letter boxes.

This was my first time doing this activity and I’ll be the first to admit, I have a habit of sitting behind my laptop and leveraging social media, (which isn’t a bad thing as I’m inspired by how easy it is to run a global business), but this is a business you can do regardless of how tech savvy you are! I just love that whatever your skill – we can work with that to help you work from home and either earn an extra income in flexible hours around your current working hours or replace a day job.

When I meet with a new team member via skype or locally over a coffee, they have the potential to run their business however they would like, so I always start with looking at the skills they have, so they can play to their strengths. Some people love talking to new people, some love being online, others love face to face conversations, and some are more introverted like myself and like to build relationships with people over Facebook to build their business.

So, just in case you are wondering how I got on yesterday, I received an order for one of our nutritional health drinks and a Bee Pollen supplement dubbed ‘Natures speed!’ The lady had been advised by her hairdresser just the day before that she should start drinking our gel to help with the condition of her hair and the cheaper product she had bought in a well known high street shop (that I won’t name) wasn’t the same quality so she should find our brand. I also got a referral of someone to contact about the business, I received messages last night from one of the people who got my leaflet through their door and I left some samples with 2 other lovely ladies who I’m meeting with again on Thursday morning.

My little trip through the neighbourhood was really worthwhile and something I’m going to do a lot more often now! While some of the people I spoke to had heard of the products and asked for them by name, most weren’t even aware of them or the opportunity to work from home.

It got me thinking though, there are thousands of housing developments in my country, this is a task I could do anywhere! If I lived in Italy for instance and walked around my neighbourhood, I would find other houses with people just like me who want to earn more, live more and work less, this simple activity can work anywhere in the world! It even sparked a daydream of a working holiday where I could promote my business and increase my earnings as I walk through each town. How many other people do you know who also like to travel, but can’t get enough time off work to do more than one destination each year? Would they be interested in earning while they travelled and seeing the world without the constraints of returning within the week to get back to their office job? I certainly know of a few!

If anyone would like information on this home business, you can do it from over 158 countries worldwide as the company I work alongside have offices across the globe to hold your stock, do your paperwork and deliver your orders. I would be delighted to help you receive the training, help and support you would need to get your business off to the best start so please feel free to contact me via email with a little bit of info about you. Click here to email me on Gracecarlisle @ outlook.com